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The hand eased enough for her to suck in air. ’’I don\ believe her.’’ Mark suddenly pinched one of her ni**les hard, twisting it while his finger and thumb squeezed together. Pain forced another scream from her throat. The agony subsided when he eased his vicious hold. He laughed. ’’This is fun.’’ His hand slid over her rib cage to her stomach. He patted her once before he lifted his hand away.

Tammy began to sob. Her nipple throbbed, hurt badly, and she wasn\ sure it was still attached. She questioned that because of the pain radiating from it. The monster sitting on her suddenly dropped his palm down hard over her belly, the sound of the slap louder than her crying, and she groaned.

’’Are you having fun?’’ Ned stepped closer. ’’Let me hurt her a bit. She broke my damn nose.’’

The guy on top of her lifted his weight higher onto her stomach and pressed down until it hurt. His hands reached behind him and she stared into his eyes while he glared at her. He made sure she couldn\ get away as he fumbled with her jeans.

’’Pull them down. Wait until I remove that underwear if you think her tits are sensitive. We won\ rape her but a little bruising in that area won\ make the doctor upset. It\s her insides he\ll be interested in.’’

Tammy tried to scream as her shoes and jeans were torn down her legs but Mark just leaned forward, glared at her, and clamped his hand over her nose and mouth. She couldn\ breathe, her eyes widened, and it seemed to please the monster watching her struggle for breath.

’’There. Got them off.’’ Ned chuckled. ’’She\s wearing a blue thong. She\s a whore. I knew it. That\s why she won\ tell us she was raped by the animal. She probably wanted it and begged him to f**k her.’’ His amusement left. ’’Think the doctor would care if I f**ked her in the ass? That doesn\ really count, right?’’

’’Shut up, you moron. No rape. Get over that concept already. She\ll be in hysterics by the time I\m done and it\s going to really look good for the video. They\ll think she\s really been traumatized by those animal bastards when we send it to the news stations for broadcast.’’ Mark released her mouth so she could gasp in air and he scooted down her body to sit over her h*ps again. He reached up and pinched her other nipple hard, squeezed, and twisted.

The sound that tore from Tammy actually hurt her throat. She couldn\ get away from the pain and worse, she heard them laughing when she ran out of air, making it clear her pain amused them greatly.

* * * * *

Frustration gripped Valiant as he dropped to his knees, pressed his nose closer to the ground and tried to pick up the stench of his enemy. The men had reached a rocky area and the wind had picked it. He refused to give up even though he\d lost the scent. His eyes narrowed as he scanned the area for any recent signs of disturbance.

’’Spread out,’’ he ordered the other Species. ’’Find it.’’

’’Easy, Valiant,’’ Tiger crooned. ’’You\ e sounding a little wild with the way you\ e snarling.’’

Valiant snapped his head around to glare at Tiger. ’’They have my Tammy.’’

’’Understood.’’ Tiger backed away, heading to the left to try to find the trail.

Valiant doubted anyone understood what he was feeling. He\d missed her and she\d occupied all his free thoughts. Her scent had faded from his bed and he\d mourned the loss. Not finding her would be unacceptable.

’’Here,’’ Rider called out softly. ’’I found a trace.’’

Valiant was on his feet with a leap, sniffed the area, and picked up the faint stench of sweaty human. One of them had rubbed against the trunk of a tree. He moved forward and scanned the darkness, searching for the easiest way to walk if he\d been a weaker human carrying a woman over his shoulder.

’’Follow him,’’ Tiger urged. ’’Don\ let him out of your sight.’’

’’I\m going to kill them,’’ Valiant swore.

’’That\s why we\ e sticking close. You\ e so agitated that you might get her and us killed.’’ Tiger closed the distance between them, keeping close behind him. ’’Think before you act.’’

’’I\m going to do whatever it takes to save her.’’

’’That\s what we\ e afraid of,’’ Rider sighed. ’’We want to rescue the female too but be smart about it.’’

’’Leave him alone,’’ Brass growled. ’’I understand wanting to protect a female. I am very close to Trisha. They aren\ as strong as our females and this Tammy won\ be able to defend herself. That\s why I wanted to come along. Harley and Moon wished to come as well but knew you didn\ want to overwhelm the humans with too many of us. If these males have harmed Val\s female he should get to kill them. They are ass**les who need killing.’’

Valiant snarled in agreement.

’’Great. Really helpful, Brass.’’ Tiger shot him a glare.

Brass shrugged. ’’It\s the truth.’’

A high-pitched scream rent the air, coming from the east, and Valiant responded at the pained call of his woman. He threw back his head as he darted forward to find her.

* * * * *

’’She\s going to say whatever the hell you want her to, Paul. See?’’ Mark laughed. ’’It\s all just a matter of convinc ’’

A loud roar suddenly shattered the night. Tammy\s ears rang from the sound. She\d heard that roar before. Valiant was out there and close.

Tammy glared at the jerk who pinned her down. He frantically swiveled his head toward the woods around them, searching for the source.

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