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Ned stumbled to his feet and glared at Tammy. ’’Two days waiting around with her is a long time. She loves animals, obviously. I think I know how to pass the hours.’’ He reached for the front of his pants and started to unfasten them.

’’Don\ ,’’ Paul ordered. ’’The doctor wouldn\ be happy. I know what kind of experiments he\s into. He\ll castrate you if you injure her in any way that might screw up his plans.’’

’’She\s already done an animal. Who really gives a f**k what we do to her as long as we don\ kill her?’’ Ned opened his pants, shoving them down his hips.

Terror gripped Tammy as she realized he planned to rape her. Mark, the unhurt guy, stood quickly. ’’We don\ screw with the doctor. Pull your pants back up, damn it. I don\ ever want to see your kon*** again.’’

’’Mark is right.’’ Paul stood too and moved between Ned and where Tammy lay bound on the ground. ’’The doctor would go ballistic if you raped her. You\ e the new guy on the team and don\ know much about what he does but he\d kill you if you jeopardize his work. He\s the one who signs our paychecks. Find a whore if you want to get your rocks off or take a walk out into the woods and jerk off.’’

’’But she\s the bitch who broke my nose. I\m not just going to take that shit without some payback.’’

’’I understand.’’ Paul\s voice lowered. ’’I\m angry too.’’ He held up his arm. ’’I have to explain how the hell this happened to my wife when I get home. She\s not stupid and this looks just like what it is. Fingernail marks. She\ll be convinced I cheated on her. That pisses me off but the doctor scares the hell out of me. You can\ rape her.’’

Mark turned his head to glare down at Tammy, his dark eyes narrowed, and he smiled in a way that turned her blood to ice. Pure glee transformed his features as he turned to face her. Whatever plan he\d hatched wouldn\ be good for her.

’’We won\ rape her or do anything the doctor would get mad about but we need to get that statement from her.’’ He turned his head to grin at Paul. ’’Do you have the video camera with you? I don\ know about you guys but I\m not tired and we\ e stuck here until morning. I say we use the time well.’’

’’I\ve got video camera function on my phone.’’ Paul had a confused look as he dug it out of his back pocket. ’’But she isn\ going to agree to say anything bad against them. You heard her. She\s somehow been brainwashed by those animals.’’

Ned jerked up his pants and zipped them. ’’The animal infected her. I\m telling you they carry diseases. The doctor probably wants her because he knows that. I bet he\s going to document it when she becomes one of them. That would definitely turn the public against them and help our cause. Everybody will panic, they\ll want them dead before it spreads past their gates, and we\ll finally get to watch them die.’’

’’What are you thinking, Mark?’’ Paul stepped closer to study Tammy before he glanced at the other guy. ’’We can\ do any damage. The doctor wants her healthy. He calls her a money-making opportunity. You know he\s in a financial jam now. All of them are.’’

Mark\s grin widened as he peered down at Tammy too. ’’There\s a lot you can do to a woman without doing permanent harm or causing internal damage. We\ll get her to say whatever the hell we want and make our boss happy at the same time.’’

Tammy whimpered at his vicious glare, knowing whatever he planned had to be horrific. She struggled against the belt that held her wrists together but they didn\ allow her to wiggle out of them. When Mark dropped to his knees next to her and his hands grabbed her shirt, she cried out in fear as he shoved her onto her back and pinned her arms under her. He leaned over until his face hovered inches above her own and she could make out his hazel eyes clearly from the firelight.

’’Not her face,’’ Paul ordered. ’’I can video her up close but if you beat on her, do it from the neck down.’’

’’Don\ do this,’’ Tammy begged. ’’I won\ press charges. I\ll swear it was some prank from friends who grabbed me or something. Just let me go.’’

Material tore as he gripped her shirt and ripped it wide open. Shock made her gasp as air hit her skin. His hands didn\ stop at just parting it. He totally destroyed the thing, tossing it away once he\d yanked it out from under her.

’’I still say we should rape her,’’ Ned grumbled, stepping closer to watch. ’’She\s got nice tits.’’

’’Shut up,’’ Mark ground out. ’’I like silence while I work.’’ He reached down and came up holding a pocket knife. He flicked it open, hooked his finger between her br**sts and sawed at her bra.

Tears blinded Tammy and she took a deep breath. A scream tore from her throat as brutal hands continued to strip her. He sliced the straps, jerked her bra completely away and tossed it into the fire. When she tried to turn away, he dropped down on her waist, straddled her, and grabbed her throat with one hand to hold her flat. She stared up at him in horror when she realized she couldn\ breathe.

’’I hate screaming,’’ he hissed at her. ’’Shut up. You\ e going to tell Paul that the animal who grabbed you brutally raped you, bit you repeatedly, and whatever else you can think up to horrify the public.’’

She nodded, unable to speak, and just wanted air.

’’She agreed.’’ Paul chuckled.’’ Move back and I\ll film her.’’

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