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Valiant couldn\ help but grin when he walked into his bedroom. Tammy sat on the bed with pillows stacked behind her back, watching television, but her gaze met his as he closed the door softly. He\d just returned home to find his new living quarters a mass of activity.

He dropped his bag of clothes on the floor by the door he\d closed. Trisha had given birth to Slade\s child, it had gone well, and security was about to remove them from the suite to relocate the new family to the medical center. He\d seen the baby and it had brought pure joy to his heart.

’’He\s perfect. Did you see him?’’

She nodded.

She seemed pale to him and he frowned, some of his happiness fleeing. ’’They said you know the truth. Are you angry with me for not telling you that Slade was the father of Trisha\s child? I wasn\ allowed to share that information. I\m sorry. It wasn\ my secret to tell.’’

’’It\s not that.’’

He paused, needed a shower after running around in the woods, but he wanted to know what was wrong. He approached the bed and stood at the end of it. ’’You are angry with me for not telling you that Slade was the father.’’

’’I\m not. Really. I\ve been sitting here doing a lot of thinking. I get why I wasn\ told. I still wouldn\ know who the father of her baby is if she hadn\ gone into labor in our living room, right?’’

’’I won\ lie to you. No. Probably not.’’

’’I saw him.’’

’’Slade? He never leaves Trisha side or if he has to, he doesn\ go far.’’

’’The baby.’’ She licked her lips. ’’He looks just like his father. I mean, it\s hard to tell when they are newborns but he\s got the features.’’

’’Slade is his father. He\s the first New Species baby born.’’

’’There\s a lot of people in the world who aren\ going to be happy when they find out about that baby.’’

Valiant\s entire body tensed. ’’Are you going to tell them?’’ The pain of possible betrayal tore through him.

’’No!’’ She frowned and glared at him. ’’I just meant I understand why I wasn\ told. I get it. Trisha and her baby are going to be in danger if those hate groups and fruitcakes find out. Men like the ones who kidnapped me would come after her and the baby. Or worse. They\d just want to kill them outright.’’

He could breathe again now that he knew she\d keep the baby a secret. ’’Yes. It\s our worst fear and why very few know about Forest.’’


He smiled. ’’It\s what they have named the baby. Forest Slade North.’’

’’I like it.’’ She smiled.

’’He was conceived in the forest.’’

Tammy laughed. ’’Seriously?’’

’’Yes. Trisha insisted on the name and Slade agreed. He liked it.’’

’’They really love each other. I saw them together. They are so happy about the baby.’’

’’They are.’’ He tilted his head, watching her, trying to guess what bothered her. ’’What is wrong with that?’’

She suddenly moved and crawled toward him over the mattress. Valiant\s heart raced and his gaze traveled over her body. His c**k instantly hardened as he watched the se*y way she stalked closer to him. She stopped inches from the end of the bed, her gaze held his, and she smiled.

’’It made me feel a little jealous.’’

He tried to understand what she meant but he wasn\ sure.

’’The way they looked at each other and the love between them. Even the baby. I swear he\s the cutest one I\ve ever seen. Please sit down.’’

He sucked in air as he sat next to her. His heart rate increased and suddenly Tammy rose and threw her leg over his lap to sit on top of his thighs. Her arms wound around his neck and her fingers brushed through his hair. She smiled at him.

’’I think any baby by you would be absolutely adorable.’’

He couldn\ speak. His mind blanked. He didn\ want to take her words wrong but it almost seemed as if she were offering to try to have his baby.

’’I\m not ready to have one yet but now I\m considering it.’’

He smiled. ’’Really?’’

’’We need to get to know each other better but I want to give us a chance. Do you think I could get a job here at Reservation? Maybe stay a while? I\m in no hurry to return to my life. I would like to stay with you and see where you and I go.’’

’’We\ll go to my house.’’ His arms wrapped around her. ’’You don\ need a job. You\ e mine. I\ll care for you.’’

’’It\s not that simple.’’

’’Yes, it is.’’ He pulled her tightly against him. ’’You belong with me.’’

She curled into his chest and his heart swelled with warmth.

’’I want to stay with you.’’

Her admission made his heart swell with more love for her. ’’I\ll never let you leave. You\ e mine and I\m yours.’’

She chuckled. ’’You make it sound so easy.’’

He nuzzled her head with his cheek. ’’It is. You just stay with me.’’

Chapter Eleven

’’I\m not selling my grandmother\s house.’’ Tammy frowned at Valiant and then at the attorney who sat in their living room. ’’Do I have to sell it? I have some money saved to pay the taxes on it this year. It was the house I was mainly raised in. It\s all I have.’’

Valiant growled softly. ’’You do not need that house anymore. You are going to live in our house here. My home is yours now. There is no reason to keep it.’’

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