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His eyes widened and his expression stilled. ’’Zandy?’’

She nodded. ’’I just found out today, Daddy.’’

She saw tears gather in his eyes. He suddenly rolled her on top of him.

’’Why didn\ you tell me? I could have crushed the baby!’’

She straddled him and straightened. ’’That\s all you have to say?’’

He sat up, wrapping his arms around her. ’’No. I love you. This is the best news ever.’’ His hand cupped her stomach. ’’A baby? You\ e sure? Really?’’

She nodded. ’’Trisha confirmed it. I threw up twice yesterday at work and again this morning so I went in to see her. I had my suspicions since my br**sts were tender. We\ e having a baby.’’

Tiger hugged her on his lap. ’’Thank you, Zandy.’’

She hugged him back. ’’For what? Getting knocked up easily?’’ She laughed.

He chuckled. ’’That is a bonus but no. Thank you for coming into my life. I am so happy and you\ e the reason. You\ e everything to me. You and our baby.’’

Zandy kissed him. ’’You\ e my life too. You make me so happy, Tiger. You really are my angel.’’

He grinned. ’’An angel, huh?’’ He lifted her and impaled her on his cock. ’’Does that feel angelic?’’

She moaned his name. ’’Actually, I still think of you as my angel. You take me to heaven all the time.’’

Tiger thrust up into her. ’’We\ll go there together.’’

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