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They were going to make him breed her and planned to bring more New Species and toss her at them too. They\d take her baby away as if it were a puppy or a kitten if they succeeded. They would probably keep breeding her until she wasn\ of any use anymore before they killed her. How many babies will they steal from my arms before it ends?

Tammy made a decision while she cried. She\d be strong, she\d do whatever it took, but she\d fight to live. Valiant would find her. Maybe not soon but eventually. She just needed to pray she didn\ get pregnant if the worst happened. She didn\ want to give those ass**les a helpless baby to torment.

Chapter Fifteen

The building was an old warehouse. There was one car in the parking area, no other businesses or homes nearby, and two metal doors seemed to be the only way in unless they climbed high to windows near the roof. On the back side of the building an old docking ramp sat against a thick metal garage door. Their team had parked a mile back and made the human walk with them. Pete had complained every step of the way. Valiant was ready to kill him but Justice wouldn\ allow him the pleasure.

’’There are only two ways in or out and they have alarms,’’ the human explained softly. ’’There aren\ any outside cameras. I told you that. I don\ know why you sneaked up on the place.’’

Justice shot him a glare. ’’Be quiet unless we tell you to open your mouth.’’

’’Fine,’’ the human said. ’’Be that way. I\m helping you.’’

Tiger motioned to the team and they surged forward to the front of the warehouse while a few broke off to approach from the back. They didn\ want to be seen until they breached the building. Valiant feared the two men inside would kill Tammy and the Species male they held captive if given the chance.

Justice glanced at the human. ’’We will move quickly. You are in front. You get those doors open fast and stay silent. If you try anything, I will kill you or allow him to do it.’’ He pointed to Valiant. ’’I\d be kinder.’’

A soft growl instantly tore from Valiant\s throat. He wanted to hurt the human badly for touching Tammy and helping to bring her to this place in the woods. Not even Justice or the entire team of males would save Pete if she was dead. He\d go through them to kill him.

’’I understand.’’ Pete reeked of fear. ’’I want that money you promised and you don\ have to keep threatening me. I\m doing what you want. Immunity, right? And I get the hundred grand?’’

’’Yes,’’ Justice nodded. ’’Get us inside. Let\s go.’’

They moved as one. The team crept up to the front doors. Pete punched in the code, the alarm beeped, and he swung open one of the metal doors. Eight heavily armed New Species and the human inched inside. He\d given Justice, Valiant, and Tiger the inside layout and they knew what to expect. One of the New Species grabbed Pete the second they entered the building and put a knife to his throat.

’’Do not move or make a sound,’’ the man growled softly at him.

Pete blinked and froze. He kept his mouth firmly closed.

Valiant had to refrain from rushing forward to a dividing wall that blocked his view of where Tammy should be. He sniffed the air and Justice suddenly grabbed his arm, flashing him a warning look. He nodded, understood they needed to proceed cautiously.

Tiger waved his fingers in the air, dividing the men to spread out to find the humans. Valiant could pick up two scents, both of which seemed to be coming from a room near them. As soon as the team with Tiger closed in, Valiant moved. Tammy!

Valiant\s heart rate increased when he inhaled a faint trace of her scent. The sweet smell of her fear nearly drove him insane. It tore at him that he hadn\ been there to protect her. As he and Justice silently moved through the warehouse the scent grew stronger. They passed the dividing wall and Valiant got his first glimpse of the bars and the front of the cell. Justice suddenly reached out and grabbed him.

’’Do not spook him. Go slow and remain calm. We do not know what condition he is in. We do not want him to harm her.’’

Valiant forced his instincts back, knew how unstable a captured Species could be, and had to keep it together for Tammy\s sake. ’’I know.’’

The body against Tammy tensed. 927\s hand froze on her back and suddenly he lifted her up. The man was strong. He went from sitting position to standing with her held inside his arms in an instant. She sniffed and wiped at her tears. Her gaze flew to his.

’’What is it?’’

He inhaled. She saw shock in his eyes. He looked at her. ’’I smell them.’’


His gaze jerked to the cell doors. ’’Valiant and another of my kind.’’

Tammy\s head twisted to stare through the bars toward the divider where they\d have to enter. Her heart pounded and she wiggled inside his arms.

’’Put me down! You smell Valiant? Are you sure?’’

He nodded as he bent, placing her on her feet. Tammy saw movement and Valiant stepped into her sight. Justice was to his immediate right, gripping his arm, and both men were dressed in all black outfits. Their hair had been pulled back from their faces. Justice held a gun in his hand while Valiant gripped a deadly-looking knife in his. Tammy lunged toward the wall of the cage.


She hit the bars and reached her arms out through them. Valiant rushed forward to grasp her hands in his. The knife clattered to the floor and he reached for her. He leaned against the cage, lowered his head, pressed his face to the bars until their skin touched forehead to forehead in the small space. His golden eyes looked suspiciously wet as their gazes held.

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