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’’Is she married?’’ Tiger asked.

’’No.’’ Ted hesitated. ’’Now wait a minute. Don\ look relieved as if something is going to happen between them. Get her out of there.’’

Tammy stared at the New Specie\s profile. He didn\ want to end her life. He wanted to breed with her. She was still in shock. She let her gaze take in the huge man-beast from head to knee and shivered. She\d been horrible with math in high school but she knew enough to do the mathematics of this one.

The guy seemed to be nearly two of her in sheer size and there was no way a physical relationship would be possible between them. And besides that What in the hell am I thinking? She wanted to scream for help again but nothing came out of her mouth. I\m screwed! NO! Don\ say that. Find a new saying. I\m in deep shit. Yeah. That\s better. Don\ even think anything about screwed or screwing, considering.

’’I can\ ,’’ Tiger explained. ’’He\ll protect her if one of us tries to get close to them. Think of a really mean animal protecting his favorite toy. Well, that\s about what we have here.’’

Tiger remained silent for a full minute. No one spoke. He finally must have decided on a new approach when he began to speak again.

’’Valiant? I can find someone willing to take her place. You have to let her go. She\s not Species, she\s human, and you\d break her. Look how little she is. She\s puny, a real runt of a female, and you know you don\ want her. I realize she smells pretty good to you and hell, I noticed right off the bat that she\s attractive, but again, she\s human. We had some sodas together a few weeks back and discussed how frail they are. We don\ do them, remember? Just back away from her and I\ll call our females. One of them would be more than happy to come out here to take her place if you\ e in the mood to get frisky. Sound good, man? Work with me here.’’

’’Mine,’’ Valiant growled.

’’F*k.’’ Tiger groaned. ’’Where is that tranquilizer gun? We\ e going to need it fast.’’

’’I\m coming, Tammy,’’ Ted shouted.

’’Don\ ,’’ Tiger yelled. ’’He\ll tear you apart.’’

’’Well, do something,’’ Ted demanded. ’’I won\ stand here just watching her be raped by that...that...person.’’

Valiant turned his head. His face was a foot from Tammy\s. She stared into his eyes. At close range they were amazingly beautiful. She saw swirls of color inside them that resembled spun, melted gold. His eyelashes were very thick, reddish orange, and long. On his hands and knees, he stood face level with Tammy, kneeling on the grass. His mouth was closed, his sharp teeth hidden, as he inhaled again. A soft sound came from his throat, a deep purr. He blinked at her while inching closer.

Move, damn it. She ordered her body to fall back, do something, but it didn\ listen. He reached up with one of his large hands and she saw his fingernails. They were thicker than normal, almost pointed, but with normal-sized, human-looking nail beds. He moved very slowly as his rough-feeling fingertips brushed her long hair back away from her cheek. His fingers caressed her face. The tips of his fingers were calloused. Goose bumps rose on her body and it was a weird but good kind of feeling. His hand cleared all her hair over her shoulder before it moved lower to cup her waist.

’’Beautiful,’’ he rumbled softly. ’’So beautiful.’’

She swallowed. ’’Tha ’’ Her voice broke. ’’Thank you,’’ she got out in a whisper.

She wasn\ sure what he thought was attractive about her. Was it her long hair or her face? She\d been told that she had beautiful blue eyes. Whatever it was that he found appealing, she was just grateful she\d finally found her voice. It wasn\ much since she seemed to only be able to breathe out words but she hoped now that it worked, she might manage an ear-splitting scream if the need arose. She had a bad feeling it would be soon if this guy wanted to have se* with her.

He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. ’’You smell so good. Strawberries and honey. I love those.’’ He made another soft rumble deep within his throat. His eyes opened. ’’Don\ be afraid. I wouldn\ ever hurt you, Tammy.’’ He shifted his big body closer.

Heart pounding, Tammy closed her eyes when his hair brushed her face and she stiffened as his cheek brushed against hers. His skin felt hot and his warm breath fanned over her neck, which he\d bared when he\d cleared the area of her hair.

What is he doing now? Some of her fear eased since he\d sworn he wasn\ going to hurt her and he hadn\ so far. Scared the hell out of me, yes, but he hasn\ done anything painful. She jumped a little when he licked her where her neck and shoulder met.

’’Uh,’’ she got out but shut up. The feeling was unlike anything she\d ever experienced. His tongue had a slightly sandy texture but not gritty or abrasive. Shivers shook her body and somehow it seemed oddly erotic. His sharp teeth lightly brushed her skin next, creating another oddly seductive sensation.

’’Shush,’’ he breathed the word, as his tongue and teeth left her. ’’I\m not going to hurt you.’’

’’What is he doing to her?’’ Ted\s voice rose with alarm. ’’Make him stop.’’

’’Where is that tranquilizer gun?’’ Marcy spoke.

’’Everyone, shut up,’’ Tiger demanded. ’’He isn\ hurting her and we\ e going to anger him. He\s got his hands on her so just be quiet.’’

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