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’’I can\ believe this. This never happened, okay? I\ve lost my mind but I\m hurting for you.’’

She unlocked her knees and felt her cheeks heat with embarrassment. She had let few men go down on her and while it wasn\ bad, it wasn\ that great either. She\d sworn off doing it again unless she was drunk or with someone she really, really cared about. She didn\ do strangers but she\d never seen this situation coming.

She spread her legs a little and watched Valiant\s head snap down. Another growl rumbled from his throat, this one deep and a little scary. She grabbed for his thick hair, holding his head up until he met her gaze.

’’Don\ bite me. You\ e not going to do that, right? I want to be sure we\ e on the same page and you need to be careful with those vampire teeth of yours. You\ e not into blood, are you?’’

He suddenly flashed a grin. ’’I know what I\m doing and there will be no pain. I\m not going to bite you.’’

She released his mane of hair, embarrassed as she spread her legs a little more, and tried not to tense up. She glanced down once when the bed moved to see that Valiant had totally slid off the bed and knelt next to it.

Big, strong hands gripped her hips, pulled her ass to the edge of the mattress and gripped her knees, gently nudging her into the position he wanted, which was her heels on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide apart. His gaze fixed on her totally exposed pu**y, a purr came from him and she looked away to stare up at his ceiling as her fingers clutched at his comforter. She wasn\ sure about this at all.

’’You have no hair anywhere.’’ He sounded surprised.

She wondered if she could actually die of awkwardness. ’’I shave it off. Either get on with it or let me go. I can\ even believe I\m agreeing to this because it\s totally insa―’’

She gasped instead of finishing her sentence when Valiant pushed against her knees to widen them even more. The guy had broad shoulders and his hair fell over her stomach as he leaned in closer to her until she couldn\ miss feeling his hot breath fanning over her exposed se*. His hands were gentle as he spread her labia to expose even more of her to his view. Another loud purr came from him and his hot tongue swiped her clit.

Her fingers clawed the bedding as he started to lick her in rapid, long strokes. Pleasure was instant and intense. Valiant\s tongue was raspy and he could move it in ways she\d never thought possible while he teased and zoned in on the exact spot that sent raw ecstasy cascading through her body.

She tensed hard, her back arched, and she would have slammed her legs closed to stop the too-powerful feeling but his shoulders held her pinned open and his hands held her labia spread to expose her cl*t to him. He held her down when her h*ps started to rise from the mattress.

The cl**ax tore through Tammy brutally and she cried out. She was shocked at how fast and hard she\d come. Her eyes were closed when she floated down from the euphoria and tried to calm her ragged breathing. She heard Valiant panting harder than her and gasped when his tongue suddenly lowered to the opening of her pu**y.

He growled, vibrated against her, and his thick tongue breached her body as he parted her vaaa**l walls. Her muscles were still twitching and contracting with her release and his hands slid under her ass, lifting her from the bed a few inches to give him deeper penetration.

’’Oh God,’’ she moaned.

He growled deep in response and his tongue moved inside her, in and out, before it withdrew completely. She forced her eyes open and stared in stunned shock as he lifted up until he bent over her. He had a wild look in his amazing eyes and he nearly lunged for her breast, drew it into his mouth hard and frantically suckled on her. It made her cry out again at the new, wonderful sensation. Something thick and hard nudged her pu**y. She gasped as his c**k started to press into her where his tongue had just been.

He was thick and incredibly hard. He lowered over her, her body pinned flat under him with just enough weight on her to keep her where he wanted her. Her muscles stretched to accommodate his size. He entered her slowly, allowing her body to adjust to his cock, and her fingers grabbed at his head, sliding into his thick tresses for something to hold on to. Pleasure and near pain gripped her as he sank into her. She experienced a wave of panic when he drove in even deeper.


He froze and his mouth left her breast. He had a definitely wild look in those exotic eyes, the sheer need of his desire marked clearly by the harsh tension of his features.

’’Don\ make me stop.’’ His voice was so deep and gruff that he didn\ sound human. ’’I need you.’’

’’You\ e too big.’’ She was afraid.

’’I\m turning us, all right? You\ e going to be on top and take as much of me as you can. I don\ want to hurt you.’’

He rolled, displaying his immense strength. One second Tammy had been under him and the next she straddled his lap. He made sure he didn\ enter her any deeper by holding her slightly away from him and waited until she braced her knees on either side of his h*ps before he released her. One of his hands wrapped around her waist, holding her in place, while his other hand slid under her to position his fingers to massage her clit. She threw back her head and sank down on him a little more.

His c**k felt really thick. It had been a long time since she\d had se*. She lifted up and the pleasure of him inside her forced a moan from her lips. He was merciless with his fingers as he played with her sensitive bundle of nerves, making her pant. She moved up and down, only taking as much of him as her body desired.

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