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’’I told you. I was in my office and suddenly this man entered. He held a gun on me until Miss Shasta and her officer arrived. I didn\ have time to even warn them before he killed her security officer. It horrified me. He forced me outside with her and explained if I didn\ drive them out of the gates, he\d blow her brains out. I was trying to save her life when he shoved her into the trunk, climbed in with her, and told me to close the trunk. I knew he\d kill her if I tipped off the officers at the gate. I was terrified for her life so I did what he said.’’

Tiger growled and took two menacing steps toward the attorney. He didn\ even glance at Justice for permission. He reached the human and backhanded the man\s cheek hard.

’’You lie,’’ he snarled. ’’We scented your office and followed your trail to your car. We also scented your car. Only she was inside the trunk. There was no other human male. You took her and you are going to tell us where you are holding her. Where did you take her?’’

The man groaned from the pain and he licked his bloodied lip where it had split near the corner. A red mark marred his pale skin. Charlie Artzola\s wide gaze focused on Justice.

’’You know I\d never lie to you. I\ve worked for you for almost a year. I\m trusted, and everything I\ve said is the truth. That is what happened. I had no choice. The guy with the gun told me where to drive and that\s what I did. Maybe he wore something to hide his scent. He did have military-type clothes on and a cap over his hair. That\s why you probably didn\ smell him. Another man waited at the location where I was told to drive and he held another gun on me, ordered me to open the trunk, and his friend climbed out. They took Miss Shasta, tied me up, and drove away with her. I sat there helpless until your people found me. I swear, Justice. I\m a victim in this as much as that woman is.’’

Justice slowly reached up and loosened his tie. He kept a calm expression on his features. He yanked the tie off over his head and reached for his jacket buttons next, unfastening each one. He shed his jacket and unbuttoned his white shirt. He removed it and his chest was bare. He reached for his belt next as he kicked off his loafers.

’’What are you doing?’’ The attorney\s voice shook with fear. ’’Justice? Why are you getting undressed?’’

Justice snapped his gaze up and glared at Charlie Artzola. ’’This is a two-thousand-dollar suit. I don\ want to get your blood all over it. My people found you because we put trackers on all your vehicles but unfortunately we can\ track your destinations until they are activated. We don\ know where you took her because you\d already parked when we realized she\d been taken. You knew that though since you were the one who drafted the agreement that allows us to make all human employees agree to those devices and you knew your car would be found. You should have disappeared. Instead you counted on my trust and your ability to lie well to shield you from our rage.’’

’’I\m sorry you lost one of your men but it wasn\ me. It\s that guy\s fault who forced me to drive him and Miss Shasta out the gates. I didn\ tie myself up. See? That\s proof I\m not lying.’’

Justice folded his pants, now wearing only his black boxer briefs. He turned and handed all of his folded clothing to one of the New Species officers positioned at the door. ’’Please take these to another room. Blood splatters.’’

’’Jesus Christ,’’ Charlie Artzola moaned. ’’What are you doing? It\s me, Justice. I\m your friend. You know I would never betray your people. Never. I know we are all upset that Miss Shasta has been taken but I just drove her out of here to prevent them from blowing her brains out.’’

Justice turned, growling. ’’Friends don\ kidnap one of our women and hand her over to the enemy.’’

’’She\s not New Species. She\s a human. I wouldn\ do that to your kind and I sure as hell wouldn\ do it to mine.’’

’’She is one of ours regardless of her blood. Talk, Charlie. Talk now or I will make you. No one but New Species know we have you. There is a lot of ground on our Reservation to dispose of your body when we are done. You will tell us where to find the woman if you want to live.’’ Justice prowled closer, growled, and barred his teeth. ’’We learned torture from having it done to us. I\m an experimental prototype, Charlie. They really hurt me badly and there are thousands of ways to make you scream and bleed without killing you. You will suffer.’’

’’Justice, I swear. There was another man and he ca ’’

’’You didn\ kill my officer,’’ Justice snarled. ’’He survived. Whoever you are working with, and we are aware since someone did tie you up that you have at least one partner, is either an idiot or set you up to die. Did he or she give you the drug you used on Flame? It was a very strong sedative but not enough to stop his heart. He\s going to wake soon and when he does, he\ll be able to tell us exactly what happened when he escorted Miss Shasta to your office.’’

* * * * *

Valiant jerked out of Brass\ hold, had seen more than enough on the monitors, and wanted to tear the human apart to get answers. He\d told Justice he\d give him a chance, knew his rage was too great at that moment, but it was taking too long. He lunged toward the holding cell.

The door exploded open when he entered. Valiant snarled as he stormed into the room. His attention locked on the man tied to the chair in the corner of the room. Valiant threw his head back and roared at the human who\d taken Tammy.

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