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Valiant stared into her beautiful eyes. The blue of them reminded him of the ocean. He\d never seen it personally but he\d watched plenty of DVDs featuring Hawaii. It was just one of the places he\d seen on his television that he\d never be allowed to visit.

First he\d been sealed inside concrete prisons, then later in the hot, miserable desert in a horrible motel with nothing around but flat miles of emptiness. Reservation had been bought to provide a better, permanent location for Species and now he had trees, blue sky, and a home. His. Something that belonged to him.

She blinked and took a deep breath, her br**sts lifted as she inhaled, and he realized there was something else he wanted to belong to him her. He could happily stare into those eyes every day. To have her spread out na**d on his bed would be a joy. The scent of her was something he could easily grow addicted to. Everything about her drew him, mesmerized him, and he wasn\ about to allow it or her to slip through his fingers.

He would just need to get her addicted to him and convince her she belonged in his life. He\d wanted a mate but he\d imagined she\d be Species. He mentally shrugged that fantasy away. None of them had affected him the way the small human under him did. He\d been denied a lot in his lifetime but he would have her.

Mine! All mine. I\m not giving her up. Never.

Chapter Three

’’Get off me.’’

Valiant shook his head. ’’Kick the pants away and open your thighs for me. I want to touch you.’’

Panic gripped Tammy. The guy had practically managed to strip her and she hadn\ even realized what he\d done. She\d wanted to kiss him, she\d admit that, but now her pants and panties were around her knees, her body mostly exposed and she had to call a halt. She couldn\ have se* with a stranger and especially not one as scary as Valiant.

’’Go to hell. Get off me and pull my pants back up.’’

He shook his head again before he lifted away from her and sprang backward from the bed. He landed on his feet gracefully with his thighs spread apart enough to make room for her legs between them. He smiled at her while raking his gaze down her body. Desire showed clearly as he examined every exposed inch.

She gasped, trying to shove her shirt down over her bare br**sts with one hand as she also reached frantically for her pants to pull them back up with her other. Holy shit! How did that happen? She was completely exposed to the guy.

He gripped her slacks with both hands and jerked them out of her frantic hold, tore them down her legs, and tossed them to the floor. Shocked and miffed, Tammy stared up at him but then he dropped down on her again. He braced his arms, pushup style, legs still spread, and his body hovered over hers. He didn\ touch her. Inches separated their bodies as they stared into each other\s eyes.

’’Spread your legs for me, se*y. I\m going to touch you.’’ His voice came out gruff, raspy and deep.

She locked her thighs tightly together and reached up to push against his chest again. He had a se*y voice when turned on, but she couldn\ allow him to have se* with her. She needed to remember that she didn\ do strangers, no matter how much she wanted to, or how bad she ached for his touch. New Species. Part animal. So wrong. Yeah. Remember that. She pushed again.

He wouldn\ budge and looked really amused that she even attempted to move him. She tried to ignore how se*y he looked with those exotic eyes and those bulging muscles, from holding his weight off her. She had the urge to stroke about every inch of his amazing body that her fingers could reach.

’’This is so not happening, Valiant.’’ Saying his name sounded strange coming from her lips but she got it out. ’’You stated I\m ovulating, right? You can really smell that? For real?’’

He chuckled and gave a sharp nod. ’’I can scent it. That\s why I\m so aroused. Do you know how hot and wet you\ e going to be for me with your body in heat? Haven\ you been feeling your se*ual desire rise while you\ e in this state?’’

She swallowed. ’’Nope. My fingers were a little swollen this morning but that\s about it. I wouldn\ have known that was the reason without you telling me.’’ She cleared her throat. ’’I\m not ha**ng s*x with you. I don\ know you and I don\ do that with strangers.’’

’’Spread your thighs and I\ll change your mind.’’

She stared up into those beautiful eyes of his. She knew how he kissed and how he could make her feel when he touched her. No one had ever tempted her that much and her body had reacted to him in ways it never had before to any other man. She still ached between her thighs and her br**sts were tender.

’’Spread your thighs,’’ he softly growled. ’’I want to taste you so bad I\m trying not to drool from the need.’’

He drools? That\s totally NOT se*y. Yeah. Focus on that. She frowned and pushed against his hot-skinned chest once more but he didn\ budge an inch. He shifted his weight, lowering down her body and his legs slid a little off the bed so, instead of hovering over her face, he hesitated over her stomach. His gaze left hers to stare at her thighs. Another soft growl came from deep in his throat.

’’Open up for me. I need that at least. Your scent calls to me so strongly I hurt. Let me lick you until you come, screaming for me. Let me enjoy your cream.’’ He purred suddenly, his head lifted until those catlike eyes of his locked with her shocked gaze. ’’I love cream.’’ He licked his lips slowly.

Her body throbbed. Damn, he doesn\ fight fair. Her traitorous body responded full force to his words when mental images shot through her brain of him settling between her thighs. She bit her lip hard before softly cursing, losing the battle with desire and knowing she shouldn\ .

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