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’’On the other hand, Sherry just wanted money. From what she said that night, I believe she\d watched what was going on for a long time and that she was the \rains\ behind the operation, if that\s the right word. I\m sure Landry thought he was in charge. Sherry might have been a better actress than I gave her credit for,’’ Kat said.

’’I agree, Sherry was in it for the money and she played sweet, innocent and dumb extremely well. I think she learned a bit about high living when she went places with Landry, and that meant she needed cash to support the lifestyle she aspired to. Landry wasn\ going to divorce his wife and Sherry wasn\ going to play second fiddle forever.’’

’’And Landry wanted the rights to dive the wreck,’’ Kat said. ’’It all worked for them for a while.’’ She turned to look at him. ’’Murder does make for the strangest associations, not to mention bedfellows!’’

’’Murder and greed,’’ Will added. ’’I\m not sure they actually wanted anyone to die. What they wanted was the Jerry McGuen. I just don\ think they cared who had to die so they could get what they were after. Brady Laurie was so passionate about the ship and his work he\s really the one who was in the way. Knowing the truth now, it\s easy to see how they created their plan. Amanda and Jon provided what was needed on the research end. Landry killed Brady, while Sherry played the mummy every time and poisoned Amanda when she was afraid Amanda might start breaking because of our investigation.’’

’’That\s what Sherry told me, at any rate.’’

’’Boy, she\s the one who makes me shiver the most. She was stone-cold.’’

’’Yep,’’ Kat agreed. ’’She shot her lover without a second thought.’’

’’Sad, truly sad. So many dead...’’

’’And, remarkably, it\s over,’’ Will said. ’’Bastet has a home with Dirk now. The research work will go on, and so will the documentary. There\ll be pieces to pick up, and some people will still insist it was the curse written on Amun Mopat\s tomb. In a way it was a curse carried out through the living.

’’Enough of that for tonight...’’ He swung Kat around to face him. ’’You know what we haven\ done yet? The Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum. The Field Museum, which has a really good Egyptian display.’’

’’You\ e teasing me, and I know it! But guess what? Tomorrow, I think we should do a whirlwind shopping spree down Michigan Avenue, visit the Shedd Aquarium and, okay, the Field Museum.’’


’’I\ve actually acquired a fondness for mummies!’’ she told him.

He kissed her. ’’And tonight?’’

’’Let\s get back to the hotel. I\ve actually acquired quite a fondness for you, as well,’’ she whispered. ’’I thought I might show you just how fond I am.’’

He tilted her chin up. ’’Nice. Because I\ve acquired an adoration for you.’’ He grew serious. ’’You do know I\m in love with you.’’

She smiled. ’’And you do know we\ll work it out.’’

He nodded, turning away.


He laughed. ’’Well, come on, then! Let\s start working it out.’’

She laughed and followed him.

The breeze was warm. The lake was sparkling like a sea of diamonds beneath the moon and the stars.

God, she loved Chicago!

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