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Valiant lunged toward the camp when the smell of Tammy\s fear filled his nostrils. The urge to protect her, to help her, became so overpowering he couldn\ even form coherent thoughts anymore.

An unexpected, heavy weight landed on his back and his knees collapsed. Two strong arms wrapped around him, one around his throat to cut off his oxygen and another hooked around his chest under his arms. He grabbed at the male body but the words hissed in his ear prevented him from fighting.

’’She\ll be dead before you can reach her. Calm now,’’ Tiger demanded. ’’Think, my friend.’’ The arm around his throat eased. ’’Take a few deep breaths, fight your instincts, and trust me.’’

Valiant sucked in air through his mouth, bit back a roar and knew Tiger made sense. ’’The humans would kill her. I need to get to her.’’ He kept his voice low to keep it from carrying to the camp.

’’We need to get to her without them killing her first. I understand and I can feel your rage. I smell it. You want to save her and so do I. We have to do it right. Look. See the fire? Do you notice the male with the gun sitting on top of her? He\s there to shoot her if we rush them.’’

Valiant noticed more than the human pinning his Tammy down. They\d stripped her, her pale skin exposed to the chilly night air and to the view of the males who had stolen her. Murderous rage gripped him until his entire body shook from the emotion.

’’I know,’’ Tiger crooned softly. ’’I can smell how strongly you want to rip their hearts out and tear their heads from their bodies. It will get her killed. Are you in control?’’

He shook his head before he nodded. ’’Yes,’’ he rasped.

Tiger\s hold around his chest eased and his weight left his back as he stood. A howl from Rider sounded on the other side of camp. He was in place. It made thinking a little easier for Valiant to know the humans were surrounded. The Species males would attack from the other direction to draw attention. He just needed to wait a few moments before he\d reach Tammy. He\d protect her and murder the males who had stolen her.

Tiger eased down to a crouch next to him. ’’I\ll allow you to take out the male on her. Use your knife. We\ll open fire when you strike. She\s safer on the ground, Valiant. Leave her there and don\ go into the open. They will fire at you. You won\ be able to help her if you\ e dead. You\ e a big son of a bitch but half a dozen holes torn through you would take you down. Do you understand me?’’

’’Yes.’’ He didn\ want to though.

’’Prepare, but wait until you have a perfect opportunity.’’

Valiant stood, his hand going for the knife strapped to his thigh and tested the weight of it in his palm. His focus fixed on the male straddling Tammy\s hips, rage boiled, and he knew he wouldn\ miss.

’’Go for her when we\ e clear. Take her away and we\ll clean them up.’’

’’I want them all dead. I want to do it.’’

’’Her, Valiant. Focus on her. Take her away the second you get a chance to grab her when we pin the males down with gunfire but not before. You can\ help her if you\ e dead. Remember that, damn it.’’

’’I\ll remember.’’ His gaze narrowed, he fought back another roar and couldn\ wait to kill the bastard who sat on his Tammy.

’’They have guns,’’ Tammy screamed out, making sure the New Species were warned about what they were facing from her attackers if they entered the camp.

Mark clamped his hand around her throat but it had come too late. She\d been able to call out to the New Species. They had to have heard her, she hoped at least, as she glared up at the ass**le on top of her. If looks could have killed, she knew her life would end with those hazel eyes glaring at her.

’’It\s a sad day when someone picks an animal over their own kind,’’ Paul grunted. ’’Back to back, men. Shoot anything that moves.’’

Tammy frantically struggled with the belt holding her wrists. It didn\ help that they were pinned under her ass, making it tougher to wiggle free. She was careful not to brush against Mark\s spread thighs where they straddled her hips. She became aware that his hold didn\ ease and she couldn\ breathe. As seconds ticked by she realized he didn\ plan to let go.

Panic gripped her and she jerked both knees up. He cursed when they hit his back, had to release her to use his palm to catch his weight before he pitched forward, choosing to let go of her throat instead of his gun. Tammy gasped in air and let her legs drop.

’’Don\ do that, bitch,’’ he hissed at her.

’’I couldn\ breathe,’’ she gasped.

He glared at her. ’’F*king bit―’’

Tammy stared at Mark as his words were cut off and his eyes widened. His mouth stretched open, almost if he were going to scream, but only a very soft hiss came out. His gaze lowered slowly to the knife handle that protruded from his chest. Red suddenly flowed from his mouth and splattered on Tammy. The warm, wet, bright blood spread over her bare skin.

Tammy reacted after a split second of utter horror. She twisted hard and lifted her hips, bucking her body toward the fire. Mark\s weight shifted, crumpled, and Tammy rolled hard in the opposite direction to get out from under him completely. Once free, she used her shoulder to brace her upper body on the grass since her hands were bound behind her back.

She crouched on her shoulder and knees, ignoring the debris from the ground that dug into her skin. She heard someone fire a gun, the sound really loud, and all hell broke loose as more gunfire erupted a heartbeat later. She didn\ know if they shot at her or not. She struggled to her feet in frenzied desperation and bolted for the darkness of the woods.

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