Time To Murder And Create Page 23

’’What do you mean?’’

’’Can\ you guess? He probably told you he\d have you divorce Ethridge once he\d come into enough money to make it worthwhile.’’

’’How did you know?’’

’’I told you. Just a guess. But I don\ think he\d have done it that way. He would have wanted the whole thing. He\d have waited until your husband inherited his money, and then he would have taken his time setting it up right, and all of a sudden you\d turn out to be a very rich widow.’’

’’Oh, God.’’

’’Then you\d remarry and your name would be Beverly Lundgren. How long do you suppose it would have taken him to put another notch on his knife.’’


’’Of course, it\s just a guess.’’

’’No.’’ She shivered, and all of a sudden her face lost a lot of its polish and she looked like the girl she had stopped being a long time ago. ’’He\d have done it just that way,’’ she said. ’’It\s more than a guess. That\s just the way he would have done it.’’

’’Another glass of wine?’’

’’No.’’ She put her hand on mine. ’’I was all primed to be mad at you for turning my life around. Maybe that\s not all you did. Maybe you saved it.’’

’’We\ll never know, will we?’’

’’No.’’ She crushed out her cigarette. She said, ’’Well, where do I go from here? I was beginning to get used to a life of leisure, Matt. I thought I carried it off with a certain flair.’’

’’That you did.’’

’’Now all of a sudden I\ve got to find a way to make a living.’’

’’You\ll think of something, Beverly.’’

Her eyes focused on mine. She said, ’’That\s the first time you used my name, do you know that?’’

’’I know.’’

We sat there for a while looking at each other. She reached for a cigarette, changed her mind, and pushed it back in the pack. ’’Well, what do you know,’’ she said.

I didn\ say anything.

’’I thought I didn\ do a thing for you. I was beginning to worry that I was losing my touch. Is there some place we can go? I\m afraid my place isn\ my place any more.’’

’’There\s my hotel.’’

’’You take me to all the class joints,’’ she said. She got to her feet and picked up her bag. ’’Let\s go. Right now, huh?’’

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