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The mouth on hers tore away and left Tammy breathing hard. Her eyes flew open to watch Valiant stare down at her, an intense expression on his handsome but strange features. His hand still gripped her right breast and he rubbed his calloused thumb across her nipple. Her breast seemed to grow heavy and her nipple became so stiff she wondered if it could actually break. Tammy arched her chest against his hand, not meaning to, but she did. She could feel heat pooling between her thighs and her stomach quivered. She was turned on big-time and her body began to throb.

He inched his body lower over hers. ’’Just a taste,’’ he growled.

It was a soft but deep tone that made his chest rumble again, vibrating against her hands. He jerked her shirt up higher until it was pushed over the top of her br**sts to expose her bra completely. He stared at it before his hand released her breast. His finger slid under the center of her bra in a light caress until there was a tug.

She looked down to realize he\d somehow sliced open her bra in the front with one of his fingernails. The material was pushed away from her br**sts, baring them to his view. Both ni**les were hard peaks, her skin sensitive, and she didn\ feel embarrassed. She knew she should try to cover them but she didn\ .

’’Beautiful and you have so much for someone so small,’’ he softly growled right before his head lowered. ’’I bet if I lick them, they\ll taste as good as they look.’’

Tammy closed her eyes when his breath fanned across her breast. He opened his mouth and swiped her nipple with his tongue. She made a surprised sound because the texture of it was soft but rough at the same time, the feeling unique, but it sent more heat flooding between her legs. Her arousal level shot up to nearly unbearable. She gasped when his mouth closed over her breast.

His raspy tongue moved, sliding quickly back and forth across her taut nipple. She moaned, arching her breast into his mouth. She could imagine instantly what that tongue could do if he used it on other places of her body. His teeth gently raked across her skin above and below her nipple and in response, her fingers dug into his skin where she clung to him.

She knew she should push him away but didn\ . She curled her fingers around the tops of his shoulders instead, encouraging him. He growled again, vibrated against her, and another moan broke from her lips. The guy reminded her of a big vibrator on her breast and the way his tongue slid across her nipple was intensely pleasurable. She gasped when he swirled it around her nipple and then he was sucking on her. Her stomach clenched hard and the ache between her thighs started to scream with need.

His hand on her stomach slid down and there was a jerk at her waist. She couldn\ really think about that though. Concentrating on anything other than what he was doing was too difficult as Valiant played her breast. She barely registered the fact that something pulled on her slacks until he released her breast. Her eyes flew open again.

’’Lift your hips.’’

My hips? She stared at him, confused. ’’What?’’

He smiled. His mouth lowered and captured her other breast. A moan tore from her throat. He didn\ tease her breast, he sucked it into his mouth, using his tongue and teeth against her. The ability to think fled as he increased the suction and the sharp tugs on her breast made her cl*t throb as if they were connected. One of his hands slid under her back as she arched off the bed to press tighter against his mouth. His hand lowered, cupped her ass and squeezed.

That\s when she realized his hand held bare skin. Her eyes flew open as she tried to shove him away. His mouth released her breast and their gazes met. She twisted, trying to see around his body and realized that he\d somehow gotten her pants open and down her thighs where they were bunched at her knees. Her panties were down there too, tangled up with her slacks. Tammy gaped at him.

’’I didn\ even realize. How did you get my pants down without me knowing?’’

He chuckled. ’’That\s all you have to say?’’

Valiant tried hard to keep control of his desire. He wanted her so bad it had become a physical pain. She\d probably scream if he removed his pants, considering she seemed worried about the size of his cock. Their size difference could be an issue but women were designed to stretch for birthing. He could make it work if he were careful, gentle, and took it slow enough for her to adjust to him.

She\s human. He clenched his teeth but finally relaxed. It didn\ matter that he\d never believed he\d be attracted to a human or that he\d thought other males of his kind were idiots to want them, because it all boiled down to the truth. He wanted and needed this one.

He inhaled her wonderful, se*y scent, and fought back a snarl. She had admitted the sound frightened her. Species women would know he did it because he was aroused but Tammy wasn\ one of his kind. She wouldn\ be turned on if he didn\ restrain his animal instincts. It had been tough to do, but for her, he\d fought hard to remain in control.

He had to take some deep breaths to calm. He resisted the urge to just tear her clothes from her body, shove her legs apart, and bury his face between those soft, sensual, pale thighs of hers. The scent of her arousal made him long to bury his tongue deep into the source. He fought to think but it was difficult as an image of how it would feel to taste her desire, to know the warm depths of her sweet pu**y, and how she would make more of those soft moans if he f**ked her with his mouth.

His kon*** hardened until he wondered if the material of his jeans would actually split apart and it would break free of the confinement. His shaft had swollen to a painful size from just thinking about where his tongue wanted to go inside her. Fear cooled his blood though. She wasn\ Species. He couldn\ just make her cl**ax, flip her over, lift her ass up into the air and pound into her until he came. He\d hurt her.

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