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927 blinked hard. Tammy saw his tears though before he could get control of his emotions. She fought the urge to cry too. Had the guy ever seen the sun rise or set? Ever seen no walls surrounding him or trees as far as the eye could see? She knew the answer and it just about broke her heart.

Two more New Species slowly entered the room, almost seeming fearful of spooking 927. They each said their name and introduced themselves to him. He seemed a little overwhelmed at seeing so many New Species males or it could have just still been the shock of being freed. Tammy understood. She squeezed Valiant\s hand and eased out of his hold.

’’This is a lot to take in, huh?’’ Her gaze met 927\s as she looked up at him.


’’It\s normal if you\ e feeling a little afraid but it\s going to be great. We\ e all going to be here for you. I know it\s a lot to take in but just take it one step at a time. Everyone here is your friend and cares about you.’’ She held out her hand. ’’I\ll walk with you. Take my hand. You\ e not alone.’’

Valiant growled. Tammy turned her head to frown at him. She knew he was possessive but she owed 927 enough to help him through a rough spot. He\d done that for her. She didn\ want to upset Valiant but she wanted him to understand.

’’Do you remember your first day of freedom? Well, I remember my first day at school. That was kind of a whole new world. I\m his friend. I\m going to hold his hand the way my mom held mine and I\m going to walk him outside. I love you so don\ feel jealous. I totally belong to you and I am so happy about that.’’

Valiant relaxed. A smile split his lips. ’’School? You compare being set free to school?’’

She shrugged. ’’Well, you guys were set free from a living hell. I got imprisoned in the school system for thirteen years of my life. It was a form of mild hell. You\ e missing the point. It was all new and scary to me. My mom held my hand and walked me to my first class. She stayed around until I got settled. It made me feel better. It\s my only fond memory of her. He doesn\ know any of you but he\s spent some time with me.’’

Justice suddenly laughed. ’’She\s taking his mother role.’’

Tiger winked at 927. ’’Lucky you. You have a mommy.’’

927 looked confused. ’’A what?’’

’’She is protective of you as though you are her child,’’ Valiant sighed. ’’Welcome to the family, son.’’

The New Species laughed. Tammy frowned at them. She dropped her offered hand. ’’Fine.’’

927 reached out and gripped it suddenly. He grinned down at her. ’’Thank you. I\d love for you to walk with me outside.’’

Tammy smiled at him and squeezed his hand. She shot Valiant a smirk and started to leave the room. 927 stayed close to her side. Tiger and Justice led the way. Valiant came up behind Tammy and took her other hand. She looked up at him, grateful he understood. They walked outside together.

Two New Species jogged off to drive the SUVs to their location. Tammy glanced at the three ass**les who stood in handcuffs with two New Species guarding them. Pete, Mike, and the doctor appeared pretty scared now that they were the ones under the control of others.

Valiant growled when Tammy faced the three, released his and 927\s hands, and took a few steps closer to the prisoners. Valiant\s hand halted her by gripping her upper arm.

’’Where are you going?’’

Tammy gazed at him. ’’I just wanted to talk to them for a second. They are all shackled up and those men gripping them aren\ going to let them go, right?’’

Valiant frowned. ’’You should have nothing to say to them.’’

Anger gripped her. ’’I don\ plan to talk to them.’’ She pulled out of his hold. She walked up to Mike and Pete. She glared up at both men. She hesitated for a second before kicking Pete hard in the shin. He cursed, hopping on one leg. Tammy turned to Mike and kicked him in the balls. He doubled over with a loud gasp, groaning in pain.

Tammy reached up to the doctor, took his glasses, and just tossed them away. She didn\ bother kicking him. When she backed away and turned, it was to find Valiant gaping at her, his shock apparent. She met his eyes, shrugged, and returned to his side.

’’I owed them.’’

’’You bitch,’’ Mike groaned, doubled over.

Valiant lunged and punched him in the side of the face. Mike hit the ground hard and groaned. A snarl tore from Valiant. ’’Don\ talk to her. You\ e lucky I\m not allowed to kill you or I would.’’ He spun and marched to Tammy.

’’Thank you, Valiant. He made a remark about holes that I didn\ particularly like.’’ She rubbed his arm. ’’My hero.’’

Valiant hesitated. ’’Any time, Tammy. Do you feel better now that you kicked them and took the property of one away?’’

Tammy hesitated. ’’In one second I\ll feel great.’’ She turned and stormed over to the older man. ’’I hope you rot in hell, you miserable bastard. I hope they give you ten years for every day you tormented them and those poor women. You\ e a vile monster.’’

The older man glared at her, his eyes squinted since she\d taken his glasses. ’’I\ll never see prison.’’

’’You think not?’’ She snorted. ’’If it\s not prison, you\ll be facing the death penalty.’’

’’I know I won\ . I\ll cut a deal. I know too much.’’

Justice was there suddenly. ’’You think so?’’

’’I\m too valuable not to be given a deal. I know where two smaller testing facilities are located where more of your kind are being held.’’

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