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She instantly winced as soon as the last words passed her lips, realizing the bad pun. She glanced at the door, bit her lip, and hoped he hadn\ heard what she said. Her gaze returned to the mirror when he didn\ make any angry sounds she could hear. Thank goodness. He missed that slip. There\s another saying I have to forget. Cross off saying screwed and now all cat references.

Her hair was mangled, with dirt and dried leaves sticking out of it. She had dirt on her face and since she\d cried, cleaner lines tracked down her cheeks from her tears. The only truly clean spot was the cut, purple area where she\d hit the truck\s side mirror. The paramedics had cleaned it. She turned her head and saw the scratch wasn\ bad but the purple area was definitely going to turn some ugly colors over the next few days.

She eased the really large sweater off her body and dropped it onto the counter to study the rest of her body, nearly crying again. She had bruises forming on her hips, on one side of her ribs and on her shoulders where one of those kon***heads had shoved her down. She lifted her chin and uttered a nasty word. She could almost see a handprint under her chin in a forming bruise. Her gaze lowered to her tender br**sts and she clenched her teeth when she noticed the swollen appearance of her ni**les from them being nearly pinched off. Scratches marred her too from running and hitting things.

’’Are you all right?’’ Valiant spoke right against the door.

’’I\m just taking in the damage to my body and bitching to myself about it. I\m fine but mad.’’ She removed the bandages on her wrists so they wouldn\ get wet.

’’Can I come in?’’

’’No. I\ll hurry.’’ She spun away from the mirror and attempted to untie the diaper-like thing Valiant had made for her with his undershirt. She tried next to tug it down her body but softly cursed. He\d tied knots with the ripped material and she couldn\ get them undone.

’’Valiant? I do need some help.’’

She cupped her hands over her br**sts as the door suddenly opened before she could even finish speaking and he stepped inside the bathroom. His gaze locked immediately to her hands, filled with cle**age. Tammy bit her lip. Well, he might not resemble a regular man but he sure acts as if he\s one.

’’I can\ get this thing you fashioned for me off. The ties are too tight.’’

His gaze remained locked on to her cupped br**sts. She turned, presented him with her back, but stared over her shoulder to watch him. He frowned immediately, obviously not pleased she hid that view from him.

’’I need help with the diaper thing. I don\ need you staring holes into my boobs.’’

He grunted as he walked up behind her. Wow, he\s big, she once again noted, sure she\d never get used to staring up at a six-foot-six man. His focus lowered to her covered ass and his fingertips brushed her skin right at her waist when he slipped his fingers between the material and it.

’’I tried pushing it down but you tied it too tight and it won\ go down over my hipbones.’’

She heard the material tear as he sliced through the knots he\d made. It hit the floor to pool at her feet. She twisted a little, looking at his fingers and at the ruined T-shirt on the floor. She released her breast with one hand and grabbed at his finger. She was careful to grab him by his knuckle and avoided the sharp tip. She lifted his hand up to stare in shock at his thick fingernails. They weren\ really long but they were slightly pointed and obviously sharp enough to cut cloth.

’’You really should cut your nails down.’’

He grunted again.

She released his hand looked up at him. ’’Thank you.’’

His gaze drifted slowly down her body and he growled again. ’’I want you.’’

She stepped away fast toward the shower stall. ’’Thank you, but get out. I am going to get clean and isn\ that doctor coming?’’

She stepped over the tub rim and firmly closed the nearly clear shower doors between them. He made a purring noise when she bent over to turn on the water faucets. She adjusted the temperature, deciding to ignore him if he was determined to watch her through the door.

’’I need clothes, Valiant. Please?’’

’’Fine,’’ he agreed loudly but he sounded irritated since his voice came out deeper than usual, something she noticed he did when he became angry or aroused.

He quit the bathroom and Tammy relaxed. It amazed her that he wanted her in the messed-up condition she was in. She turned on the shower spray and was surprised when she glanced at the fully stocked shower shelves. She turned to stare.

She\d stayed at enough hotels to expect samples. The New Species gave the real deal. She examined the two kinds of shampoo, two kinds of conditioner and they even stocked full-sized body-soap dispensers. There were two razors one pink, one blue shaving cream and a pumice stone with a handle on it. She smiled over it. They really go all out for their guests.

She showered quickly and unfortunately found a cut on the back of her head when the shampoo made it burn. She shaved her legs with the pink razor, stalling a little on time so she wasn\ alone with Valiant too long before the doctor arrived. She knew he wanted her and she wasn\ certain how to handle that.

She dried off and wrapped a towel around her head and another around her body. She stood there a second and sighed. She was clean and she couldn\ hide inside the bathroom forever. She opened the bathroom door and gripped the towel tightly as she stepped into the bedroom.

’’Did someone find me any clothes yet?’’

Tammy froze instantly upon seeing that Valiant wasn\ alone inside the room anymore. She stared at the large New Species male and the smaller female with long blonde hair. The woman was human and obviously pregnant. Three pairs of eyes met her surprised ones.

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