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’’Thanks for the warning,’’ Tammy whispered back. Her gaze lowered to Trisha\s stomach. ’’I bet you and your husband are really happy. Is this your first baby?’’

The woman touched her stomach with a grin and her voice rose loudly when she spoke. ’’I\m not married. The guy knocked me up and just took off on me.’’

A growl sounded from the hallway and someone knocked on the door. ’’Is she decent? I\m coming in.’’

Trisha winked at Tammy. ’’Come on in, Slade.’’

Slade looked furious as he shot a glare at Trisha. Valiant followed at his heels. Trisha chuckled.

’’I was just telling Tammy about my baby.’’ She tapped her stomach.

’’When are you going to have the baby?’’ Tammy gripped her towel tightly around her body, trying not to feel too weird that Slade was inside the room.

The woman hesitated. ’’I\m not really sure. I\ll find out whenever he decides to be born.’’

Tammy let that sink in. ’’I meant when is your due date?’’

The woman hesitated again. ’’I\m five months pregnant.’’

Tammy\s gaze dropped to the doctor\s protruding stomach again. ’’Wow. Are you sure you aren\ carrying twins? One of my friends is eight months pregnant and she...’’ Tammy closed her mouth and blushed. ’’I\m sorry. You aren\ big or anything. I just realized how that must sound. It\s just that you are so small and your tummy looks as if you\ e more pregnant. I―’’

Trisha burst into laughter. ’’Stop! I\m not insulted or offended. I know I\m huge and look as though I\m ready to pop. The father is a big guy and the baby is too.’’

Tammy was happy she hadn\ offended her. ’’Do you even speak to the father? You really should force him to pay child support. Kids are really expensive these days.’’

Slade growled again. Trisha laughed. ’’We worked things out and he realized he was a bonehead for leaving me. I\m going to make him marry me. I love the jerk a hell of a lot but he\s kind of thick-headed, you know? I brought up marriage just a few weeks ago and he said it wasn\ necessary since we were already a family.’’

’’Men.’’ Tammy shook her head. ’’They just don\ get it.’’

Trisha grinned. ’’All too true. I\m thinking of going on a se* strike.’’

Tammy smiled at her. ’’That might work. You could also tell him that, if he won\ marry you, someone else will. You\ e beautiful. I\m sure another man would be happy to if he\s not smart enough to seal the deal.’’

Slade growled again. Tammy glanced at him with concern. Her gaze flashed to Trisha. ’’Is he all right?’’

Trisha handed Tammy a bottle of pills. ’’He gets cranky when he gets woken up but he\ll be fine. I\ll send him to the guestroom when we get back to where I\m staying and he can take a nap. It was nice meeting you, Tammy. Have Valiant call me if you need anything. Maybe one day this week I can bring lunch. It will be nice to talk to another woman.’’

Tammy grinned. ’’I\d enjoy that if I\m still here. Thank you again, Trisha. It was really nice meeting you.’’

Trisha turned to study Tammy. ’’By the way, Tiger interfered with you making a statement tonight. The sheriff is going to come back in the morning. I hope that\s all right but I told him you would need rest. I asked him to tell the sheriff that you\d been given pain medication already and he will be back at nine in the morning to interview you.’’

’’That\s great. Thank you. I am kind of done in.’’

Trisha stopped next to Valiant. ’’She\s got some bad bruising. Be nice to her and make sure she gets plenty of rest. She needs two pain pills every four to six hours, depending on how much pain she is in. Have her eat before taking them.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Valiant hesitated before he opened his arms.

Trisha laughed as she hugged him. ’’You\ e learning.’’

He stepped back. ’’It\s not so bad. You still smell nice.’’

These people are just weird. Tammy watched as the woman left the bedroom. Her security officer suddenly slapped the woman on her ass when he stepped into the hallway with her. Trisha jumped, turned her head, and laughed up at the large man following her before they moved out of sight. Tammy gawked after them. Valiant moved suddenly, blocking her line of vision.

’’Did her security guy just slap her butt?’’

Valiant smiled. ’’Yes.’’

Tammy shook her head. ’’Her boyfriend might not like him doing that.’’

Valiant shrugged, grinning. ’’I don\ think he\d object. He and Slade are very close.’’ He laughed.

Tammy let that one slide, not wanting to ask questions that were too nosey. ’’Did I get clothes yet?’’

’’They are in the other room.’’

’’Could you bring them in to me, please?’’

’’You don\ need them.’’ Valiant moved to the bed and threw back the blankets. ’’Drop the towel and get into bed. It\s late and you need sleep. I will get you a glass of water to take your pills. Have you eaten tonight or should I have some food brought to you?’’

’’I ate.’’ She hesitated. ’’Could you at least turn around?’’

He turned. Tammy dropped the towel and climbed into the bed. She pulled up the covers to her shoulders. ’’All in.’’

Valiant walked toward the bathroom. He returned with a glass of water. Tammy still held the pill bottle. She took out two pain pills and swallowed them down with the drink. Valiant set the glass down on the nightstand by the bed.

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