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’’You talk or we start at your toes and fingers. It is amazing how many bones can be broken before shock starts to kill a man.’’ Justice growled, inching closer. ’’Answer my questions.’’

’’Don\ do it,’’ Pete rasped. ’’F*k. Just stay back. There should be eighty-two males and six females there unless some of them were moved over the last week when I left there. Security is tight.’’ He paused.

’’Keep talking,’’ Valiant growled at him. ’’Where would they be moved to? Where are the other testing facilities?’’

’’It\s not like that,’’ the guy hissed. ’’When the first testing facilities were breached, people panicked. We found an abandoned building and it took us some months to prepare the new location to hold them. Everyone was scared shitless that our testing facility would be discovered, we wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, but it takes time to build sturdy enough holding cells to keep your kind locked up. We moved them to the address I gave you and sometimes we lend some of them out to a few of the other doctors who weren\ arrested. I don\ have nothing to do with that and I don\ know anything except sometimes a handful of them disappear but are later returned. You\ e going to have to talk to the doctor about where they go and who has them. He\s in charge. Nothing gets done without his approval. His name is Adam Zenlelt.’’

’’How many guards are there? Where are our people?’’

’’They are being kept underground on the second level. It used to be a parking lot two floors down but they enclosed it to house those bastards. They usually have about twelve guards topside and maybe six downstairs. I don\ know all the doctors and support staff but I\d guess maybe twenty in all onsite during a work shift.’’

’’Is it rigged with explosives?’’ Tiger growled.

Pete shrugged. ’’Hell if I know. I\m not security. I\m just the doctor\s assistant. Me and Mike are the muscle. That\s all. We take care of 927 and whatever test subjects the doctor personally is working with.’’

’’What about Tammy?’’ Valiant moved closer, glaring. ’’Tell me everything.’’

The man swallowed. ’’We threw her into the cell with 927. He killed the last two women we put in with him. He just f**king killed them. He\s crazy. He won\ kill your bitches but he kills regular ones like me.’’ He slammed his mouth shut. ’’That came out wrong. You know what I mean. He broke through the partition we have in place to keep him back when we open the cell door. He sniffed her a lot and she was yakking up a storm to him trying to get him not to kill her. He just took her to his bed and lay down with her. When I left he was feeding her, and hell, he tore up the meat for her. It was freaky. If he will use his teeth to make bite-sized chucks she can eat, sleep with her, then you would assume he would f**k her. We think he\s g*y.’’

’’He slept on her?’’ Valiant growled.

The man winced. ’’Well, it is kind of cold at night and we don\ give him blankets.’’

’’Calm,’’ Justice ordered Valiant. ’’He did not breed her.’’ His gaze fixed on Pete. ’’Right?’’

The man shook his head. ’’I told you. We think he\s g*y.’’

’’What does that mean?’’ Tiger frowned.

The man on the floor hesitated. ’’We think he likes men. She isn\ a man. He won\ do her.’’

Tiger laughed. ’’You think because he won\ breed her that he is physically attracted to men?’’ He shook his head. ’’Did you ever think he might not be into forcing women?’’ His smile died and he growled. ’’That is your sickness to want to rape them, not ours.’’

’’Well, I never grabbed a woman and snapped her neck but he did it,’’ Pete ground out. ’’Two of them and trust me, they were smoking hot. I would have done them in a heartbeat if someone had tossed them at me. He didn\ even talk before he killed them.’’ Pete snapped his fingers. ’’Just like that.’’

Justice frowned, his gaze pausing on each man inside the room.

Tiger softly cursed. ’’He\s either gone over the edge or he had a good reason for killing helpless females. We will find out.’’

Justice nodded grimly. He turned his full attention to the prisoner. ’’Pete? We are going on a road trip. You will lead us to where you took Tammy.’’

’’I\ll do it. I have no choice. Just back off.’’

Justice motioned his men back with a wave of his hand. Pete crawled to his feet on shaky legs. He glanced at Justice, who obviously was in charge.

’’I want immunity against being prosecuted in a court of law for kidnapping and anything else the cops want to tack on. You promise me that and I will drive you there myself and take you right to 927.’’

Justice blinked a few times before a slow smile spread across his face. ’’I swear I will give you immunity from your law. It is a deal. Take us to the woman and the New Species now.’’

The man stared at Justice. ’’You can do that, right? Give me immunity?’’

Justice\s smile died and his eyes narrowed. ’’I am New Species law. I am Justice. I can give you anything I wish. This is a Species matter that does not involve your law unless I say it does. I give you my word as Justice North that your cops will not send you to prison if you help us. Now let\s go.’’

The man nodded. ’’Sure. I don\ want to go to prison. It\s just a good-paying job. I\m going to need some money too, just to get me a started. I want a hundred grand.’’

Justice was grim. He jerked his head in a nod. ’’You got it. You will get the money after we get the woman back, verify that the testing facility in Colorado is where you say it is and our people are there.’’

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