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Tammy nodded. ’’We\ e getting married today.’’

Jessie choked on her coffee. ’’What?’’

Tammy grinned. ’’We\ e getting married. He asked and I accepted. He wants it all legal-like and I\m happy about that.’’

’’Another one.’’ Jessie smiled. ’’So you\ e going to be the second married, mixed couple. That\s great. I didn\ mean to blow coffee. It just surprised me.’’

Breeze chuckled. ’’Wait until you see them together. That will surprise you even more. Where she is short, he is tall. He\s a big male six-foot-six and weighs well over two-hundred-fifty pounds.’’

Jessie winked at Tammy, grinning. ’’Brave woman.’’

’’He\s a sweetheart.’’

Breeze laughed. ’’To her, he is a sweetheart. We shake in fear when he is angry. She laughs at him. Just do not be afraid when you hear really loud noises today, Jessie. I will have to put you on the third floor by their suite. You will need a room for a few days while you stay to help with the woman. Valiant is lion mixed. Just remember that.’’

Jessie appeared confused. ’’What am I missing?’’

Tammy knew her cheeks warmed with embarrassment. ’’He roars after se*. On that note, I\m leaving.’’ She waved. ’’I hope to see both of you at the wedding. Come if you can.’’

’’She was kidding, right?’’ Jessie sounded stunned.

Breeze laughed. ’’No. She was not. She is what your kind call a \screamer\ too. We all know when they breed. We look forward to when they will go to Valiant\s home just so we can get some undisturbed sleep.’’

Tammy groaned as she walked away, grateful to move out of earshot after that. She quickly reached the elevator, happy there were no lingering males in the reception area, and made a beeline for her suite.

Chapter Seventeen

Tammy might have been a little nervous but Valiant didn\ seem to suffer from it. He held her hands while he grinned at her. The New Species had brought in Pastor Thomas to perform the ceremony. The elderly pastor appeared a little uneasy, being surrounded by a few hundred New Species but the fact that he\d agreed to marry them touched her deeply. There was only one other human present besides Tammy and the pastor. Jessie Dupree had shown up to witness their marriage.

Her best friend had refused to come when Tammy had called to invite Tim. She was a little sad but staring into Valiant\s exotic golden eyes made it not matter after all. Tim would either get over his prejudice or he wouldn\ . It was his problem, not hers.

She\d never thought so many New Species would show up to witness their joining but they had. It warmed her heart that they cared. The lobby was the largest room besides the cafeteria that the hotel had to offer and it was packed standing room only. There weren\ enough chairs to seat so many people. Justice stood at the front of the group, grinning widely. He had stayed to witness the ceremony.

’’Do you, Tammy Ann Shasta, take Valiant North to be your husband?’’

They had changed the vows to make it easier for everyone to understand. ’’I do, happily.’’

Valiant grinned wider.

’’Do you, Valiant North, take Tammy Ann Shasta to be your wife?’’

’’I do, with honor and happiness.’’ He winked at her.

Tammy laughed. She\d have to talk to him again about how wrong and weird that looked. They listened as the pastor spoke, telling them what marriage meant before he pronounced them legally married.

’’You may kiss your wife, Valiant. She\s all yours now.’’

Valiant released Tammy\s hands and gripped her hips. He slowly raised her off the floor. Tammy laughed and grasped his broad shoulders to keep her balance. He lifted her until they were the same height. Her hands slid around his neck and she closed her eyes as he drew her tighter against his body. His arms slid around her waist, hugging her.

She hoped he would just brush his lips over hers. After all, there were hundreds of people watching them. Valiant didn\ do that. He really kissed her. His mouth opened over hers and he invaded her mouth with his tongue.

Tammy kissed him back, unable to resist the sensual touch of the man she loved and her body instantly responded. Valiant always had that effect on her. He purred and she moaned as the passion ignited between them.

’’Uh...’’ Pastor Thomas coughed. ’’I think that will do.’’

Valiant growled but he broke the kiss. When he pulled away, they looked at each other and their gazes held. Tammy couldn\ wait to get him alone and with the blatant desire on his features, she knew the feeling was mutual. The room remained totally silent. Valiant slowly set her back on her feet.


Tammy laughed. ’’Yours.’’

Breeze laughed. ’’We have a car outside to take you to Valiant\s house as a wedding gift to everyone staying at the hotel. We would like to be able to sleep and we know how you both are. We thought it would be worse since you are celebrating marriage. We think Valiant won\ allow you out of bed for days.’’

A few of the New Species laughed. Tammy blushed. Valiant smiled and nodded at Breeze. ’’That is my plan.’’

’’Thank God,’’ Jessie whispered softly. ’’I thought the roof would collapse when I heard them. Congrats! I\m going to go eat before a long line forms.’’ She grinned and spun away, walking through a mass of people.

Tammy blushed more. Valiant threw back his head and laughed.

Pastor Thomas frowned. ’’I don\ understand.’’

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