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She blinked. ’’I was sleeping until just a little while ago. I\ll call Tim first chance I get.’’

Sheriff Cooper stood. ’’Well, I better get going. I have four of my deputies with me. We\ e here to collect two of your attackers. The third had to be moved to a hospital in Sherver. He survived surgery.’’

Tammy stood and hugged Sheriff Cooper. ’’Thank you for everything. Especially for thinking to call the New Species to help find me.’’

’’I\m glad I did the right thing. It was all I could think to do. Once a person goes missing, the longer they are gone, the less chances of finding them alive. I promised your grandma on her deathbed that I\d look out for you like my own family.’’

Tammy walked the sheriff to the door where his escort waited. Valiant walked up behind her. The second the door closed, Valiant held out a glass of water and two pain pills. She swallowed them and handed the glass back to him. He slammed it onto the nearest table, spun, grabbed her and lifted her off her feet. Tammy gasped, staring at him as he curled her against his chest. He headed for the bedroom.

’’Put me down.’’

He ignored her request. ’’You spoke to that man, you ate, took your pills, and now I get to take you to bed. That was the deal.’’

’’It was.’’ She laughed as he tossed her onto the bed.

Valiant gripped her cotton pants and pulled them down her legs. Her panties were quickly removed. He crouched over her on the bed, grinning. ’’I get to lick you now.’’

The doorbell chimed. Valiant\s humor instantly vanished, anger tightened his features and he snarled. ’’Ignore it.’’

Tammy hesitated. ’’But...’’

His hands gripped her thighs, spread them wider, and he lowered his head. Tammy fell back against the mattress, digging her fingernails into the sheets, no longer caring who was at the door as his mouth fastened over her clit. He nuzzled his face tighter between her thighs, rapidly tonguing her cl*t in strong flicks that instantly made all thought leave her head. He growled against her.

’’I love when you vibrate,’’ she moaned.

Valiant purred, vibrating more. The sensation became so good she could barely stand it, her thighs tightened around his head and his strong hands forced them apart again. He held her immobile until all she could do was arch her back and cry out her pleasure. In minutes Tammy screamed his name, twitching under his mouth, as she came hard.

He lifted his head away and dragged her limp body toward him at the edge of the bed. Her eyes opened and she peered at him where he knelt on the carpet. Valiant\s eyes were narrowed, his beautiful gaze intense and filled with passion. He released her when her butt nearly slid off the edge of the mattress and gently placed her feet on the carpet to keep her from slumping to the floor.

He didn\ look away from her gaze as he tore open the front of his pants, shoved them down his legs, bent to completely remove them, and kicked them away. He leaned down, grabbed her hips, and rolled her over onto her stomach.

Valiant bent her over the mattress. He used his feet to gently urge her thighs apart. She spaced her knees and he crowded in behind her. She moaned as his c**k nudged her pu**y and slowly pressed inside, parting her vaaa**l walls.

’’Mine,’’ he growled as his big body curled around her and his arms braced his upper body from crushing hers under him.

’’Yes,’’ she moaned, gripping his hands on the bed next to her. ’’God yes.’’

Valiant tensed for a second but began to rock his h*ps against her ass to drive his c**k into her harder and deeper. He moved his legs to the outside of hers, lowering his h*ps to f**k her at a new angle and Tammy urged him on with soft moans and pleas to move faster.

He felt incredible to her, every hard inch awakening and stroking wonderful nerve endings that drove her pleasure higher and higher until she knew she was about to come again. Her vaaa**l muscles clamped around him and she screamed his name as it happened.

A roar tore from his throat. Tammy clung to his hands as he drove into her the last time, still cl**axing around him, and loving the warm heat spreading from his release. He collapsed over her to pin her tighter under his body but he made sure she could still breathe.

’’We should do this after every breakfast,’’ he said and chuckled next her ear.

She smiled, turned her head, and met his gaze. ’’I could take a nap.’’

He hesitated. ’’I would take one with you but I have to see what our company wants first. They are waiting in the other room.’’

Her mouth fell open. ’’What?’’ She tried to push him up but he was too heavy over her back and didn\ budge. He grinned at her.

’’We have company in the other room. They are probably waiting for both of us.’’

Tammy twisted her head the other way. The bedroom door stood wide open. She frantically shoved at Valiant. ’’Get off. Damn it, why didn\ you tell me? They could have walked in here and seen us!’’

Valiant shrugged, seemed unconcerned, and separated their bodies. He rose to his feet and strode to the bedroom door. ’’We\ll be out in a minute.’’ He slammed it closed and turned to face her.

Tammy shot him a glare as she grabbed her discarded pants and underwear, trying to put them on quickly as she sat on the edge of the bed. ’’You knew someone came into our rooms and you just ignored it? What if they walked in here? What if they\d seen Hell, anything we\ve been doing?’’

His arms crossed over his chest, and he appeared highly amused. ’’I would have killed them for disturbing us.’’

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