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’’Jesus!’’ Charlie Artzola screamed, staring at Valiant.

’’Do not kill him,’’ Justice ordered softly. ’’He needs to tell us where he took her and who he delivered her to. He has a partner.’’

Valiant growled, showed teeth, and his body shook. His hands fisted. ’’I understand. I will contain my rage but it\s difficult.’’

Justice cleared his throat. ’’I was just about to show him how much pain it will take to get him to tell us the information we need.’’

’’Allow me that pleasure,’’ Valiant snarled, opened his mouth wide, and his muscles strained while his body tensed in anticipation of beating the truth out of the human. He wanted his blood. ’’I\ll make him tell us everything.’’

’’Jesus Christ,’’ the attorney moaned. He wet himself and piss pooled on the chair until and ran down its legs. His terrified gaze darted to Justice. ’’Don\ let him near me. She said he\d tear out my guts and feed them to me.’’

Justice glanced at Valiant with raised eyebrows as their gazes met. Justice turned suddenly, putting his back to the attorney, to only reveal his grin to the Species. ’’So she told you what Valiant would do to you?’’ He growled the words. ’’She warned you what betrayal would cost you.’’ Schooling his features, Justice faced the prisoner again. ’’Where is she? Where did you take her? To whom did you deliver her? I want answers or Valiant will do exactly what she threatened he would. We will watch him do it without lifting a finger to make it stop. You will suffer untold agony and it will take hours to die.’’

’’It is very painful,’’ Valiant growled. He licked his lips and showed his sharp teeth to prove the point. ’’Flesh is easy to tear apart.’’

The attorney nodded frantically. ’’Just swear he won\ touch me. I want to live.’’

Justice paused. ’’You will live if you help us get her back and she is still alive.’’

’’He doesn\ plan on killing her but it\s not my fault if the New Species he took her to kills her,’’ Charlie Artzola stammered quickly. ’’He wanted her to give to one of your kind. The man I work for is Dr. Adam Zenlelt. He worked for Mercile Industries and approached me after I got the job at Homeland. He offered me a lot of money and I needed it. I\ve got an ex-wife and a ton of bil ’’

Valiant roared again, edged closer, and his fingers curved into claws.

Justice glanced at him and then the attorney. ’’He doesn\ give a shit why you did it. Stop excusing your betrayal and tell us where the woman is and more about this human who has her.’’

’’I don\ know all that much about him. He wanted Miss Shasta because I told him that one of yours planned to marry a human woman. He pays me to tell him that stuff. He has a New Species and he\s been trying to run tests on him but it\s an insane one who keeps killing any women shoved inside his cell. Zenlelt likes to be called ’’doctor’’. He realized that two New Species can\ breed and he\s planned on testing one of you against a human woman to see if she can get pregnant. Zenlelt thought that since one of you would f**k her, his guy would do her too. That\s why he needed her so bad and bribed me to take her to him. He\s going to lock her inside a cage with that thing to see if he\ll f**k or kill her the way he did the others. That New Species he\s got is really an animal, Justice. I saw him once and he doesn\ have an ounce of humanity left inside him.’’

Valiant lunged. Justice moved, grabbed him, and tossed him back into the wall. Justice struggled but managed to pin him there. ’’We won\ find her if you kill him,’’ he snarled.

Valiant closed his eyes and nodded. Justice eased his hold and released the bigger male. He turned to glare at the human he\d mistakenly trusted.

’’Tell us everything you know.’’

The attorney nodded frantically. ’’I will. They have a house they\ve rented and that\s where I saw them a few days ago. They had the New Species locked up and drugged inside a cage at the time but he wasn\ fully asleep. He scared the hell out of me because he\s got these black stone-cold, dead eyes. Serial-killer type. I was ordered to take her to the house, which I did. Zenlelt has two guys working with him and they took her into the house. They have another location but I don\ know where it is or the location of where they are keeping the New Species. I just know I heard them say they were going to wait until dark to get the New Species prepared for her before they took her to him. They call him 927 and sometimes they call him the beast.’’ Charlie Artzola swallowed. ’’I heard Zenlelt say that out of all the males he had, that one tested with the highest sperm. I don\ know where they brought him from or where Zenlelt\s set up normally but he came here looking for a woman who had se* with a New Species.’’

’’Where is this house?’’ Justice inched closer, his hands curled into fists.

Charlie Artzola paused. ’’You swear that you won\ kill me or let him hurt me?’’ His gaze jerked to Valiant, who stood against the wall where Justice had pushed him, before staring at Justice again. ’’I want your vow on the lives of New Species I\ll walk out of here alive and in one piece if I help you find her.’’

’’I do not break my word,’’ Justice growled. ’’I am a man of honor. I swear you will not be killed and I will not allow Valiant to have you if she\s still alive. As for walking out of here, that I refuse to promise. You betrayed my people but I\m willing to hand you over to your justice system. It\s far kinder than ours.’’

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