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She released his sheathed c**k and crawled up him until her thighs gripped his hips. One hand reached back to wrap around his incredibly hard shaft and she guided him to her pu**y as she wiggled her h*ps until they aligned perfectly.

Her gaze locked with his. He appeared stunned as she sank down on him, her wet and welcoming body already prepared for him. She moaned as her vaaa**l walls were parted by Valiant\s thick cock.

Valiant snarled and she gasped when he suddenly grabbed her and rolled them over. She ended up under him, pinned, his c**k buried deep inside her pu**y. He grabbed her wrists, jerked them above her head, and used his upper arms to brace his weight. Their gazes locked.

’’Wrap around me.’’ It wasn\ a request but more of a snarled demand.

The wild look in his eyes had grown downright feral. She didn\ feel fear though as she spread her thighs more, bent them higher, and wrapped them around his waist until her calves squeezed over his firm ass.

He spread his knees, dug them into the mattress to find traction and withdrew a little, only to slam back into her deep. She cried out from the pleasure. He snarled, his mouth lowered and he nipped her shoulder, nudging her head out of the way.

The sharp bite of his teeth did amazing things to her. It didn\ hurt so much as send a jolt of desire through her. Valiant\s strength turned her on more as he paused, completely in control, and then started to rock his h*ps to f**k her slowly.

’’I\m fighting my instincts,’’ he groaned against her skin.

’’Don\ fight,’’ she moaned, locking her legs tighter around him.

His head lifted and he stared into her eyes. ’’I just hurt you.’’

’’That didn\ hurt. It felt good.’’

’’Tell me if I cause you pain. I\m always afraid I\ll be too rough.’’ He stared into her eyes while his h*ps started to move, the muscles of his ass tensing against her calves, and he began to drive into her in deep, steady thrusts.

Tammy threw her head back, her eyes closed, and could feel each powerful plow of his c**k as he rode her frantically, creating a delicious tight friction between their joined bodies that quickly turned into a powerful cl**ax. Valiant roared as her vaaa**l muscles clenched around him and she cried out his name.

They panted and Tammy smiled. Valiant smiled back.

’’That wasn\ so bad, was it? I told you condoms wouldn\ hurt.’’

’’I prefer not to use them but it didn\ hurt.’’ He hesitated. ’’Do I just leave it on? I want to flip you over, put you on your knees, and mount you from behind.’’

’’Give me a minute to catch my breath first and um, no. That one has to be tossed into the trash and I\ll put a new one on you.’’

His lips curved. ’’I understand.’’ He slowly withdrew his c**k and rolled off her body to stretch out on his back. ’’Go ahead. I enjoy your mouth.’’

Tammy turned on her side and grinned. ’’I think I\ve created a monster.’’

His smile slipped. ’’What does that mean?’’

She laughed in response. ’’Nothing. I was teasing.’’

She sat up and glanced around for a trash can. If teasing him with her mouth got him to wear condoms, she could totally get on board with that plan. He tasted good.

* * * * *

Tammy smiled when Trisha sat on the couch. ’’I\m so glad you came. Valiant left about two hours ago and I\ve been bored. He wanted to get some of his own clothes from his house and he needed to feed a few of his friends.’’ She paused. ’’I was too afraid to ask what that meant.’’

Trisha grinned. ’’He likes the squirrels around his house. He\s forbidden anyone from killing them. He puts nuts and berries out for them to lure them closer to his house. He\s trying to teach them that he won\ eat them or something like that.’’

’’Is that an issue?’’ Tammy took a seat next to the doctor and glanced at the cooler the woman had placed on the table. ’’And what\s that?’’

’’The Wild Zone is a heavily wooded area on Reservation and that\s where Valiant lives. There\s a few dozen New Species who live as his neighbors. They\ e not as human as most of the others are. Their facial traits are more animal than human, to be blunt, and some of them are gruff the way Valiant is. They hunt rabbits and deer in the woods but the squirrels are off the menu now. Valiant enjoys watching them for some reason and has deemed them non-food.’’ She grinned. ’’I just nod when I hear stuff like that. Some things are, well, I just accept it. I promised you fried chicken. I thought you\d want to talk again today instead of waiting. How are you feeling?’’

’’A lot better. Thanks.’’

’’Good.’’ All humor faded. ’’How goes things with Valiant? Did the condoms arrive?’’

’’Yes. One of the guards brought them before he left to go home. Thank you.’’

’’They prefer to be called officers.’’ She shrugged. ’’It\s a New Species thing. Have you talked him into using them yet?’’

’’We worked it out.’’

Tammy studied her and smiled. ’’I take it that he didn\ fight it too hard?’’

’’I showed him the plus sides.’’

The doctor chuckled. ’’Good. I was worried. That\s why I really came today. I figured you might have more questions or just needed someone to help you talk him into using protection. Is he still feeling rejected?’’

’’I don\ know. He seems okay with it. I just need more time before we even consider having a baby.’’ She paused. ’’And to be honest, it\s a lot to take in.’’

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