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She didn\ protest and he knew then he\d be able to keep her forever.

Chapter Nine

’’Okay. Now let\s go face whoever is in the other room.’’ Tammy smiled at Valiant after he lowered her back to her feet.

’’It\s Slade and Trisha. They brought Brass with them.’’

Valiant smiled when he stepped back from her. He held out his hand that Tammy accepted, opened the door, and they walked together down the hallway. Trisha, Slade, and a New Species man waited inside the living room, sitting on the couch and on a chair. The men looked amused. Trisha just smiled.

’’What do you want?’’ Valiant glared at Slade. ’’We had to get dressed. We would be taking a nap right now if it weren\ for you being here.’’

A grin spread across Slade\s face and his blue eyes sparkled. ’’Trisha wanted to talk to both of you. She was tired last night and says she didn\ think about it. She demanded we come over here right now.’’

Valiant glanced at the other man. ’’Hello, Brass. What are you doing here?’’

’’I\m with them.’’ He studied Tammy and winked.

A growl tore from Valiant as he instantly moved, released her hand and took a threatening step toward the other New Species. He\d put his body in front of Tammy\s, blocking Brass from seeing her.

’’Do not look at her and do not flirt.’’ Valiant snarled louder. ’’Mine!’’

’’Wow, and I thought you were possessive,’’ Trisha muttered. She stood. ’’Calm down, Valiant. Brass didn\ mean anything by that facial twitch. He winks at everyone. Even men. I need to have a private discussion with you two.’’ She paused. ’’Inside the bedroom.’’

’’But―’’ Slade protested.

Trisha spun to face him. ’’Enough. I know you guys wouldn\ give a damn what is discussed in front of you about any topic under the sun but she\s a woman. I wouldn\ want to have this conversation in front of two men I don\ know. Now please sit back down and work more on that patience or lack of issue you have.’’ She turned back around to meet Tammy\s shocked stare. ’’You, me, and Valiant need to have a talk.’’

’’Just tell us whatever you need to say.’’ Valiant crossed his arms over his chest. ’’The faster its out, the faster you leave, and I can take Tammy to bed for a nap.’’

Tammy sighed, stepping from behind him. ’’He does that arm-crossing thing a lot. Valiant has spoken. Subject over.’’ She glanced up at his face and grinned at his threatening expression, which he seemed to use to intimidate others. ’’Do what he says or get glared at.’’

Trisha laughed. ’’They all do that. It\s a New Species thing. It\s adorable, isn\ it?’’

Tammy wasn\ sure she\d go that far but as she glanced up at the scowl on Valiant\s face as he regarded the doctor, she refrained from laughing. Her focus returned to Trisha.

Trisha edged around Valiant and took Tammy\s arm. ’’Trust me. This is a talk we should have in private.’’

’’Let\s go into the bedroom. He\ll follow.’’ Tammy led the way.

Trisha took a seat on a chair and her hands gently massaged her extended belly. Tammy grabbed the comforter off the floor and tossed it over the messed-up sheets. She tried not to feel embarrassed about the state of the bed. It was obvious that they\d had se* on it recently. Valiant stood by the door doing his New Species thing. She smiled as she looked away from him, sitting on the edge of the bed near Trisha.

’’I don\ want to embarrass anyone,’’ Trisha explained softly. ’’But I now know for sure that you two are having se*ual intercourse.’’ She kept eye contact with Tammy. ’’Are you on the Pill?’’

Tammy shook her head. ’’No.’’

Trisha glanced at Valiant. ’’Have you been using condoms?’’

He snorted. ’’Never.’’

Tammy winced. ’’I see where you\ e going with this. Okay. Last year I dated this ass**le and he cheated on me.’’ She refused to glance at Valiant. ’’I found out and flipped out. I immediately got in to see my gynecologist. I was terrified he might have given me something. We used condoms but not for everything. I had my doctor run every test, it all came back clean, and six months ago she retested me. I\m venereal disease free. I\d be happy to allow you to examine me and run tests if you\ e worried I might give Valiant something.’’

Trisha\s mouth opened and closed. ’’That\s good to know but they don\ catch venereal diseases easily. They are different enough that most of the common ones won\ transfer to them. They have a really tough immune system that would attack most of them anyway.’’

’’That\s good to know.’’ Tammy smiled. ’’I figured it was fine. I mean, I kind of got that Valiant hadn\ slept around much by things he\s said.’’

Trisha blinked a few times. ’’He could get you pregnant.’’

Tammy let the words sink in and shook her head. ’’That can\ be right. I mean, I watch the news. They are always discussing how New Species are sterile. They can\ have children. The testing facilities purposely made them that way. It\s a well-known fact.’’

’’Do you believe everything you hear on the news?’’ Trisha sighed. ’’Forget that question. It\s not general knowledge. It\s actually classified information that only New Species, or in this case, women who are having unprotected se* with them need to know. You fall under that category since you\ e not on the Pill or taking other preventative measures. You needed to be told of the risk of pregnancy.’’

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