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Justice paused. ’’Do you want total immunity for your information from your law? I can give you that. I have the authority.’’

Outrage blasted through Tammy. ’’You can\ give them that.’’

Justice shot her a look. ’’Quiet, Tammy. I know what I am doing. Saving New Species is paramount.’’

She closed her mouth and stewed silently. Valiant squeezed her shoulder. She studied his relaxed features, it dawning on her that he\d be really mad if there were a real possibility of any of those men being released to harm anyone else. It made her understand that something was going on that she wasn\ aware of and she should trust Justice.

’’Yes,’’ the older man said. ’’I demand total immunity for any crimes.’’

’’Fine. We\ll take you to Reservation, you will tell us whatever it is that we need or want to know and you shall have total immunity from prosecution on all charges, from your people.’’

’’I want that too,’’ Mike groaned from the ground.

’’I will give it happily if the information you share saves the lives of more of my people.’’ Justice glanced at him with a frown. ’’You better know something useful.’’

Valiant gripped Tammy and turned her. He took her for a walk far from the men. Tammy was steaming mad but she held her tongue until they\d moved out of earshot of Justice and the captured men.

’’He\s going to give them immunity? Are those jerks just going to get away with everything they\ve done?’’ She hissed the words to make sure they didn\ carry.

Valiant leaned down, his face inches from hers. ’’Justice is giving them exactly what they are asking for. Immunity from the human prison system.’’ His eyes sparkled. ’’Justice will learn everything they know before he introduces them to New Species law.’’

It took her a few seconds to grasp that meaning. Her anger drained quickly. ’’What is the punishment for kidnapping and being evil bastards who enjoy torturing people under your laws?’’

Valiant pulled Tammy into his arms, holding her. His lips brushed her ear. ’’They will be locked up and eventually they\ll die. We have the right to defend ourselves and the right to punish those who put themselves under our law. By asking for immunity from their own justice, they now belong to ours.’’ He turned his head, his gaze purposely fixing on Justice North. ’’He\ll show them the same amount of mercy they showed you and our people.’’

Tammy was glad he held her when she glanced at Justice North. As she studied the handsome New Species leader, she detected his anger and nearly felt sorry for those jerks. That was until she replayed everything she\d overheard them say since she\d met them.

That old doctor had been doing horrendous things to Valiant\s people for a long time. The two thugs who had helped him had made a twenty-dollar bet on whether she\d get raped or murdered. Her sympathy fled instantly.

’’I\m glad,’’ she admitted. ’’They deserve it.’’

Valiant suddenly growled. ’’His scent is on you.’’


’’927.’’ He pulled back, frowning. ’’Did he touch you? I smell him all over you. I was told he slept on you. Why?’’ His voice dropped deeper.

’’It was cold. He didn\ touch me in any se*ual way, Valiant. I swear.’’

He forced his temper back. ’’I need my scent back on you.’’

She paused, knowing he was weird about how she smelled and it probably was rough on him to smell another man, to know someone else had touched her. ’’How far are we from Reservation?’’

’’About half an hour.’’

’’It will be all right. We\ll go home, I\ll shower, and you can hold me. I\ll smell like you again before you know it.’’

Valiant shook his head. He growled and turned to Justice, calling out, ’’We are taking a walk. I hear water.’’

’’The SUVs should be here any moment.’’ Justice frowned.

’’I must share my scent with her now,’’ Valiant demanded. ’’It\s driving me crazy smelling another male all over her.’’

Justice stared at him for a few heartbeats and gave a sharp nod. ’’I understand. I\ll send one SUV on and another will wait for you. Just hurry.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Valiant suddenly grabbed Tammy and scooped her into his arms. He strode quickly for the tree line. She wrapped her arms around him and didn\ struggle in his hold.

’’What does sharing your scent with me entail? Valiant, why are we storming into the woods?’’

Valiant didn\ answer. They reached a small creek not far from where they\d been. He set her on her feet and held out his hand. ’’Give me your clothes.’’

Her mouth dropped open. ’’You want to have se* right now? Here? Seriously? I\m not exactly in the mood for that.’’

He sighed. ’’I want your clothes. I\m throwing them away.’’

’’What would I wear?’’

Valiant started stripping out of his clothes. ’’Mine.’’

’’Is this really necessary?’’

’’Do you want me to kill your 927 because his scent on you is driving me insane? I was relieved at first that you were fine but I can\ be locked inside a small space with you for a long period of time without it making me angry, Tammy. You are mine but you smell of another male. The drive to Reservation will take too long for me to keep fighting my urges to mark you again.’’

’’Shit. Really?’’

He nodded. He pulled his shirt over his head and bent to remove his shoes. ’’I can\ take the scent of another male on you. It\s agitating me.’’

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