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’’We\ e a possessive lot,’’ Tiger informed her softly.

’’Really?’’ Tammy rolled her eyes. ’’I never would have guessed.’’

The gate officer snorted. ’’Valiant\s got himself a human woman. I thought they were too fragile, Val.’’

Valiant growled at him and the gate officer to took a step back. ’’Just kidding.’’ He glanced at Tiger. ’’You know the rules. All incoming humans are to be searched. I need her out of the vehicle.’’

Valiant snarled again. ’’You won\ touch her.’’

Tiger intervened. ’’She doesn\ need to be searched. All she has on is Valiant\s sweater and...’’ his attention lowered to Tammy\s waist. ’’And a sheet with Valiant\s undershirt covering her panties. I\m vouching for her. I\m pretty sure Valiant already did a thorough search of her to make sure she wasn\ too injured. Is she carrying any weapons, Valiant?’’


The gate officer sighed. ’’Understood, fine, go on in, Tiger. I\ll make those calls to the hotel and the supply building to order her some clothing.’’

Tiger drove through the gates when they opened. He reached for his cell and dialed. ’’Hi, Slade. Valiant is requesting that Trisha come look at his girlfriend. I\m driving them to the hotel. She\s been injured.’’ He paused. ’’Human.’’ He paused again. ’’It\s a long story.’’ He listened for a few seconds. ’’Thanks.’’ He hung up.

’’Slade is bringing Trisha. He said he usually wouldn\ bring her out this late but there\s no way he\s missing out on seeing this.’’

Valiant flashed sharp teeth to show his displeasure. Tammy frowned at the unusual comment but decided to just let it go. She wasn\ sure she wanted the answers to the questions floating around in her head. She hadn\ been to this part of Reservation so she carefully studied her surroundings. She saw a small two-story building.

’’That\s the guest housing,’’ Tiger said. ’’It\s where visiting humans stay. There are six two-bedroom apartments inside. It used to be the staff housing when this place was a resort but we had it remodeled. Up ahead is the hotel where most of our people live when they are here. It was remodeled as well. It\s mostly one bedroom units but there are a few two and three bedroom suites. We\ e putting you up in one of them and you should be comfortable there. All meals are served by the cafeteria but yours will be brought to your rooms. You won\ be permitted to leave your suite without an escort. Do you have any questions?’’

More than a few, actually. ’’Why don\ you want me near other humans and why are we referred to in that manner? You are human too but you just have extra stuff that I don\ .’’

Tiger chuckled. ’’Extra stuff as in boy parts or extra stuff as in my changed DNA?’’

’’Your DNA.’’

’’We refer to your kind as human because we want to be called New Species. We\ve been set apart all our lives. It\s difficult for everyone, including us, to consider us just plain ole human. It wouldn\ be true anyway. We aren\ plain ole anything.’’

’’Thanks. Why can\ I leave the suite without an escort?’’

’’You\ e going to be living inside a building that is totally New Species and you\ll make some of them nervous. Most of us have a hard time trusting your kind. It will make them feel better if they see less of you and you\ll be safer. Some Species aren\ real keen on humans.’’

Valiant growled. ’’It might have had something to do with being locked up by them for most of our lives and dealing with the kind of men who took you tonight.’’

Tammy met his angry gaze ’’You sound as though you hate humans.’’ She bit her lip. ’’Does part of you hate me too because I\m not New Species?’’

He frowned at her. ’’I don\ hate you.’’


’’I can only think of two humans that I don\ hate and you are one of them.’’

’’Because you\ e attracted to me?’’

’’Because you are mine.’’

She blinked at him. ’’Why am I yours?’’

’’Just go with it,’’ Tiger sighed and said. ’’Trust me. It\s going to make about that much sense. He\s attracted to you, he likes you, and hell, I\d be happy enough not to question it. Remember the day you met him when he didn\ seem to like you? Compare the differences in your mind and I think I\ve made my point.’’

She nodded, staring at Valiant. ’’I definitely prefer you liking me.’’

He winked at her and the gesture made her gawk at him. She\d never expected him to do that and with his catlike eyes it was just startling. He frowned.

’’Did I do that wrong? I tried to put you at ease. You jumped and you have this expression on your face that I\ve never seen before. I can\ say it is attractive.’’

’’Don\ ever wink at me again.’’ She smiled. ’’Please?’’

’’What did I do wrong?’’

Tiger parked in front of the hotel. About fifteen New Species men and women walked outside, staring openly at them, and some faces were outright hostile. Tammy instantly felt ill at ease and clung to Valiant a little tighter. The women were tough-looking, tall, and muscular. She could totally see every one of them, both male and female, playing extras in a film where they portrayed vicious villains. Worst of all, they appeared downright furious to see her.

’’Tammy? What did I do wrong by winking at you?’’

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