Uncommon Criminals Page 34

What Kat really needed, she had already found.

’’To Uncle Eddie,’’ Hale said, raising his glass. ’’The ultimate inside man.’’

Gabrielle repeated the toast, but Kat couldn\'t bring herself to say the words.

’’What?’’ Gabrielle asked.

’’Do you think he still loves her?’’ She kept her eyes trained to the other side of the street as a well-dressed man walked into a bank, seemingly oblivious to the dump truck that sat idling a mere twenty feet away.

Kat looked down at her lemonade. ’’Do you think he betrayed the love of his life...because of us?’’

’’She used the name Romani, Kat,’’ was Gabrielle\'s answer. ’’And besides...’’ She let the words draw out. Her gaze went to the distance, and there was a sense of peace in the way she said, ’’We\'re the love of his life.’’ She raised her glass again. ’’To family.’’

This time Kat couldn\'t help but join in.

’’So isn\'t it time for the...’’ Hale started, but trailed off when, half a block away, a loud explosion sounded and a spiral of black smoke billowed up, temporarily blocking out the sky.

’’Yep,’’ Kat said.

’’And your dad\'s sure the organized crime ring that\'s sitting on this stash doesn\'t know its real value?’’ Hale asked, concerned.

’’Well, we\'re about to find out,’’ Kat said as a man ran to the fountain, then called in rapid Spanish that he needed all available hands at the back of the church. ’’Wow. Uncle Felix\'s leg is doing a lot better.’’

’’Yeah.’’ Gabrielle gave an enthusiastic nod. ’’He\'s getting around really well.’’

There was chaos on the square as people yelled and smoke rose, but the three teens sat quietly, waiting, as Uncle Eddie climbed into the truck and drove away.

’’So,’’ Hale said, watching the smoke rise and the Bagshaws run. ’’Where to now?’’

Kat stood and downed her drink in one swallow, set the glass back on the table, and turned into the sun.

’’Well, see, there\'s this cave in Switzerland I really need to find.’’ She slipped on her sunglasses;was already in the middle of the street when she turned and looked back at Hale and Gabrielle. ’’You coming?’’

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