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Trisha shook her head. ’’He usually works and lives in Southern California.’’

’’Oh.’’ Tammy nodded.

’’He\s working somewhere else right now on assignment. In a few months he\ll be back in Southern California where his home is and so will I. We did talk this morning and he\s reconsidering marriage.’’

Tammy did a thumbs-up sign. ’’Good for you.’’

Trisha nodded. ’’Yes. I want to marry him and I love him more than anything.’’

Tammy sighed, her mind refusing to budge from the worry that rose inside. ’’Valiant is really angry with me.’’

’’I think he\s hurt because you mean a lot to him. I don\ think you realize how attached he is to you. We have New Species who have engaged in se* with humans but they didn\ stake claims to them. I think for whatever reason, he imprinted you already.’’

’’What if he meets someone else and changes his mind?’’

’’As I said, they are very loyal. They aren\ the kind of men we\ e used to. They had hellish lives and they really value something they care about. He obviously cares about you or he wouldn\ have claimed you.’’

Tammy nodded. ’’I\m really confused.’’

Trisha nodded too. ’’I understand. Trust me, I really do.’’

’’Thank you for telling me everything. Once I start taking the pills how long until they work?’’

’’A month. I\ll send a large supply of condoms. I can get them to you today.’’ She hesitated. ’’You will probably have to show him how to use them since I doubt he\s ever had to. Mercile Industries only permitted them to have se* with females when they were doing breeding experiments. It was the only time they were ever allowed any kind of physical closeness with another of their kind. I don\ think he\s ever had any physical contact with anyone human except you. You\ll have to ask him. I don\ know much about where he was kept before they opened Reservation but from what I understand, it was in a remote desert location. They tended to assign women, human ones, to guard them since New Species won\ attack females. Who knows if any of them were attracted to him.’’ She cleared her throat. ’’I\d bet not. He\s pretty intimidating.’’

Tammy couldn\ imagine many woman approaching Valiant without being super brave. ’’It\s horrible what was done to them.’’

’’I know. As I said, they had rough lives.’’ Trisha made ready to leave. ’’I\ll bring a picnic lunch in a few days so we can talk again. I make a mean fried chicken. Talk to Valiant and try not to lose your temper if you get frustrated with him. Sometimes they don\ understand things but they learn quickly and if you explain it clearly, they usually get the gist of what you\ e trying to say. Their feelings do get hurt and they tend to react by appearing angry. It\s one of those his-bark-is-far-worse-than-his-bite kind of sayings that fit.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Trisha left the bedroom and Tammy sighed loudly. Valiant was probably hurt that she wasn\ jumping for joy at the concept that she might be pregnant. She barely knew the guy and they were just so different. It wasn\ anything bad against him, not a form of rejection, just a smart decision to take things slower.

She glanced at the bed and snorted. She was having hot se* with the guy, often, and nothing about their relationship so far seemed to have any brakes to it. She couldn\ resist him once he started growling and purring at her. His mouth needed to come with a warning label. She smiled and finally stood. She needed to talk to him and clear the air. The idea of him feeling rejected didn\ sit well with her.

Tammy walked out of the bedroom. After a quick search of the other bedroom, bathroom and the living area, she came to the conclusion that Valiant had left. She hugged her chest and walked toward the suite door. She hesitated before opening it.

A New Species man stood on the other side. He had black hair and gray eyes. He turned to peer at her curiously. She wasn\ really surprised that someone had been posted. She knew she wasn\ allowed to leave the suite.

’’Do you know where Valiant is?’’

He shook his head. ’’He looked really angry when he stormed out and I wasn\ going to ask him anything. I didn\ want him to roar at me.’’

’’Thank you.’’ Tammy softly closed the door.

She finally settled on watching television but then remembered what she\d said to Sheriff Cooper. She wondered if she was allowed to make phone calls. She returned to the suite door and opened it. The New Species turned, studying her again.

’’Am I allowed to use the phone?’’

He hesitated. ’’No one said you couldn\ . Go ahead.’’

’’Thank you.’’ She closed the door and decided to use the phone inside the bedroom. She sat on the bed, got comfortable, and dialed her best friend\s number. Tim answered on the second ring.


’’Hi, it\s me.’’

’’Tam! How are you? Are you home? I\ll grab some pizza and be right over. I\ve been so worried about you.’’

’’I\m not home but I\m fine. I\m still at New Species Reservation and I\m going to be here for a while.’’ She paused. ’’I\m kind of seeing one of them.’’

’’Have you lost your mind?’’ Tim yelled. ’’Do you know what has happened since you were attacked? We have everything from news crews to protesters who hate those New Species people swamping the town. The support groups for those people showed up to counter protest early this morning. It\s a madhouse and on top of it, there are all kinds of rumors flying about how you are dating one of them but I thought it was bullshit. I\m your best friend and you would have told me. I yelled at the reporters who knocked on my door that it was absolute bullshit that you were hooked up with one of them. They showed a video of you and him on the news this morning with footage of him carrying you to a Jeep and sitting with you on his lap.’’

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