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Her body shook as Valiant slowly eased inside her, pushing forward, forcing her vaaa**l walls to stretch to admit him. She moaned at the wonderful sensation of being filled. She wasn\ sure she could stand the intensity of it with her cl**ax still vibrating through her body but he didn\ give her a choice as he sank deeper into her. A thrill of arousal surprised her. She hadn\ realized how much it turned her on to feel helpless while he remained totally in control.

Her cl*t was a little oversensitive after what he\d done to her but he didn\ give her time to recover. His hand on her hip slid on her skin to wrap around her waist. His other hand grabbed her breast and squeezed. She cried out in surprise at how sensitive her ni**les were from their earlier abuse. He didn\ pinch though, instead his fingers massaged the mound he gripped.

’’Sensitive,’’ she panted.

He released it instantly and gripped her h*ps with both hands. He withdrew almost totally from her pu**y but slowly slid back inside, deep. She moaned, encouraging him as he worked his c**k in and out of her, made her take him a little deeper each time. He suddenly released her hip with one hand and dropped it onto the mattress to brace his upper body as he curled around her. His h*ps slammed against her ass as he seemed to lose control. He pounded into her fast, hard and deep. Snarls tore from his throat to match her panted cries of pleasure.

Tammy lost the ability to think. The feeling of him inside her had to be the best sensation in the world, even superior to his tongue licking her until she came. She enjoyed every rock-hard inch of him hammering in and out of her pu**y while she made sounds she\d never made before.

Valiant\s grip around her waist changed and he slid his thumb between her vaaa**l lips, pressed the side of it against her cl*t and f**ked her harder. The rubbing sensation against her already oversensitive, swollen cl*t became too much.

Another orgasm built, her inner muscles tightened around his driving c**k and it blew her mind when pleasure tore through her again. She screamed his name, cl**axing hard, and Valiant roared from his own release. His h*ps ground against her ass, he buried his c**k into her deep and heat spread inside her as he kept coming. Valiant groaned softly with each jerk his body experienced as his se**n shot into her, until he fell over on the bed with her still locked in his arms.

Tammy panted, her eyes closed, and a smile curved her lips while her inner muscles gripped Valiant still, clenching around his shaft. He snuggled closer, kissed the curve of her shoulder and that was last thing she remembered.

Valiant held Tammy close, wrapped his body tighter around hers to spoon her in front of him, and ran his fingers along her skin to make sure she wasn\ chilled. Her breathing had slowed, he knew she\d fallen asleep, and he tried not to feel guilty. She\d been through a lot but he couldn\ regret taking her.

She\s mine and I\m never allowing her to leave me. I couldn\ survive without her. That realization slammed home. The woman in his arms meant that much to him. She did the one thing that some of the meanest, cruelest humans he\d ever dealt with hadn\ been able to do. He suddenly knew terror at the thought of losing something that mattered so much to him. His arms tightened around her and he swore he\d show her she belonged with him.

He\d make her happy, feed her, fill her every need and she\d have to see how much she meant to him. He nuzzled her wet hair, enjoying having her so close.

He\d show her that he was the right male for her. A good protector, a lover who would see to her pleasure, and he wanted to make her smile all the time. He loved it when she laughed, the way her blue eyes sparkled, and the sound was infectious. It made him happy. She made him happy.

I can\ lose her. I just can\ .

Chapter Eight

That feels so good, was Tammy\s first thought. She smiled, having the best dream ever, where she lay on her side with a big, hot body pressed along her back. Someone nipped her shoulder and a hot, wonderful tongue teased the spot. She shivered, warm breath tickling her skin as teeth gently raked across it, creating an erotic jolt through her body. She moaned.

A hand slid from her hip to the inside of her thigh, gripped it, and spread her legs when it was lifted. She groaned from pleasure as a hard, thick c**k teased her clit, then lowered enough to enter her pu**y in one slow, fluid thrust. She grabbed at the arm connected to the hand that held her leg, just for something to cling to.

Valiant slid into her deeper and a se*y purr rumbled from his mouth next to her ear. He started to f**k her slowly and she moaned louder. The hand gripping her leg adjusted it higher and she hooked her foot behind his thigh. He released his grip to trail his hand along her inner thigh to her cl*t where his fingertips drew circles over the swelling bud. She threw her head back against Valiant\s chest and bucked her h*ps to meet his thrusts.

I\m not dreaming. It feels too good not to be real. Tammy opened her eyes. She moaned and her nails dug into the sheets and his skin where she gripped his upper arm. Valiant shifted his leg between hers to drive into her pu**y a little deeper and kept up the slow, steady rhythm that began to drive her mindless. Her breathing grew choppy and her ni**les hardened. Her body tensed and bucked against him more frantically, seeking release.

’’Faster,’’ she begged.

’’Not yet,’’ he growled.

Tammy gripped the bed hard to get a good hold on the sheet and moved her hips, shoving back at Valiant. He groaned as he slid into her harder and faster. His finger matched his hips, sliding over her bundle of nerves rapidly, applying more pressure. He knew exactly what she needed while his c**k pounded inside her and he manipulated her cl*t to make her come.

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