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’’Damn it,’’ Slade growled. ’’Trisha? Sweet thing? I\m right here.’’ He rubbed her face with his fingers to comfort her while he kept hold of her hand too. ’’I\m right here and I\m with you.’’

’’Hurry,’’ Flame shouted from the hallway. ’’This way. She\s inside here.’’

A man wearing a doctor\s coat rushed into the room with two men wearing scrubs on his heels. The two male nurses each carried a large duffle bag. There was a boxlike machine with a small oxygen tank that the doctor set down. The guy in the white coat, who had to be Dr. Harris, yanked gloves from his pocket and put them on.

He bent over the back of the couch to reach Trisha, pulled back the bedspread that covered her lap, and paused. He met Slade\s gaze, who nodded, and the doctor reached under Trisha\s skirt. He removed her panties with her help. The doctor gently nudged his elbow against her knee to push her thighs apart.

’’I\m examining you, Trisha. I need to see if you\ e dilated.’’

Trisha nodded, still panting. She looked as if she were in a lot of pain. The contraction lasted for a long time. Dr. Harris withdrew his bloody glove.

’’Slade, we need to lay her flat. She\s having this baby right now.’’ The doctor gave orders to the two nurses. ’’Open up everything and prepare for anything. Move!’’

’’I won\ allow her to have the baby on the floor,’’ Slade growled.

Tammy glanced at Flame, who still hovered by the door. ’’Go grab the top mattress from the bed in the first bedroom and bring it in here.’’ Tammy tried not to panic as she grabbed the coffee table and dragged it to the corner of the room.

Flame carried the queen-size mattress into the room as easily as if it weighed nothing. Slade moved a second before he dropped it on the floor by the couch. Tammy moved back to stay out of the way. Slade lifted Trisha into his arms. She moaned, but wrapped her arms around his neck. He gently turned and laid her flat on the mattress. Slade moved until he sat on his bent legs above Trisha\s head. He gently reached under her arms and pulled her up until his thighs acted as a pillow for her.

’’I\m right here, sweet thing. I\ve got you,’’ he crooned to her.

Trisha started to relax. She reached up to grip Slade\s thigh with one hand and clutched his hand with her other. ’’Don\ leave me.’’

’’Someone would have to kill me to take me from your side.’’

A smile curved Trisha\s lips. ’’You always make me laugh.’’ Her focus fixed on Dr. Harris. ’’Well?’’

’’The only thing stopping you from having the baby is your water hasn\ broken. When did the contractions start?’’

Trisha glanced at Tammy expectantly. Tammy darted a look at the clock. ’’About six minutes ago.’’

The doctor didn\ appear happy with that news. ’’This is happening way too fast.’’

’’We knew it would probably happen early,’’ Trisha said softly. ’’The baby is ready to come. I guess he can\ even wait on a regular labor timetable to be born.’’

The two nurses spread open the emergency medical supplies. The duffle bags had long zippers down them that opened similar to suitcases with everything neatly stored inside two sealed halves of plastic pockets. Tammy stepped back farther, now trapped in the corner, to give them more room. She\d have to step around medical supplies to leave. She stayed put.

’’There\s more blood than I expected,’’ Slade growled.

’’Not much,’’ Dr. Harris sighed. ’’It\s a normal amount. She\s lost her plug. Once I break her water, if it doesn\ break on its own, this baby will come.’’ He glanced at his two nurses. ’’Are we ready? We aren\ sure if the lungs are fully developed. They looked great on the ultrasounds but we need to be prepared in case there are complications.’’

’’His lungs will be fine,’’ Trisha groaned. ’’Here comes another one.’’

’’We\ e ready,’’ one of the nurses said, grabbing the box thing with oxygen the doctor had brought, and set it near the supplies within their reach.

’’As ready as we can be in a hotel room,’’ the other one agreed.

’’We don\ have time to move her to the trauma bay.’’ Dr. Harris bent on his knees between Trisha\s thighs. ’’I\ll leave the skirt on since it\s loose.’’

Slade nodded. He turned to stare at the door. Flame stood there and a few more New Species had arrived to hover inside the open door. ’’Clear out.’’

They retreated and the door closed firmly behind them. Slade\s gaze locked with Tammy\s but then he ignored her. Tammy assumed that meant she could stay since he hadn\ told her to leave as well. She didn\ really have a choice since she was trapped. Trisha panted before she gripped Slade\s hand tightly again. Slade lifted her hand to kiss the one he held and the fingers of his other hand ran through her hair to caress her.

’’Her water just broke with the contraction.’’ Dr. Harris cleared his throat. ’’I\m going to examine you again.’’ Dr. Harris put on a new glove. He examined Trisha and nodded. ’’I\d say a few pushes and your son is going to be here. You\ e ready.’’

Trisha nodded, peering up at Slade. ’’Don\ look so scared. I\m being brave so you have to be too. He\s going to be fine and healthy. I\ve run every test there is and we\ve found nothing wrong.’’

Slade nodded. ’’I know, Trisha. I can\ help being scared for you and him.’’

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