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Breeze stepped forward. ’’We want Valiant and Tammy to enjoy their alone time together and we\ll all sleep better when they are far away.’’

The pastor still looked confused. ’’What am I missing?’’

Justice chuckled, walking forward. ’’It\s a New Species thing if I just walked into the conversation topic I believe I did. Don\ worry about it.’’

Valiant turned to Tammy and suddenly grabbed her. He scooped her into his arms with a grin. ’’Let\s go home.’’

Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck. ’’Are you actually going to give me a tour this time? I\ve yet to see anything inside your house but the entryway, the stairs, and your bedroom.’’

He laughed, carrying her through the crowd that parted for them on their way outside. ’’Maybe in a few days.’’

’’You have to let me eat.’’ Tammy teased.

’’I thought of that already. I will have food delivered from the hotel.’’

A Jeep waited outside and Tiger jumped into the driver\s seat. He just laughed when Valiant took the passenger seat with Tammy curled on his lap.

’’I\m on it,’’ Tiger smiled. ’’Food delivered...what? Four times a day?’’

’’Make it six.’’ Valiant chuckled. ’’She is going to be very hungry.’’

Tiger started the engine. ’’Six it is. And just so you know, do not be alarmed if you smell some of us nearby. We have set a security detail around your home. Not too close though. Just near enough to keep an eye on the house while you and Tammy are there.’’

Valiant sighed. ’’I understand.’’

Tammy glanced at each man. ’’I don\ .’’

’’You\ e human,’’ Valiant said softly. ’’The men will be there to help protect you since we are not at the hotel. We have enemies, se*y. You\ e a target now that we\ e married. The Wild Zone should be safe but it will make Justice feel better if he knows there\s extra security around to help safeguard us.’’

Tammy dropped her head on Valiant\s chest. She snuggled into him. ’’Okay, but make sure they aren\ too close.’’

Tiger laughed. ’’Not a problem.’’

Valiant nuzzled her cheek. ’’Mine.’’

She laughed. ’’Are you ever going to stop saying that?’’

’’I like to remind myself and you that you really belong to me. I might say it more if we have children.’’

Tammy grinned. ’’I\m definitely not having eight kids though. Every other word out of your mouth to us would be \mine\.’’

’’I love you, Tammy.’’

’’I love you too.’’

Tiger laughed. ’’I love that you two are going to be miles and miles away from me when I go to bed tonight. I haven\ slept a solid eight hours since you moved into the hotel. She\s small, Valiant. You should ease up some on the se*.’’

Tammy and Valiant both shot him a glare. ’’Never,’’ they said in unison.

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