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’’You know I don\ have much control when you do that.’’

’’I know.’’ She grinned. ’’Too bad I\m still dressed.’’

’’So take your clothes off or I will do it for you.’’

’’You\ll tear them.’’ She released him, scooted off his lap and started undressing. ’’I\m kind of limited on the stuff I have until my things from my apartment arrive.’’

’’Are you complaining?’’


’’I didn\ think so.’’ He stretched out on his back and grinned while she removed her clothes.

She crawled up his body and sat on his thighs. ’’You want me to learn self-defense but you need to learn more control.’’

’’I want you too bad, Jeanie. Now isn\ the time to use your mouth on me. I almost lost you again yesterday.’’

’’I\m fine.’’

True\s gaze ran down her body, that hungry look in his eyes making her hot. ’’You\ e more than fine. You\ e perfect. You make my blood boil and you make me so hard I hurt for you.’’

Jeanie climbed further up his body and leaned over to run her tongue over his bottom lip. ’’I can do something about that.’’ She reached between them and curled her fingers around his erection again. She shifted her h*ps and eased down until both of them groaned as their bodies joined. True gripped her hips.

Their gazes met. ’’You make me whole, Jeanie.’’

She kissed True. ’’You make me whole too.’’

True groaned as Jeanie began to slowly rock her hips. ’’You\ e heaven.’’

Jeanie chuckled. ’’What a pair. You think I\m heaven and I think you\ e a god.’’

’’God, huh?’’ His hands lowered to firmly grab her ass as he ground his h*ps upward, sinking into her deeper.

’’A se* god.’’

True laughed. ’’I try for you, Jeanie.’’

’’Try by moving. You\ e torturing me here.’’ She bucked her hips.

He thrust up. Jeanie gripped his shoulders and threw her head back. ’’Succeeding,’’ she moaned. ’’Right there. Faster.’’

’’So demanding.’’ He rolled and pinned her under him. ’’I aim to please.’’

’’You\ e the best mate ever.’’

’’So are you. Now hold on tight.’’


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