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’’Perhaps they were planning to come back later.’’ It was one of the deputies who worked with the sheriff who had joined them. ’’Maybe they wanted more women and are searching for other victims. We should keep a few deputies out here just in case they return.’’

Tiger\s cell phone rang. ’’Excuse me. It\s Reservation.’’ He turned and stepped away to answer it. He listened and spun around. Tiger locked his grim gaze on Valiant and he hesitated.

’’I think I know why the women were taken.’’ Tiger kept his focus trained on Valiant but then he glanced at the Sheriff.

’’You specifically asked me to bring Valiant. Why?’’

The sheriff frowned. ’’Well, he\s your best tracker. That\s why I asked for him.’’

’’Who told you that?’’ Tiger clenched his teeth.

’’It was one of the news reporters who\ve been hanging around town since Tammy was taken. They practically camp outside our station. He said he covers stories all the time for you folks and that Valiant was the best tracker you had. He said if more women were ever kidnapped to be sure to ask for him because he\d be the best chance at finding them fast.’’

’’What is going on?’’ Valiant frowned. ’’How would any reporter know my name? It was never released, was it?’’ He glanced at Tiger for an answer.

’’No, it wasn\ .’’ Tiger appeared killing mad. He glared at the Sheriff. ’’Do you remember the reporter\s name?’’

The sheriff hesitated. ’’No, but I know his face. Why?’’

Tiger growled. He turned his head to Valiant. ’’Tammy has been taken from Reservation by force. She\s gone, Valiant. Flame was asked by our attorney to escort her to his office. When they didn\ return to the hotel within twenty minutes and Flame didn\ respond to the radio, a team immediately went in search of them.’’

Shock jolted through Valiant. ’’No.’’

’’They found Flame on the floor unconscious inside the attorney\s office. He\s been drugged with an unknown substance. The attorney and Tammy are missing. Her purse was found but she was not. Our people picked up only the attorney\s scent and Tammy\s. That led them to the parking lot, which makes it apparent he took her. We are sure she didn\ go willingly because her scent of fear lingered. He drove right out the gate. We trusted him. We check incoming cars but not outgoing ones when they are driven by trusted employees. He took her, Valiant. The kidnapping of these two human women was obviously a ploy to lead you away from Tammy.’’ Tiger growled and glared at the Sheriff. ’’The man who spoke of Valiant used you to lure him away.’’

Valiant threw back his head and roared in rage.

’’We\ll find her,’’ Tiger swore. ’’Everyone is on this.’’

Chapter Twelve

Tammy had fallen asleep at some point but awoke when the thugs released her from the bed. They\d dragged her on barely working legs, her entire body sluggish, to push her into a bathroom. To her humiliation, they\d refused to give her any privacy, leering as she used the facilities. She\d had no choice. One of them had threatened to hit her if she didn\ comply.

They\d gripped her arms at that point and dragged her back outside to a white van. The sun had gone down, assuring her she\d been unconscious for hours, and she wasn\ given the opportunity to escape. Both men kept a tight hold on her wrists. They threatened to beat her if she put up any resistance. One glance at their faces made her a believer. They had cold eyes and cruel demeanors.

They\d put a metal collar around her throat and locked her inside a large cage at the back of the van. The collar was chunky and had a two-foot chain they connected to the bars of her tiny cell. She\d peered at that large cage with terror. Even the fact that they contained her in one was terrifying. Why would they need a cage like that and what did they usually transport inside it? She touched the wide metal bars, guessing, whatever its purpose, it would hold almost anything.

One of the men climbed out while one remained inside the back of the van with her. He turned on an overhead light to watch her with a smirk. The departing guy slid the side door closed and then opened the driver\s door, got in and started the engine. Tears filled her eyes from fear and not feeling well from whatever drug they\d given her. She had a headache, her tongue was a little swollen-feeling, and her limbs still moved sluggishly.

’’Don\ bother putting on the waterworks,’’ the man in the back snickered. ’’Nobody gives a shit if you cry.’’

’’Why are you doing this?’’ Tammy hated the way her voice shook. ’’Who are you people?’’

’’Why? Because you like to f**k them. Because one of them f**ked you and didn\ kill you. That\s why. The doctor we work for is really interested to see if 927 will breed with you. You better hope he likes you. It will be fun to watch, either way.’’

The man in the front laughed. ’’I doubt she\ll think it\s fun.’’

The man in back laughed. ’’Yeah. True.’’ His eyes sparkled with glee. ’’Do you want to know what happens if that beast doesn\ tear you apart with his claws and toss your body parts outside the cage? The doctor is going to strap you down to a table and flood your system with hormones and drugs to try to get you to conceive with that beast. Afterward, we get to toss you back inside with him so he can f**k you again. The doctor has all kinds of formulas he\s thought up to try to get you pregnant by the beast. It could take months before he figures out how to get the results he wants.’’

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