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Her mouth dropped open. His words stunned her.

’’I\m almost sorry he got away from you. You were doing so good. I\m going to have to train you a little better to watch out for moves like that. The fact that you were willing to hurt him to force him to tell you where a Gift is just shows how much of a Species you are. I\d kill for you, Jeanie.’’ He leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers. ’’We\ e going home to take a bath and I\m going to mount you from behind.’’

She was speechless as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

He chuckled. ’’Right after I tend to your wounds, which I\m trying really hard to ignore so I don\ go rip out that human\s throat. I can teach you to do that with your fingers. It\s something you should learn in case anyone else ever comes after you again. We can use those human-size dolls for you to practice on. You\d probably prefer using those.’’

Jeanie sniffed, fighting the urge to burst into tears. True didn\ appear upset or appalled. ’’I love you.’’

’’I love you too. Wrap around me, mate. I really need to feel you right now. I doubt I\ll want to put you down for a week or two.’’

She hugged his neck and hooked her legs around his waist. He adjusted his hold and clutched her tightly as she buried her face against his neck. He turned, heading home, and she just clung to him.

Chapter Twenty-Three


Jeanie gasped and dived on the bed. The throw pillow from the couch went sailing past her, missing her by inches. She landed on the mattress with a bounce and turned her head, smirking at True.

’’That\s not funny.’’

He grinned as he strolled into the room. ’’You\ e faster.’’

’’That\s because you keep tossing pillows at me. I swear I\m going to hide every single one in the house.’’

He grabbed the bottom of his shirt, tore it up over his head and dropped it on the floor. ’’I am serious about training you. I swear to always protect you but I\ve learned that it\s better if you can fight just in case I\m ever drugged again.’’

’’Homeland is safe. The catacombs have been mapped and the exterior entrances sealed off with alarm sensors around every perimeter. We\ll know immediately if they are ever messed with. Every grate has been welded shut with more alarms. I think you guys went overboard.’’

’’There\s no such thing when our mates\ safety is at stake.’’

She rolled over and sat up as he bent, tearing off his boots. ’’Whatcha doing?’’

’’Getting naked.’’

’’I like that.’’ She scooted to the edge of the bed. ’’I\m never going to get tired of watching you take off your clothes.’’

He chuckled as he straightened, opening the front of his pants. ’’You\ e overdressed.’’

’’For what?’’ She batted her eyelashes. ’’Do you have something in mind? Maybe a bath? A shower?’’

He shoved down his pants and approached the bed. The way he stalked closer was se*y and the fact that he was sporting a full erection was a bonus. That was another thing she\d never get tired of looking at. He reached her and growled.

’’You\ e still dressed.’’

’’That\s because once we start kissing I\ll forget about everything else. I have a few questions.’’

He frowned. ’’Justice said we could keep the house. We\ e mates and need the room. The dorm is not suitable for mates.’’

’’I knew that. Jessie came over while you were gone. I really like her. She brought donuts.’’

’’I love sweets.’’ He leaned in, pushing her onto her back. ’’I know something that is even better. You.’’ He kissed her neck as he pinned her down. ’’And I know what I want to eat. You.’’

Jeanie laughed, her fingers sliding into his hair. ’’I\m serious.’’

’’Me too.’’ He raised his head, holding her gaze.

’’Did they find her?’’

His expression changed and she regretted asking. ’’Not yet. Boris has refused to reveal the Gift\s location and believe me, Darkness was persuasive.’’

’’Boris has got nothing to lose except his life. He\s such a mean ass**le.’’

’’He\ll never be free again.’’

’’They transferred him to Fuller?’’ She wasn\ sure that was such a good idea, considering he used to be the warden.

’’No. Darkness hasn\ used any of his more dangerous interrogation methods yet. Boris is too soft and Darkness doesn\ want to risk killing him before he gets what we need. But he won\ give up until he gets his answers or Boris dies.’’

’’Good.’’ She didn\ feel a bit of guilt.

True abruptly rolled, yanking her on top of him. ’’Do you want me to drive you to where he is being kept and hand you a chair to take into his cell and see what you can get out of him? You were fierce.’’

She sat up, straddling him. ’’That\s not funny.’’

He sat up, too, pulling her against him. ’’I\m sorry.’’ One hand stroked down her spine. ’’You were so se*y though. I just didn\ like your foot on his kon***. I\m the only male you should touch there.’’

She shook her head, stroking the sides of his face. ’’Do you have a foot fetish I didn\ know about?’’ She grinned.

He growled. ’’Now, that\s not funny. I like how gentle you are when you touch me.’’

She scooted back a little and let go of his face to reach between them with both hands. ’’Like this?’’ Her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, her thumbs teasing the crown. ’’You\ e definitely a two-hander. Or do you prefer my mouth and tongue down there?’’

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