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’’Yes, it is. Being with one of them will change your life.’’

’’One of my friends told me that I\ve got protestors on my yard at home.’’

’’Damn. I\m sorry.’’

Tammy shrugged. ’’I\m not there. I kind of really hate one of my neighbors so I\m hoping it\s really annoying her.’’ She smiled. ’’She\s spent years harassing me. That\s a bright side.’’

Trisha grinned. ’’Good. Keep your sense of humor. It helps.’’ She stood. ’’I\m going to grab some plates from your kitchenette. I swear I\m always hungry.’’ She stepped around the coffee table.

Tammy rose to follow, staring at the corner area. ’’These suites are nice.’’

’’And they come fully stocked.’’ Trisha opened a cupboard, pulled out two plates, and turned.’’ Her face suddenly paled and she gasped. The dishes nearly slipped from her fingers that seemed to go lax.

Tammy saved them before they hit the floor, set them on the counter, and spun to face the doctor. ’’What\s wrong?’’ She had to grab the other woman when her knees collapsed, to help her sink to the carpet without getting hurt.

Trisha groaned, wrapped her arms around her stomach, and her blue eyes widened. ’’Get Slade.’’

Tammy released her, spun, and sprinted for the door. The New Species posted in the hallway seemed startled when she flung open the door. ’’Get Slade now. Trisha is in pain and grabbing her stomach. Call him and get in here. I don\ know what to do or what is wrong with her.’’

She left the door open when she bolted back to Trisha. The doctor still held her stomach protectively as she sat on her bent legs. She had begun to pant, and Tammy dropped to her knees next to the woman. She gripped her upper arms to make sure she didn\ fall over.

’’What is it? What can I do?’’


’’But it can\ be. You\ e only what? Five months along?’’ Terror tore through Tammy. ’’I\ll call an ambulance.’’

’’No,’’ Trisha frantically shook her head. ’’No outsiders. Slade will come and he\ll take me to see Harris. He\s another doctor who works here.’’

The New Species officer from the hallway rushed inside the room with a fearful expression. Tammy jerked her head up. ’’What is your name?’’


’’Flame, please very carefully pick her up and lay her on the couch. She\s having contractions but it\s too early. We need Dr. Harris right now. She doesn\ want me to call an ambulance.’’

Flame bent down and carefully touched Trisha\s shoulder. ’’Slade is coming. Can I lift you? Will I hurt you more? Should you even be moved?’’

Trisha\s face scrunched up in pain as another contraction hit. She pointed toward the couch with a shaky finger. Flame hesitated before gently lifting the woman into his arms and carrying her to the couch, where he tenderly placed her on her back. Trisha groaned and kept panting.

Tammy ran for the spare bedroom to yank the blanket off the bed and ran back into the living room, not sure what else to do. She covered Trisha\s legs since her skirt had ridden up her thighs and knelt next to the couch. Flame had moved to the open doorway to speak on his radio. Tammy took Trisha\s hand.

’’Help is coming. Flame is calling Dr. Harris and your bodyguard. I\m right here, Trisha.’’

’’Can I do anything?’’ Flame hovered behind them, now done calling for more help.

’’I don\ know.’’ Tammy panicked. ’’She\s only five months along. It\s too early. I got her a blanket in case she\s going into shock.’’

He cursed viciously. ’’I\ll wait at the door to direct the doctor inside. Tell me if you need something.’’ He paused. ’’Hang in there, Trisha. Slade is coming fast. He was downstairs at the cafeteria.’’

Trisha finally stopped panting. Her face had turned a little red and the hold on Tammy\s hand eased. The doctor opened her eyes. ’’That was a strong contraction. Do you have a watch or can you see a clock? I need to time them.’’

Tammy glanced at the DVD player. ’’I\m watching the clock. What else can I do?’’

’’Nothing. I just want Slade.’’

’’Flame said he\s coming. Did you hear him? Slade is just downstairs.’’

’’He always stays pretty close to me.’’

’’TRISHA!’’ A man roared and then Slade launched through the doorway. ’’I\m here.’’

Tammy had to scamper out of the large man\s way as he almost landed on top of her to get closer to Trisha. He gripped the doctor\s hand and cupped her face with his free hand. He had a frightened expression on his face. Tammy backed up and stood, putting some room between them.

’’Talk to me, sweet thing. Is the baby coming?’’ Slade inched closer.

Trisha nodded. ’’We need to get to the trauma bay.’’

’’All right. I\ll carry you. Just hold on. I\m going to move you very carefully.’’

’’Not yet. I feel another one coming.’’ Trisha\s face contorted as she threw back her head and moaned loudly as she started to pant again.

Tammy glanced at the clock. ’’Uh-oh. She said to time the contractions but a minute hasn\ even passed since her last one.’’

Slade\s head jerked in Tammy\s direction. ’’What does that mean?’’

’’It means the contractions are really close together. The closer they get, the faster the baby comes. Under a minute apart is usually birth time from what I know.’’ Tammy shrugged. ’’At least that\s what I\ve been told.’’

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