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He turned and sprinted into the woods away from the road. Zandy laughed and turned to examine the area by the creek. She smiled and kicked off her shoes, undressing. She eyed the area once more, feeling a little nervous but removed the rest of her clothing to wade into the water.

The sound of Tiger\s approach couldn\ be missed. Vicious snarls combined with his boots slapping the ground as he ran hell-bent for leather through the woods, crashing through brush, was loud. He sounded really pissed. She smiled, her gaze scanning for sight of him.

He broke out of the trees to her right and came to a halt with a roar that made her start. His hair had come loose from the ponytail and he\d torn his shirt at some point, probably on a low branch. She hoped he wasn\ hurt. The wild look in his eyes when his enraged gaze landed on her would have terrified anyone else. She waved instead.

’’Hi, baby.’’

’’Zandy. What are you doing out here with Smiley?’’ He snarled the words. ’’I\ll kill him for taking you off Reservation and putting you in danger.’’

Zandy was a little shocked at how vicious and deadly the man she loved looked. He was furious and it wasn\ pretty.

’’Before you do that, why don\ you take a look around? Smiley just helped me set everything up. He\s my friend who did me a huge favor, Tiger. I needed help because I couldn\ carry everything and I didn\ know how to use the air pump to fill the bed. I only left Reservation because this is our special place.’’

Tiger turned and took in his surroundings. She relaxed, knowing he\d cool down. If not, he could join her in the water. The air mattress was neatly made and a picnic lunch was laid out next to it. A camping lantern and a stack of towels held down the blanket spread out on the ground. It looked nice. She glanced back at him to find him watching her intently.

She smiled. ’’Surprise. There are officers out in the woods who are far enough away to give us privacy but make sure nobody sneaks up on us. I thought it would be romantic if we spend the night out here together. So, do you want to get naked? I\m getting a little cold in here alone.’’

Tiger slowly smiled. ’’I\m sorry. I got your note and only read that you were leaving Reservation. I freaked out. Why are you here?’’ He paused. ’’It isn\ safe for you to leave the NSO. Smiley knows my standing orders where you are concerned.’’

’’That\s why Smiley has probably run to another state by now. I bet they heard you roar for miles.’’

He laughed and kicked off his shoes. ’’You really did all this for me?’’

She grinned. ’’Yeah and you better do something great to deserve it too.’’ She walked out of the water naked. Tiger\s heated gaze roamed down her body.

He softly growled. ’’I\m going to be doing a lot of wonderful things to you.’’

Zandy grabbed a towel and dried off as she watched him strip out of his clothes. She walked to the bed and climbed on it and flipped over. She put her head on the pillow and spread her thighs wide. Tiger glanced up and purred.

’’Do you see something you like?’’

’’Oh yeah, Zandy.’’ He was na**d as he stalked toward her.

He put his knee on the bed and purred louder. She smiled and opened her arms, reaching out for him. Tiger climbed up the bed and over her. ’’What do you want?’’

’’You. Always you. Only you.’’

’’I feel the same way but we need to have a little talk before we do anything.’’

Tiger frowned. ’’Before?’’ He glanced down her body and snarled in protest. ’’We\ll talk later.’’

She put her hands on his chest. ’’Tiger, this is serious. We need to discuss something right now.’’

’’Later.’’ He moved down her body and ran his fingers from her knees to the insides of her thighs.

She closed her eyes and took a shaky breath, desperately wanting him to make love to her. The man has a mouth that... She shook that thought away.


His gaze met hers. ’’What?’’ He purred.

’’I\ll tell you later.’’

He chuckled. ’’That\s good because I think you\d have a hard time thinking and trying to talk in a second.’’ He lowered his head.

Zandy moaned. All thoughts left her head as Tiger licked her until she cl**axed. She screamed out his name as he climbed up her body, gasping as he entered her. She wrapped herself around his body while he rode her. They were both satisfied and out of breath afterward.

Tiger rolled them onto their sides to avoid crushing Zandy. ’’Ready to eat dinner before I wear you out again? You\ e going to need your strength.’’

She grinned, lightly running her fingertips along his jawline. ’’I do need to eat.’’

He grinned. ’’Me too. Only you\ e dessert.’’

’’This is a special occasion, Tiger.’’

’’Every night with you is special, Zandy.’’

’’I really love you.’’

He grinned. ’’I really love you too.’’

’’Hey, Tiger?’’ She peered at him.

’’What, little one?’’

’’You\ e going to have to stop calling me that.’’

A confused expression made him look really cute. ’’You like that name, don\ you?’’

She nodded, rubbing her body against his, pushing so close to him that they were skin to skin as much as possible. ’’I love it but I won\ be little for too much longer.’’

He frowned.

She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. ’’I\m going to probably get really big but you better still want me.’’ Amusement filled her. ’’Or I\ll never have a second baby.’’

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