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’’Don\ be. We\ll be Shit! Another one is coming.’’

’’Go ahead and push if you get the urge,’’ Dr. Harris encouraged. ’’Only if you get the urge.’’

’’I know,’’ Trisha panted. ’’I\m a doctor too, remember?’’ She groaned, sucked in air, and her face turned a splotchy red. Her body tensed when she began to push.

The nurses began to remove things from their plastic holders. Tammy hugged her chest tightly, worried she was about to see a tragedy happen. Babies born at five months usually didn\ make it and her heart was breaking for Trisha.

’’I see the head.’’ Dr. Harris sounded excited. ’’He\s coming, Trisha. He\s got a full head of hair.’’

Slade reached over, yanking at Trisha\s skirt until it bunched near her ribs to totally expose her rounded stomach. His focus centered between her bare, parted thighs to watch the baby being born. Trisha gasped in air and pushed harder.

’’The head is out. Stop pushing,’’ the excited doctor ordered.

Tammy couldn\ help but stare over Slade\s shoulder. Dr. Harris grabbed a suction bulb to clear the baby\s mouth. Trisha had stopped pushing and panted hard. Tammy couldn\ look away from what was taking place. A nurse handed over a small towel next that the doctor took, shoving it out of sight, maybe under the baby or Trisha.

’’Push, Trisha. I know you\ e tired but I need one strong push from you to clear his shoulders.’’

Trisha gasped in air and tensed as she pushed. A scream tore from her as the baby slid out of her body to land in Dr. Harris\ waiting hands. The doctor lifted the baby up. Tammy stared at what should have been a tiny preemie but instead seemed to be a full-term baby.

Dr. Harris cradled the baby\s upper body against his arm and chest, his palm holding the baby\s bottom and used the towel to gently rub the baby\s torso and face. A newborn scream rent the air. Tammy nearly collapsed from relief at the wonderful sound. One of the nurses leaned in to clamp the umbilical cord and cut it. He assisted in delivering the afterbirth and cleaning Trisha up after the delivery.

The baby wailed and wiggled inside the doctor\s hold. He actually appeared healthy and normal-sized, if not a little bigger, than a full term baby. The doctor accepted another towel from one of the nurses to rub the baby dry. The baby stopped crying but he continued to wiggle and kick his chubby legs. Dr. Harris grinned as he wrapped the baby in a blanket, securing him papoose style.

’’He looks great, guys.’’ Dr. Harris laughed, grinning widely. ’’Absolutely healthy. His color is perfect, he\s breathing like a champ, ten fingers and toes, and he\s strong.’’

Trisha grinned while Slade absolutely beamed with happiness. He hesitated and then held out his hands. Dr. Harris leaned up and transferred the wiggling baby to Slade. Slade\s large hands cupped the baby gently and he lowered it into Trisha\s waiting arms. They both held the baby together, smiling and staring in wonder at the newborn.

Dr. Harris tore off his gloves, grinned, and high-fived the nurse closest to him. ’’YES!’’

Laughter erupted from all three. Dr. Harris climbed off the mattress and stood. Tammy watched in shock as the doctor bear-hugged both of the nurses who had assisted him. They turned then, watching Trisha and Slade with the baby. All three of them seemed over-the-top happy.

’’We have our first healthy New Species baby!’’ Dr. Harris laughed. ’’Congratulations, Trisha and Slade. He\s beautiful.’’

Slade smiled, grinning at the doctor. ’’Thank you, Harris.’’

The doctor nodded. Trisha suddenly reached up with her free hand, gripped Slade\s hair at the base of his neck, and dragged his face down to hers. She kissed him soundly on the mouth.

’’I love you so much, lollypop.’’

He laughed as he kissed her again. ’’I love you too, sweet thing. Our son is a miracle. A gift. Thank you.’’

Tammy let their words and actions sink in until it hit her as if she\d been slapped. She gaped at Trisha and Slade, the big New Species man with the sandy-brown, blond-streaked hair. Trisha had just given birth to Slade\s baby.

Tammy\s gaze flew to the baby, realizing he was the first New Species baby. That\s what Dr. Harris said. Trisha had been only five months pregnant. The baby was huge and obviously had been born healthy. Her gaze locked on the tiny features of the baby that she could see from her position in the corner. She realized his little scrunched-up face wasn\ totally human. His nose looked too flat, too wide, and she\d never seen a baby with cheekbones that prominent before. Babies had pudgy, rounded cheeks but this baby different.

Trisha didn\ have a boyfriend somewhere else. Slade was her boyfriend. He always remained with her. Always. They kissed again, laughing. That\s how Trisha knew it was possible for human women to get pregnant by New Species. Tammy pieced it together quickly. Trisha knew because Slade had gotten her pregnant. Not only that, but a baby fathered by a New Species could be born at five months into a pregnancy.

Tammy leaned against the wall, needed the support to stay on her feet, and watched the couple bond as a family. The love between Trisha and Slade, their joy at having a healthy son, made her ache a little. They were incredibly happy and it showed. She bit her lip as her full focus fixed on the baby. She\d always loved holding them when her friends had them and had always wanted to one day become a mother.

I could have that with Valiant if I got pregnant by him. That could be us one day. The thought shocked her.

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