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’’What are you doing?’’

She dropped the condoms on the bed next to his hip. ’’Just lie back and I\ll show you that condoms can be fun.’’

He softly growled at her. ’’You\ e acting strange.’’

’’I like seeing you this way.’’ Her gaze lingered over his taut, muscular belly, his broad chest, before lowering to his partially erect cock. He\d been circumcised. She hadn\ noticed that before since he\d never given her time to really examine that part of him. He also had no pubic hair although he did have a thin trail of hair from his bellybutton down to his lower belly. She leaned forward, kept eye contact with him, and braced her arms as she hovered over him. A smile curved her lips.

’’Can you hold real still for me?’’

’’Why? What are you planning to do?’’

’’Getting you so turned on that you don\ mind wearing a condom.’’

’’I always want you.’’

’’Just hold still, okay? Don\ sit up. Don\ grab me either or roll me onto my back. Am I clear? Freeze just the way you are.’’

He seemed to ponder her request. ’’You\ e my Tammy and you may do as you wish to me.’’

He wasn\ happy about it but still agreed. It amused her but she refrained from laughing. She leaned up, studied his rib cage, and her mouth lowered to his body. The muscles tensed along his abdomen when she licked his skin and her hair fell forward to brush against his side. She kissed him, allowed her teeth to lightly nip him and began to explore down over his six-pack abs with her lips.

A growl tore from Valiant. ’’What are you doing?’’

’’Relax.’’ She felt his c**k stiffen against her ribs where it lifted and poked against her as he became more aroused. ’’Enjoy this.’’ Her mouth returned to his skin.

The muscles of his legs tensed against her thighs as she inched lower until her face hovered above his cock. He was big, thick and impressive. She glanced up at his face to see his eyes were closed, his sharp teeth dented his bottom lip and he had an edgy expression on his face. She wondered if anyone had ever done any of this to him before. He\d admitted to having limited se*ual experience.

She licked her lips to wet them, lifted one hand and wrapped her fingers around his rigid shaft. A snarl tore from Valiant and his eyes opened, his head lifted, and he stared at her with obvious surprise.

’’You are putting one on me now?’’

’’No. Not yet.’’

He swallowed and breathed a little faster. ’’You wish to study me?’’

’’Nope.’’ Her gaze lowered and she tilted her head a little as her tongue dipped out to drag over the crown of his cock.

Valiant jerked, a strange sound coming from him, and his ass pressed tighter against the mattress, enough to pull him away from her mouth. She glanced up at him.

’’What are you doing?’’ He gaped at her in absolute shock.

That answers that question. ’’You\ve never had a woman do this before?’’

’’Lick me? Not there. Males do it to females to prepare them for se* and to enjoy their taste but I\m ready to take you.’’

’’Shut up and enjoy this, baby.’’

She gave her full attention to his erection and opened her mouth wide. She was afraid he\d protest so she decided to show him how good it would feel instead of teasing him a little first. Her mouth wrapped around his c**k as she took a few inches inside and began to lick and suck on him as she tightened the seal.

He didn\ fight, didn\ tear her off, but his body did stiffen. She took more of him, working him deeper inside, to the back of her mouth, and began a slow and steady rhythm of going up and down in steady stokes, her tongue rubbing him.

Loud, raspy purrs came from Valiant and she knew he enjoyed it a lot. A sweet taste began to tease her and she moaned, realizing his pr**cum had to be the source.

Every time she nearly slid him out of her mouth more of it spilled onto her tongue and then a loud noise made her jerk her mouth completely away and lift her head to discover the source.

Valiant\s hands were digging into the bedspread near his head and she saw where the material had torn. His head was thrown back, his mouth open to allow those deep purrs to come from his throat. His head lifted until their gazes locked. He had a wild look in his se*y eyes, which were so filled with desire she was amazed he\d kept so still.

’’I\m going to come if you do that again. Is that how it feels when I lick your pu**y to enjoy your cream? It\s wonderful. It\s so good.’’ His voice came out sounding inhuman, more of a growl than an actual tone.

Her gaze darted to the poor bedspread, happy it had felt the bite of his nails instead of her skin. ’’I think you\ e ready for a condom.’’

He nodded. ’’Anything.’’

She leaned up, still straddling his thighs, and reached for them. She made sure he could see what she did as she tore one free from the roll, used her teeth to rip open the top edge of the packet, and showed him the round disk. She was happy to note the brand was designed for bigger men. She doubted she could have gotten a regular size on him. Valiant definitely wasn\ a one-size-fits-all type of guy.


She placed it over the crown of his c**k and slowly rolled it down to the base of his shaft. He groaned and more of the bedding took the brunt of his fingernails. He didn\ look away though as she demonstrated how the condom worked. Her body ached too and she wanted him inside her. As tempted as she was to finish him with her mouth, she felt selfish at that moment, hurting to f**k him.

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