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Valiant flashed sharp teeth and Tammy saw trouble brewing instantly. She knew Valiant wasn\ going to leave her side. ’’I\ll go with him,’’ she offered loudly. ’’I\ll go to New Species Reservation.’’ She shoved at Debra\s hands to halt her from bandaging her wrist and tried to climb off the gurney.

’’Now wait a minute,’’ Sheriff Cooper sputtered. ’’I need to interview you.’’

’’You can do it at Reservation.’’ Tammy gave a pleading look to the sheriff. ’’I\m scared and I\m staying with Valiant. Please don\ make a big deal out of this because I\ve been through enough tonight. Please? You can interview me all you want but just let me go with him.’’

The sheriff studied Valiant, his gaze roaming the big New Species before he sighed. ’’I\d think twice before trying to tangle with them. I see where you\d feel safer with him. I\ve seen the setup they have over there and you\d be better protected behind those patrolled walls than you\d be inside town. It\s actually a good idea. I don\ have the manpower to guard you from more threats or even those damn reporters. I need a statement soon if you go to Reservation.’’

Relief hit her. ’’Of course.’’

Valiant moved before Tammy could stand and lifted her into the cradle of his arms. Debra grabbed one of the sheets and moved forward to wrap Tammy\s lap and bare legs, winking at her.

’’Lucky bitch,’’ Debra whispered.

Tammy\s mouth almost dropped open. Debra winked again before turning away, muttering something under her breath that Tammy didn\ catch as she climbed into the ambulance. Tammy\s arms wrapped around Valiant\s neck and she noticed his smile.

’’What did she say? Did you hear?’’

His amused gaze met hers. ’’I have excellent hearing.’’ He moved his lips to her ear. ’’She said she\d enjoy my arms wrapped around her body and she mentioned she\d want her thighs wrapped around me too.’’

’’Oh.’’ Tammy blushed before the anger set in as a bit of jealousy struck. She glared at him, not enjoying his obvious amusement at what the paramedic had said.

Joy surged through Valiant when he watched anger flash in Tammy\s gaze. She cared that another female found him attractive and was interested in breeding with him. Her mouth was clamped into a firm, tense line. She kept silent though.

He resisted grinning but he wanted to. Tammy didn\ want other females to offer him their bodies. That had to mean she felt possessive of him. He\d take that as a good sign that he might be able to convince her to stay with him. He had a new weapon in his arsenal if he needed to fight to keep her at his side. He wouldn\ ever use it, she was the only female he wanted, but he was tempted to allow her to believe he might be interested in another.

As he stared into her eyes though he didn\ enjoy the sudden uncertainty he saw lurking there. Fear of rejection wasn\ something good or kind. It would be mean to her allow to think he wasn\ fully committed to her when there wasn\ a chance he\d ever chose another female over her. Of course that didn\ mean he couldn\ enjoy the warmth that her anger made him feel.

’’Do you think my attraction is so easily swayed?’’

She hesitated. ’’I don\ know.’’

Her honesty wasn\ welcomed at that moment. ’’You insult me. I\ve made my desire for you very clear. I have no interest in any other female.’’

’’I\m not looking my best right now and I feel a lot worse.’’

’’You\ve been through a lot and you\ e very brave.’’

’’Right. Sure. I wasn\ feeling it. I was terrified.’’

’’Did you stop talking?’’

’’No. You\ e the only one who has that effect on me.’’

A smile curved his lips.

’’You find that amusing?’’

’’A little. I affect you in ways no other does. It pleases me to hear that.’’

She rolled her eyes. ’’Great.’’


She met his gaze and he resisted the urge to kiss her. Her mouth tempted him. It would be as easy as lowering his head and capturing her lips. He didn\ give a damn if the humans surrounding them stared. He\d happily stake his claim on her in front of anyone, Species or human. He hesitated too long.


Valiant enjoyed when she smiled and hoped a little teasing would do the trick. He chuckled. ’’I only want your thighs wrapped around me so do not get angry.’’

Tammy glanced away and calmed. It was nice to hear Valiant say that. She didn\ know if she believed him since she believed most men were not monogamous. But again, Valiant wasn\ similar to any other man she\d ever met before. That\s the understatement of the year.

Tiger led the way and Valiant followed him to one of the Jeeps. There were a few more New Species with Tiger.

’’Miss Shasta!’’ The male reporter yelled to get her attention. ’’What happened? Where are you going with them? Who is the New Species holding you?’’

Tiger softly cursed. ’’Ignore them.’’

Valiant dropped into the passenger seat, keeping Tammy firmly on his lap. Tiger glanced at them and started the engine. ’’You know about seat belt laws, right? We\ e not on Reservation.’’

Valiant growled in response.

’’Fine. I don\ think we\ e going to be pulled over or anything but I thought I\d mention it.’’

’’I heard and we\ e fine.’’ Valiant cuddled her closer to his body. Tammy twisted her head to peer at Tiger. She shrugged and wrapped her arms tighter around Valiant. She turned back and rested her cheek against his warm chest. She felt safe. Tiger took the lead position of the five black vehicles as they drove to New Species Reservation.

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