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The feeling of being stretched, filled, the sheer bliss of those sensations, shocked her because it was the best thing she\d ever experienced. She could feel every extremely rigid inch of him inside her and, combined with what his fingers were doing, she needed to come again.

She rode him frantically, taking his c**k a little deeper each time she ground her h*ps down. Moans tore from her throat as her body seemed to ignite into flames. The man under her growled and snarled, making noises she\d usually find terrifying but instead it just heightened her passion. Her body tensed, shook, and she cried out when she cl**axed hard again, her muscles clamping around his thick shaft as she jerked violently from the force of it.

Valiant roared as he cl**axed and she wasn\ even startled at the sound. His steel-hard c**k was buried deep inside her and his h*ps shook under her and warm heat spread into her pu**y as he kept coming. She collapsed onto his broad chest.

They were both winded. One of his hands gripped her hip and his other hand moved to her back to caress his fingertips up her spine until he fisted her hair in his hold at the base of her skull. He didn\ hurt her but he forced her head up until she had no choice but to meet his gaze. His golden eyes appeared absolutely gorgeous in the aftermath of se*. He smiled at her, showed sharp teeth, and his hand slid from her hip to cup her ass gently.

’’I\m keeping you forever.’’

She stared at him in shock. ’’What?’’

’’I decided I\m keeping you forever. You\ e mine.’’

He was good at making her speechless. Tammy stared at him and was absolutely mute. He wants to keep me? Forever? For real? Does he think I\m a pet? She wasn\ even sure how to take his words or exactly what they meant. I\m his? He decided? She didn\ even know where to start or what she thought of him making those wild statements.

The smile died on his lips as he suddenly tensed under her, his big body seeming to turn to stone. Tammy gasped when he rolled them over and slowly withdrew his still-hard shaft from her body. He gave her one last passionate look before rolling away to leave the bed.

’’They are coming for you but I won\ allow anyone take you from me.’’

Who is coming for me? Tammy sat up on the bed. She realized her shirt remained on, bunched up over her br**sts, and her sliced-apart bra cups were under her arms. She watched him quickly yank up his pants, growling and cursing under his breath the entire time.

She removed her damaged bra and pulled down her shirt while she scooted off the bed to stand next to it. She watched Valiant carefully. His expression was scary when he turned to face her. She hadn\ known him long but she could identify rage when she saw it.

’’Stay inside this room while I handle them. No one is taking you away. You\ e mine now.’’

Mouth open, she watched him put on his shirt and fasten his jeans as he paced the room. Like a caged animal. Lion. That\s what he looked like. Only there weren\ any bars between them. What did I do? Oh yeah. Had se* with lion guy. Hot, screaming, came-so-hard-I-think-I-hurt-myself se*. And he was going to hurt someone or be hurt to keep her.

Tammy backed away, stepped on something and glanced down. Her pants lay on the floor by her feet. Her shoes were there too. She didn\ even remember them coming off but they were just slip-ons so he\d just brushed them off her feet when he\d yanked her pants off.

Valiant walked to the window, glared out and snarled viciously.

’’Six of them are approaching.’’ He snorted. ’’They think only six Species males could do it. It\s insulting. I won\ be gone long, se*y. Why don\ you climb back into bed and wait for me? I\ll grab some food before I return. You\ e little and I want to feed you. I\m going to take very good care of you and you\ll want to stay with me.’’

Tammy glanced at the lamp nearby, her mind working frantically to stop what she feared might happen. Valiant was a big guy, ferocious, and she didn\ want him to be killed or seriously hurt by the New Species coming to save her. He would fight them to keep her in his bedroom. She saw the outlet next to the bedside table where the lamp was plugged in. She turned her attention on him, noted that his back remained to her while he watched out the window, and another growl tore from his lips.

’’I\ll beat them until they go whimpering away before they take you away from me. I\ll try to scare them off first but there\s no way they are taking you, Tammy. I\ll do whatever it takes.’’

She wouldn\ be able to live with it they killed him. Tammy bent and yanked on the cord. Her gaze stayed trained on Valiant to make sure he didn\ turn around and notice her movements. She gripped the lamp with a shaky hand, hesitated, and realized it would hurt him less than a bullet. She couldn\ allow that to happen. She inched forward but he didn\ turn, too focused on whatever he saw out the window.

’’Idiots.’’ He growled, bent forward a little, and his hands gripped the windowsill with enough strength to make the wood groan. ’’I want you to stay inside this room. It shouldn\ take more than five minutes. If they won\ leave, I\ll―’’

Tammy brought the lamp down hard on the back of his head. The glass base shattered and rained down Valiant\s back to the floor. He grunted and spun around to face her. Oh, I\m so screwed. I didn\ hit him hard enough. She could have hit him with more force but had been afraid of hurting him too severely. He appeared utterly taken aback as he stared down at her when he straightened to his full height but then his eyes rolled back and he swayed before collapsing onto the carpet. Tammy stared down at him with the broken lamp still clutched in her hands.

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