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Tammy\s muscles tightened, the ecstasy became so intense it was nearly too much, and she screamed, jerking violently against Valiant with him deeply buried inside her pu**y as the cl**ax tore through her.

Valiant roared. His hand left her cl*t and he gripped her hip. His h*ps jerked, his body tensed and he seemed to turn to stone behind her as every muscle in his body tightened. He suddenly relaxed as his cl**ax ended.

She smiled as warmth spread through her from his release, amazed she could feel him jetting into her body when she\d never experienced that sensation with other men. Each time, he shivered a little and pulled her tighter into his embrace. It was soothing when his heat poured into her after making love to him. She smiled. Valiant bit her shoulder.

Tammy yelped. ’’Hey. Watch the teeth.’’

Valiant licked where his teeth had just marked her skin without breaking it. ’’Sorry.’’

She turned her head to stare at the man who always gave her such intense se* and decided that he looked se*y in the morning. His hair was messed up, his wild mane fuller, and he had a lazy, happy glint in his beautiful eyes. They really did remind her of melted gold and it was absolutely stunning. There were swirls of different shades of shiny yellows when she studied his irises up close. He had a gaze she could happily stare into forever.

’’What did you bite me for?’’ She wasn\ upset but curious.

’’It was for passing out on me last night. I wanted to...’’ He paused. ’’Make love to you again but you were dead to the world.’’

’’I was tired. You blew me away, se*y.’’

His eyebrows arched and he frowned. ’’I don\ understand. Isn\ that a human term for shooting someone? I thought you enjoyed the se*. You seemed to. I made certain to please you.’’

She laughed. ’’I didn\ quite mean it that way. I meant it in the \you blew my mind\ way.’’

He smiled. ’’I see. I enjoy waking to take you first thing. I think we should do this every morning.’’

’’I could live with that.’’ She grinned at him. ’’And I wouldn\ mind going to bed every night, the way we did last night, on a regular basis either.’’

’’I can do it. We are known for our strength and endurance. Stamina. I have a lot of that. My se* drive is very active. I\m always ready to mount you.’’

She stared at him, realizing he meant it. ’’How active?’’

He studied her face. ’’I crave se* every day, seven days a week, every day of the year. I could do it more. We could go to bed after meals and stay in bed until the next time we eat. Do you want to do it again?’’

She gaped at him. ’’I wouldn\ survive that. You\d have to bury me if we stayed in bed every day of the year and only stopped ha**ng s*x for sleeping and meals. I\m only human, Valiant. You\d kill me.’’

His hand slid to her breast, cupping it. ’’I could revive you.’’

She tensed but realized her nipple no longer hurt. His caress was very gentle and it actually felt good. ’’Okay. I\d never walk again.’’

He chuckled and eased his big body away from her, slowly withdrawing his still-stiff shaft from her pu**y. ’’You are fragile. I have to remember that. I don\ want to break you.’’ He completely released her and climbed off the bed. ’’I already made you pass out. I should feed you.’’

’’I am starving.’’ She sat up and glanced at the clock by the bed. ’’Wow. It\s already eight o\clock.’’

Valiant glanced at her. ’’Is that relevant?’’

’’I\m supposed to talk to the sheriff at nine, remember? That barely leaves me time to shower and get ready before I have to give him a statement.’’

’’You will eat. You can shower while I order the food. He can interview you while you eat or he can wait until you are done.’’ Valiant\s eyes narrowed. ’’You need lots of food. You are small and need more of it until you grow bigger and sturdier.’’

She stared at him. ’’As in fattening me up? Is that what you want? To make me plump?’’

He grinned. ’’I don\ make deals with witches if any exist. I have no plans to fatten you up so I can toss you into an oven to eat you.’’

’’What is it with you and fairy tales? You know them. I thought I was the only weird one who did that.’’ She laughed.

He hesitated. ’’I was told the stories a lot when I was young. My caretaker said I could learn many things from them. I memorized them all.’’

Part of her heart broke for Valiant. She climbed out of bed without hesitation and walked right up to him. She threw her arms around him, hugging him hard. Valiant hesitated before his strong arms came around her to clutch her tightly to him. They stood by the bedroom door, naked, holding each other.

’’Why are we hugging? Are you thanking me for great se*?’’

’’No,’’ she laughed. ’’I\m hugging you because...’’ She didn\ want to admit she\d felt sorry for his sad childhood. ’’Because I wanted to hold you. I enjoy being in your arms.’’

His hold tightened. ’’You can hold me any time you want, Tammy.’’

She hugged him for a long minute before she eased back to smile up at him. ’’I\m going to jump in the shower. I need clothes to wear.’’

’’I was on my way to get them. I\ll be right back.’’

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the water in the shower and stepped in. A contented sigh broke from her lips as the heated water ran over her body. She reached for the shampoo. Seconds later a na**d Valiant opened the shower door and stepped into the stall with her. Tammy laughed, backing up to make room for him.

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