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’’I\ll drive her home,’’ Tiger offered softly. ’’Come this way, Miss Shasta. My Jeep is right here.’’

She walked to the van to retrieve her purse, silently praying that she got away before Valiant woke. She followed Tiger to one of the Jeeps and climbed inside. He didn\ immediately start the engine. He studied her intently. She decided to be somewhat honest because the minutes were ticking by and she didn\ know how long it would be before ’’Trouble’’ rose from the floor of his bedroom.

’’We need to go right now. Please start the engine and get me out of here.’’

Tiger started the engine and yelled over his shoulder. ’’Clear this area out now.’’

The Jeep moved and the stress inside Tammy eased. She remembered to put on her seat belt. ’’I live about five miles from here. Thank you for driving me home.’’

He hesitated. ’’I\m taking you to our medical center first.’’

’’No. I just want to go home.’’

He frowned grimly at her. ’’You need medical attention and we will call in a councilor. You need to make a report about what Valiant has done to you. We handle all justice at Reservation but he\s going to be punished severely for this attack on you.’’

Shocked, Tammy gaped at him. ’’He didn\ hurt me and I don\ want him punished. I don\ need a doctor and I sure don\ need a shrink.’’

He hit the brakes and turned to face Tammy. His blue gaze locked with hers. ’’You can lie to Ted and Marcy. They are human and will believe what you said back there. I\m not them and you smell strongly of Valiant. I can also smell se*. He obviously hurt you and forced you to breed with him. You need to allow our doctors to take a look at you, you should talk to someone about what happened and you need to file a report to make sure he\s punished for what he\s done.’’

Her mouth had fallen open so she closed it as she stared at Tiger, feeling the heat of a blush warming her cheeks. She swallowed the lump that formed so she could speak.

’’I know he hurt you.’’

’’I\m fine. He didn\ force me. I want to go home.’’

His frown deepened. ’’What happened?’’

She hesitated. ’’He didn\ hurt me but he also didn\ want to let me go. He wanted to keep me as if I was a pet or something. He was about to attack anyone coming after me. I nailed him with a lamp and knocked him out cold. You might want to have someone check on him but I think he\ll be fine. I tried not to hurt him but I figured it was better than someone shooting him. You need to get me away from here though because I think he\s going to be upset that I got away when he wakes. I just want to go home.’’

’’Son of a bitch,’’ he cursed as he released the brake and stomped down on the gas. The Jeep lurched forward and picked up speed. ’’Let me take you to the medical facility.’’

She gritted her teeth. ’’He didn\ rape me, didn\ force me, and the se* was consensual, okay? Just get me home. Please? I just want to forget this day ever happened.’’

Tiger jerked his head in an angry nod. ’’Fine.’’ He reached for the radio clipped to the top of his vest. ’’This is Tiger. Everyone clear a wide path from around Valiant\s. I want tranquilizer guns with everyone patrolling that area. Put his ass down and secure him if he tries to leave his territory. Clear?’’

Tammy glanced at the guy on the seat next to her. He had an ear clip-on comm device. Whatever was said made him look more relaxed. ’’Good. Tiger out.’’ He hooked the radio back to his vest.

’’I\m very sorry for all of this. You need to contact us if there\s anything we can do for you. Our legal department will be getting hold of you.’’

’’For what?’’

’’They just will. When you agreed to work here you had to sign forms. You know anything that happens here stays confidential or you could face huge lawsuits so please don\ go to the press. Our legal department will make sure anything you need is taken care of so whatever issues you face, they will make sure you\ e well compensated. That\s all I can do if you refuse to press charges against him.’’

She had signed a ridiculously long confidentiality contract. She wasn\ allowed to talk about anything she saw or heard at New Species Reservation. She wasn\ permitted to sue them for it if she suffered any injures while being a guest. It was a come-at-your-own-risk kind of deal but they had put in the clause that they\d pay for any medical bills if she were injured. Now she knew why.

’’I would never talk to reporters.’’

Five minutes later Tiger parked the Jeep in front of her small house and two other vehicles parked behind them. She\d been escorted home with a full security detail. She knew New Species were targeted by hate groups and hadn\ needed to ask why the extra vehicles had followed them to her home.

She glanced at her home and tried to hide her embarrassment. The house had been left to her by her grandmother. It had been in bad shape to begin with and Tammy had never had the extra money to fix it up. The porch sagged in spots, making it appear uneven, paint had chipped off in large sections, and one of the front windows had duct tape over it where the glass had broken. It was a small two-bedroom, one-bath house, but it was all hers. She wondered what the New Species thought as he stared at her home with a confused look on his features.

’’Are you sure you don\ want to see a medical doctor or a shrink? We will make him pay if you file a complaint. We\ e harsher than your justice system.’’

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