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She forced her attention away from the large, mean-looking people glaring at her and turned her head to stare up at Valiant. ’’Wink at Tiger.’’

Valiant turned his head and winked again. Tiger laughed.

’’I\m with her. Don\ do that again. It just looks too weird on feline species. It looks good on humans but not so much on us.’’

Valiant sighed. ’’Fine. I won\ wink at you anymore.’’ He shifted his large body and stepped out of the Jeep with Tammy in his arms. He shifted her body easily, holding her tighter against his chest.

Fear inched up Tammy\s spine. She\d only met a few New Species but now she was surrounded by at least fifteen of them that she\d never seen and they appeared to be really irritated at her arrival. They blocked the double doors into the hotel and her fright increased along with her heart rate. She hated being afraid but couldn\ help it.

Tiger moved in front of Valiant and Tammy. ’’There\s nothing to see here. This is Tammy and she\s with Valiant. They are going to be staying at the hotel in one of the third-floor suites. She was attacked tonight by one of those hate groups that target us.’’

No one moved. Tammy shifted in Valiant\s arms, gripping him tighter. She would have made him put her down, if she were able, and stood behind him. He was definitely big enough to hide behind. Valiant\s arms tensed around her. She looked at him and saw he\d bared his teeth again. He glanced down at her.

’’Cover your ears right now.’’

She released his neck and lifted her hands to do as ordered as he took a deep breath. He glared at the men and women standing in their path and roared. Tammy turned her head to watch Tiger jump about two feet after being startled by the sound.

’’Move!’’ Valiant roared. ’’Now!’’

Tammy watched New Species scatter as Tiger laughed. Tammy wrapped her arms back around Valiant\s neck. Not even one person remained in the lobby when they walked inside as Tiger held open the doors.

’’Remind me to get you the next time I need to clear a room.’’ Tiger appeared highly amused. ’’I\ll grab the key to the suite and meet you at the elevator.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Valiant turned and stormed across the lobby.

No one was anywhere to be seen. Tammy wondered how fifteen people could just disappear that way, guessing they had to have run to get away from Valiant so fast.

Her gaze returned to the man cradling her inside his arms and studied his angry features, understanding how his people could be afraid of him. She\d never forget the day she\d met him and he\d left her utterly mute with terror. That wasn\ something anyone had ever been able to do in her entire life.

Chapter Seven

’’I\m taking a shower.’’ Tammy put her hands on her hips. ’’Move it.’’

Valiant growled softly at her. ’’Allow Trisha to take a look at you first. She should be here soon.’’

’’I want to get clean first. I can even smell me and I stink. I have,’’ she released her hip and touched her head, ’’things inside my hair, maybe even some live stuff, and I can\ stand it. I could be all nice and clean before the doctor gets here if you would get out of my way. I bet she would appreciate it. Now move.’’

’’You are hurt and limping. I will go inside the stall with you if you insist on showering.’’ He reached for the waistband of his jeans.

’’No!’’ She glared at him. ’’No way. Keep the pants on. Now, behave and stop ordering me around. I know you think I\m yours but let me tell you something. I don\ take orders well. I\m going to go shower alone and you are going to stay here. Now let me get past you.’’

He growled again but he stepped out of her path to the bathroom. ’’I don\ take orders well either.’’

’’I won\ order you around if you don\ order me around. That\s fair.’’ She stopped at the bathroom door. ’’Could you pretty please see if you can get me some clothes?’’

’’I will make a call and see if they can bring them now.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Tammy walked into the bathroom, flipped on the light, and closed the door. It had a lock so she pushed it.

’’Unlock that!’’ Valiant roared.

She clenched her teeth as she turned the knob, unlocking it, and yanked open the door. ’’Do you know how loud you are? It\s the middle of the night and I\m betting some people are probably trying to sleep. Could you please keep it down?’’

’’Don\ ever lock a door between us or I will break it down.’’

Her eyebrows lifted as she stared into his golden, exotic eyes, reminding her that he wasn\ completely human. She\d probably tell him off if he were a regular guy and said that to her. She\d have fled as quickly as possible thinking he was a fruitcake. Valiant didn\ think the way most guys did though.

’’You could get hurt if you fall and it would slow me from getting to you.’’

She took a calming breath at hearing his words. He\d just saved her life, she knew he had risked his life for hers, and he hadn\ had to come after her in the first place. Maybe he feared she\d faint or something. She could deal with his orders if they stemmed from worry. She wasn\ so sure that was the real reason but she was willing to go with it.

’’Fine. I won\ lock the door if you don\ come in.’’ She closed the door before he could say anything but she didn\ lock it again. She walked to a mirror and flinched.

’’Oh man,’’ she sighed. ’’I look horrible. Look what the cat dragged in.’’

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