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Pete smiled, looking less frightened. ’’I understand. Let\s go. It\s not too far from here.’’

* * * * *

Tammy laughed. ’’No. I\m not defective. There are a lot of women my size.’’

927 nodded. ’’I did not mean to offend you if I implied you have physical imperfections.’’

’’None taken. I\ve seen a few of your women and they are really tall. I understand how you could think that way. I am short for the average woman. I ’’

927 suddenly moved, cutting off her words. He lifted to his feet in a heartbeat and reached for Tammy. She gasped as his hands gripped her arms and she was yanked to her feet. She ended up behind the large man. He tensed and growled toward the cell door.

The older man and Mike walked up to the cell door. Tammy got a glimpse of them before 927 shoved her back and used one hand to keep her in place behind him. He was too wide to see around and far too tall. Another deep and vicious growl tore from his throat.

’’I see you like her.’’ The older man chuckled. ’’You need to breed her, 927.’’ The man\s voice hardened. ’’I\m going to have Mike pull out his gun and kill her if you don\ .’’

Fear tore through Tammy. Why would they do that?

’’Yeah,’’ Mike laughed. ’’See this gun? Boom! The doctor is tired of waiting while you court the bitch. Just bend her over and find the right hole. It shouldn\ be too hard. I know you like men but just pretend.’’

’’Enough!’’ The older man sighed. ’’I keep telling you boys that he\s not a homose*ual. He\s bred with his females in the past. It is unaltered females he has issues with.’’

’’Maybe he realized he\s attracted to men. It happens. I had a cousin who came out of the closet in his thirties. He married someone and they had four kids before he told his wife.’’

The older man sighed louder. ’’927? Either breed her or step out of the way and allow Mike to put her down. It\s that simple. You seem to like her and I\m sure you\ll breed her. You are doing this just to piss me off. I understand that but my patience is at an end. I have wasted enough time.’’

’’You will have to shoot through me,’’ 927 warned, his voice dropping to a scary growl.

There was silence. The older man finally spoke. ’’I\ll gas your cell and when you are out, we will get her. I\d hate to do that because I\d have to order the gas but I can get it by the end of the day. Breed her or move out of the way.’’

’’Gas us,’’ 927 growled.

Tammy\s terror was instant. ’’Gas us?’’ She gasped.

927 turned his head and stared at her. ’’Do you want to breed with me? They will take you from me afterward and you will be alive until he decides he has learned what he wants. They will strap you down and hurt you. They did this to our females. They cried and screamed. Sometimes they would take our females to other males to breed with and it would start again. Is this the life you wish?’’

She shook her head. Definitely not.

He nodded. ’’Do you want me to move to allow him to shoot you? Is all of your hope gone now?’’

She shook her head again. ’’I\m not ready to die.’’

’’They will have to gas us. It will take time,’’ he whispered.

Tammy stared into his eyes and nodded. ’’Gas us.’’

927 flashed her a smile and turned. His smile gone, he said, ’’Order your gas. It is the only way you will get her from me.’’

’’F*k,’’ Mike growled. ’’Let me shoot through him, Doc. I\m pretty sure I can miss all the vital organs. He\ll recover.’’

’’It was just a ruse to get him to breed with her. We\ll drug his food. He\ll have to eat or drink at some point. Turn off the water to his cell. Once he takes the drugs he\ll be forced to breed her. I didn\ want to cloud this experiment but he\s too stubborn. We\ll have to use the breeding drugs. Perhaps if it doesn\ take the first time we can get him to breed her without the drugs after he\s had her once.’’

’’Why don\ we just gas their asses, force him to give up his goodies, and inject them into the bitch if you want to see if she can get a doggy in her oven?’’

’’I tried to explain this to you already.’’ The older man sighed. ’’We\ve been testing them for years. Their sperm is different than ours. We discovered that during intercourse their sperm load is high but only if they are aroused. When it is manipulated manually, if we force their sperm, their count is substantially lower. It also has a very short lifespan. It dies quickly, almost within a minute, and until we can figure out if it\s because of being exposed to oxygen or if it\s a temperature issue, we can\ effectively resolve the problem. We lost a lot of our equipment when we abandoned our facility. I need him to breed her naturally for there to even be a chance of success.’’

’’Why didn\ it work with the animal bitches?’’

’’The females aren\ producing any viable eggs. It is only the males who have the ability to reproduce. I need to make a few calls to order the drugs I need and see where we are on the transfers. The men are coming tomorrow to enclose more space and add in four more cells. If this one won\ breed her, maybe the other males will.’’

Mike laughed. ’’Wow, you are going to have her doing five of them? Think she\ll survive that?’’

’’I don\ know. It depends on if the other four kill her or not. This is important work.’’

’’Who gives a shit if they can breed?’’

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