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The sound of a vehicle approaching broke the silence. A growl tore from the lips next to Tammy\s neck. The sound made her eyes fly open and she whimpered, staring at his sharp teeth, which he bared as his head turned to glare at the source of noise. The hand cupping her waist tightened but it didn\ hurt.

She gasped suddenly as his other arm curled around her back at her middle. In a blur of motion he stood, easily hauled Tammy to her feet with him, and jerked her tight against the front of his body, keeping his arm around her.

Tammy stared up at the much taller man who held her against him with his strong arm. Her legs turned to rubber, collapsing, but his hold on her was enough to keep her locked against his big, solid body. The guy was terrifyingly powerful.

He glared at something over the top of her head. He had a really angry expression and suddenly another roar broke from his lips, loud enough to hurt her ears. She saw his sharp, white teeth flash again as he snarled, and he lifted her higher against his chest when he yanked her completely off her feet. He held her there, her body dangling above the ground, and he fled the yard.

Mine. The thought wouldn\ leave Valiant\s head. It repeated over and over. Mine. Mine. Mine. His moved faster, to take her somewhere private, away from the others, inside his home. They weren\ going to take her away from him. He\d fight to the death to keep her and kill anyone who tried to tear her from his arms. The scent of her flooded his nose, made his body ache with need, and nothing else mattered.

She\s a human. She\s not what I had in mind or what I thought I wanted. Things change. It doesn\ matter. She\s all mine. He glanced at Tiger, the two Species males with him, and the two humans to make sure they didn\ invade his territory.

The human male had a red face and gripped the fence, appearing ready to climb over it, and the human woman\s mouth hung open as if she wanted to scream. He knew he horrified them but he didn\ give a damn. They posed no threat to him. It was the Species he might have to fight if they attacked. He\d do it. He wasn\ going to let the woman go.


His arm tightened around the glorious woman he held, careful not to crush her, and grateful she didn\ fight. She almost seemed docile in his hold, as if she knew as well as he did that she belonged to him. Hope soared that she\d want him as much as he did her.

You\ e not acting sane, he silently admitted but it didn\ matter. She smelled wonderful, her delicate features were something he wanted to stare at forever, and holding her in his arms made the desire to keep her only stronger. The idea of spreading her out on his bed and stripping her bare to explore every inch of her skin had his kon*** aching painfully.

She\ll be someone to talk to, someone to hold, and I\ll convince her we will be happy together. I can do it. She\ll want to stay. She has to. Mine. Mine. Mine. She belongs with me.

He had no real idea how to make it happen but he was a strong male, determined, and anything was possible now that he was free. He\d spent a lifetime locked in a dank cell, hurting most of the time, and always so lonely. The idea of having a mate, someone to get to know, to share life with, had become his ultimate dream.

He held her more tenderly, swearing to protect her with his life and not allow anyone to take her from him. It didn\ have to make sense. She was in his arms, he\d claimed her, and he wasn\ about to release her. Somehow, some way, he\d convince her he was the male for her.

He\d once dreamed of living outside the concrete walls and that had finally happened. Anything was possible. He inhaled her wonderful feminine scent, his arms secured her more firmly against his body, and one word repeated in his head.


Chapter Two

’’Damn it, Valiant,’’ Tiger yelled. ’’Bring that woman back this instant!’’

’’Tammy!’’ Ted screamed. ’’Put her down! He\s going to kill her. Do something!’’

’’Leave,’’ Valiant roared over his shoulder as he sprinted toward the house.

’’Bring her back, man!’’ Tiger shouted. ’’Don\ make me bring a hunting party in there to retrieve her. Justice is going to have your balls if you hurt her.’’

Tammy gripped his shirt when he slowed to a walk and clutched her against his body a little higher as he stomped up some steps. She couldn\ see a thing but his tan T-shirt in her face.

The man-beast suddenly paused, they turned, and she heard a door slam closed. A second later the distinct sound of locks being turned registered before he moved again.

They climbed a lot of stairs. She closed her eyes and didn\ fight. She could feel the strength of the arms that held her pressed tightly against his firm, hard body. She inhaled and admitted the guy smelled great, that whatever cologne he put on was a good one that wasn\ too strong.

She bit back some self-loathing. She was losing her mind to be thinking about the guy\s delectable-smelling cologne under the circumstances. She was being taken somewhere by Valiant, the man-beast, and was locked inside the house, which it turned out was his.

Another door slammed and Valiant stopped walking but his body twisted around and another lock being turned registered in her mind. He turned again, her legs swinging slightly from his sudden movements, and took about ten steps before he suddenly released her.

Tammy gasped as she fell but she didn\ hit a hard floor, dropping onto a soft bed instead. She landed on her back with her legs over the edge of the massive mattress to stare up in mute shock at the man standing between her thighs. Valiant\s exotic eyes were fixed on her.

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