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She yanked her shirt down her body from where it had ridden up when Valiant had been riding her. She smirked at that thought. ’’You go out there. I\m hiding in here. They had to have heard everything.’’

’’They probably heard us two floors away or more and definitely on this entire floor.’’

Her mouth dropped open. ’’Seriously?’’

’’Yes. We have good hearing.’’ He looked really happy about it too.

’’Damn it, Valiant. That\s not funny. You mean to tell me every time we have se*, everyone probably on two or three floors knows what we\ e doing?’’

’’You scream my name and I can\ stop from voicing how good you make me feel.’’

Tammy remained sitting on the bed, not sure her knees would hold her weight at that moment as shock rolled through her. She put her hands over her face. ’’I can never face anyone again. That\s so embarrassing.’’

Hands suddenly grabbed her as he yanked her to her feet. Tammy\s head jerked up. She stared in shock at Valiant\s enraged expression. His hands weren\ hurting her but he had a firm hold on her.

’’Do I embarrass you?’’He snarled the words.

’’No!’’ It horrified her that he\d come to that conclusion.

’’Does it embarrass you that others know you enjoy being touched by me and having me inside you?’’

’’No! Don\ think that way. How can you even say that? I wanted to come here with you. I\m from a small town, Valiant. Fifteen minutes after I demanded to stay with you, agreed to allow you to carry me off in one of your Jeeps, my entire town knew about us. I\m not ashamed to be with you one bit. I\m embarrassed because it\s just uncomfortable to think that everyone can hear us having se*. That\s kind of private and personal.’’

His expression relaxed and his hold on her arms gentled until he barely touched her. ’’Yes. I\m sorry I got the wrong impression.’’

’’What you got was pissed. You were livid with me. You do not embarrass me, Valiant. I\m not ashamed to be with you. I am really attracted to you. I...’’ she softly cursed. ’’I really am drawn to you deeply and I don\ give a rat\s ass what someone else thinks about that if they aren\ happy with it. Are we clear?’’

’’Yes.’’ He swallowed hard, his expression softening. ’’I was so angry because it hurt me very deeply to believe you didn\ want anyone to know about me and you. I know humans hate us and the idea of you thinking less of me for not being human hurt.’’

Something inside her chest broke a little for him. It tore her up that she\d mistakenly hurt his feelings and made him unsure of where he stood with her. She pulled out of his arms, glanced at the bed, and gripped his arm to balance her weight when she stepped up onto the mattress. She turned, released his arm, and met his surprised look at her new position of being slightly taller than him.

’’You\ e just so tall. It\s hard to do this otherwise. Step closer to me.’’

He didn\ hesitate. He moved to stand before her. Tammy gripped his cheeks and bent enough to go nose to nose with him. She stared into his exotic eyes, loving them and probably loving him too. She pushed that concept back, not wanting to go there at that moment. Falling in love with him as deeply as she suspected she was would complicate her life beyond imagination.

’’I am not ashamed of you. You are better than any human man I\ve ever met, Valiant. A thousand times over. You\ e incredibly sweet to me, you always seem to want to take care of me, even though I\m not sure about fattening me up.’’ She grinned. ’’And the se* is amazing. You\ e smart, caring, and while some things about you drive me nuts, such as how aggressive you can be, I kind of like it. I actually really like it when you get all possessive. I don\ care who knows we\ e seeing each other. I just don\ want anyone seeing me na**d besides you. Okay?’’

His arms wrapped around her waist to pull her flat against his body. ’’I\d beat them senseless if they did. They fear me, but you never should. I will never hurt you, Tammy.’’

’’I believe that.’’ She did. ’’We probably should go see who is waiting in the other room.’’

’’Let them wait. I want to hold you right now.’’

She nodded and released his face to wrap her arms around his neck, her face buried in the curve of his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms around her to cling tighter to her. Tammy wrapped her legs around his waist. He held her entire weight easily the guy was a breathing tank on legs. She grinned.

Valiant slid his arm lower to hook Tammy under her ass to make sure she didn\ release him any time soon. He breathed in her scent, his eyes closed now, and nuzzled her hair. She hadn\ said she loved him but he could find patience for her.

He refrained from stating they were doing more than seeing each other. She was his mate, his other half, and now a part of his soul. He loved her. It was a new emotion but he wasn\ afraid to admit it. She warmed him inside, made him happy, and having her against his body was just right. Perfect. They fit despite their size difference. She was wonderful to him in every way.

Except she\s too small. I need to feed her more. He smiled.

He remembered when he\d entered her wondrous body and told her she was his. He\d told her ’’mine’’ and she\d said yes. His grin widened. She\d actually said ’’God yes’’. She\d brought her religious faith into it. That had to mean she had been completely honest and sincere. Hope turned into joy. Tammy was his. His hugged her a little tighter.

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