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She nodded. ’’Good. Spending one night away from you was horrible and I don\ want to do it again.’’

’’But another man held you.’’ His jealousy showed.

’’It was cold and I didn\ really have a choice. There was one bed and he scared me. I wasn\ going to fight with him, Valiant. I was too happy he hadn\ broken my neck or tried to touch me in a bad way.’’

’’I am angry still. I hate that anyone held you besides me.’’

’’I love you. Don\ be jealous.’’

’’I know that. I will be gone for a short time. We\ll fly there and at dark we attack.’’

’’Are you guys going in alone?’’

He shook his head. ’’No. They are sending in a special task force with us. They do this regularly. Justice says he knows the two teams who will work with us. He said they are all good men who were assigned to assist us. They are under Justice\s orders at all times. I will be back by morning.’’

’’Will you call me after it\s over and let me know you are all right? I will be worried sick about you.’’

’’I will call. Justice always has a phone with him. I\ve been ordered to stay by his side.’’

Tammy smiled. ’’Yes. He does always carry his phone and a laptop.’’

’’I must go.’’ Valiant leaned down and brushed his lips across Tammy\s.

Tammy gripped his shirt and yanked him closer, opening his mouth with hers to deepen the kiss. Tongue met tongue. Valiant growled, pulling her closer. Tammy inwardly smiled. It was one of the things she loved about Valiant. One kiss and he was ready to take her to bed.

Valiant broke the kiss. His narrowed eyes sparkled. ’’You did that on purpose.’’

’’I did what on purpose?’’ Tammy tried to sound innocent.

Valiant took her hand and pressed it to the front of his black cargo pants. ’’This.’’

Tammy rubbed the hard length of his rigid cock. He groaned, pressing his h*ps closer to her hand. Tammy gripped the outline of his erection through his pants and reached for his zipper with her free hand. She eased it down and unfastened the top button.

’’Tammy,’’ he growled.

’’You have a few minutes.’’ Tammy shoved down his pants and underwear. She lifted her skirt, yanked down her panties, and kicked them away. ’’Pick me up.’’

Valiant grabbed her hips, lifting her higher into his arms. Tammy wrapped her legs around his bare hips. Her body was primed already when Valiant quickly entered her. His hands cupped her ass tightly and he thrust into her pu**y hard and fast. Tammy pressed her face against his chest, moaning loudly against his shirt, wishing it were his skin.

She used her arms on his shoulders for leverage to grind her hips, making sure his shaft pounded into her the way that brought her the most pleasure. In minutes Tammy screamed his name as the cl**ax tore through her. Valiant roared when he came. He held her limp, sated body against his.

Tammy chuckled. ’’That\s how we should always say goodbye.’’

Valiant laughed. ’’I agree.’’

Tammy lifted her face, smiling at him. ’’Just come back to me safe.’’

Valiant brushed his mouth over hers again. He put his nose against hers when their lips parted. They gazed into each other\s eyes. ’’I have everything to live for. I have you. I will be very careful.’’

The doorbell chimed. Valiant sighed. She unlocked her ankles from around his hips. Valiant eased out of her body and placed her on her feet. Tammy laughed as Valiant righted his clothes and walked to open the door. She didn\ have to worry about fixing her clothes. Her skirt fell past her knees to hide the loss of her panties. Tiger stood in the hallway.

’’I take it from the loud noise I heard on the elevator that you both have said goodbye?’’ He grinned.

Tammy blushed. ’’You heard that?’’

’’Everyone inside the building heard that. We are all looking forward to when Justice allows you both to live at Valiant\s when this is over. It\s remote out there and far enough away that we might miss knowing when you two have se*.’’ Tiger stared at Valiant. ’’Are you ready now that you\ve properly said goodbye to your mate?’’

Valiant leaned down and picked up something off the floor. He grinned. ’’I am now.’’ He walked to Tammy and handed her the pair of panties she\d kicked away. ’’Keep these on while I\m gone so I can think about tearing them off when I return. I love you.’’

Tiger laughed.

Tammy ignored Tiger and the embarrassment she suffered. Her hand brushed over Valiant\s chest where his heart beat as she accepted them. ’’I love you too. Hurry home to me.’’

She watched the men walk away. There was no longer an officer posted outside her door. They had caught their mole who had been feeding information about Justice and what was going on at Reservation. Everyone knew she belonged to Valiant, no one would bother her, and they trusted her not to leave the hotel without an escort because some of the Wild Zone occupants could pose a danger to her since some of them weren\ mentally stable.

Charlie Artzola would never to be a problem again. That\s what she\d been told. She closed the door and locked it, wondering for a split second if the attorney was dead. She mentally shrugged. She really didn\ care about his fate as long as he\d never cause trouble again. Justice had assured her that he wouldn\ .

* * * * *

It was past midnight when the phone rang. Tammy lunged for it. ’’Valiant?’’

’’How did you know it was me?’’ His deep voice sounded amused.

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