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’’Because no one else would call this late and you promised me you would. Are you all right? How did things go? Did you get them? Is everyone all right?’’

’’Slow down,’’ Valiant chuckled. ’’I am fine. We had a few injured but all will survive. We rescued all of them. They were not expecting us and since it was at night, they were lightly guarded. The humans ran instead of trying to kill our people before we could get to them. It was pretty easy to take them.’’

Tammy blew out a relieved breath. ’’I was worried.’’

’’I know. Thank you for caring about me that much. We are transporting them to Reservation within the next twelve hours. We only have the two helicopters and have to fly them a few at a time. Justice does not want to traumatize them more with a long drive and we do not want to expose them to the outside world by trying to charter a larger plane. Too many questions and too much red tape. I\m staying here until the last group has been evacuated. You go to bed and rest, se*y. I should be home tomorrow by lunch.’’

’’Okay. I miss you.’’

’’I miss and love you.’’

’’I love you too.’’

Tammy hung up, sad, missing him badly. She\d give anything if he were stretched out next to her on the bed. She couldn\ believe how addicted she\d become to him. She climbed out of bed to use the bathroom.

The doorbell chimed. Tammy frowned after glancing at the clock, seeing it was just past midnight. She donned a robe and padded through the hallway to the living room. She felt a little uneasy since she knew she no longer had an officer posted in the hallway. She walked to the door and bit her lip.

’’Who is there?’’

’’It is Breeze. I brought ice cream. I know Valiant is gone and I thought you wouldn\ sleep well. May I come in?’’

Tammy unlocked the door and threw it open. She smiled at the tall brunette. ’’Come in. It\s so good to see you. Did you say ice cream?’’

Breeze walked inside holding a covered tray. ’’Not any ice cream. I brought double-dipped chocolate sundaes. Ellie taught me how to make them. They have chunks of brownie inside them too.’’ She smiled down at Tammy from her much-taller height. ’’Are you sure you don\ mind me visiting so late?’’

’’No. I\m really glad you are here. I doubt I\ll sleep. Valiant just called.’’

’’How did it go?’’ Breeze set the tray on the coffee table and lifted the lid. She sat on the couch and handed Tammy a spoon that had been rolled inside a napkin. ’’I haven\ heard anything yet.’’

’’Valiant said they got them all and everyone is fine. A few injures but nothing life threatening.’’

’’I am so happy to hear that. I must make arrangements for the half-dozen women we were told were being held there.’’

Tammy hesitated, not sure if it was her place or not but really wanted to do something. ’’Do you need help?’’

’’I would love that.’’

Tammy lifted her sundae and examined it. Her eyes widened. ’’Thank you so much. Wow. This is! Look at all that chocolate. Are those walnuts?’’


’’I love walnuts and brownies. Chocolate hard-shell syrup.’’ She took a bite. ’’And small chocolate chips. This is so good. You have to thank Ellie too.’’ She paused. ’’You can eat chocolate? Valiant says it makes him sick.’’

’’Some Species get ill from it and some don\ .’’ She grinned, took a big bite, the enjoyment showing on her face. ’’I love it.’’

* * * * *

Valiant watched silently as six women were led past him by one short human female. His gaze followed the woman. Her hair was eye catching. It was flaming red and in a ponytail that fell to her ass. The human female led the Species women to the waiting helicopter and they climbed inside. Valiant frowned. He turned, looking at Tiger.

’’Who was the small human woman with the bright hair?’’

Tiger glanced at the helicopter. The woman was clearly visible since the doors were still open. She checked each seat belt of the six Species before taking a seat last. The pilot closed the side door and climbed in the cockpit.

’’That\s Jessie Dupree. She\s the human female who usually is on hand when our Gift females are found. She is part of the human task force assigned to us by the government. She comforts our women when they are found. I am surprised she is here. She usually only deals with our women who were sold.’’

’’You would think she would be afraid of our females. She is small compared to them.’’

Tiger shrugged. ’’I don\ know what her deal is but she\s the one the humans send in when they locate one of our females. I don\ know why she\s here since these women weren\ sold but instead were still contained for testing. We did invite the humans in on this one and it was their call to bring her with them.’’

Valiant nodded. ’’She is flying with them to Reservation? Are the rest of the humans on her team coming as well?’’

’’No. Just her. She demanded to personally deliver them and get them settled. I got tired of arguing with her so I agreed she could go. She is small but her mouth is loud.’’

’’Justice doesn\ mind?’’

Tiger shrugged. ’’I do not know. He is still inside with the human task teams, thanking them for their help and smoothing niceties. He didn\ get to meet her and he\s lucky for it. She\s fierce with her mouth. He\ll take the last flight with us.’’ Tiger glanced at his watch. ’’Do you want food? The humans had pizzas delivered to feed everyone. They taste amazing.’’

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