Very Bad Things Page 82

’’Yes,’’ she whispered, the ache evident in her voice.

My cock brush her thigh, and I groaned at the contact. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I leaned down to her breasts, massaging and sucking them, my need escalating. I kissed her stomach, around to her hipbone, and down to her thighs, inhaling her scent. I groaned and put a finger in her, the wetness cranking me higher. I stroked her relentlessly, focusing on her sweet spot, on her pleasure.

’’I\m the only one for you, just me. You\ e my bad girl. No one else\s,’’ I told her possessively as her body strained for mine.

She closed her eyes and turned her head into the pillow, but I grasped her chin. ’’Don\ ever look away,’’ I said softly. ’’Lock your eyes on mine, Nora. It means everything to me. Let me see you fall apart.’’

I took her hands and intertwined our fingers. Finally, I thrust deep into her, leaning my head back and crying out at the contact. She moaned as I set a slow pace, thrusting steadily into her heat.

’’More,’’ she cried, and I angled myself closer to her and pumped faster, our skin slapping together, our hands clutching each other, like we\d die without the other. Sweat dripped from me as I took her, my eyes never losing hers. My cock pulsed with the need to come, but I held out, working her higher and higher. She met me thrust for thrust, arching her hips and spreading her legs wide as I worked. I hissed and tossed my head at the sight she made, her face full of love and wonder.

’’I\m on the edge,’’ she said, gasping as I slid in and out.

’’Wanna come?’’

She nodded, and I disentangled one of our hands and thumbed her nub, circling her slowly, making her wild.

Her body tensed up, and it hit her hard.

’’F*k,’’ I muttered out, watching as she came apart right in front me, going stiff and arching her back, her cries like sweet music to my ears. My love for her slammed into me, sending me over as I came too, yelling her name.

Nothing compared to this.

I leaned down to kiss her lips tenderly and got choked up, thinking of how lucky I was, how much I loved her.

I pressed my forehead to hers. ’’I can\ tell you how happy I am that I\m going to wake up in the morning, and you\ll be here, in my arms.’’ I swallowed. ’’I love you so much, Buttercup, it hurts.’’

She cupped my face, her eyes eating me up. ’’I\m happy, too.’’ She sighed. ’’Is it always like this? Like I just went to heaven?’’

Smiling, I lay back and pulled her against me. ’’Never. That\s what happens when soulmates make love.’’

I watched her until she drifted off to sleep, amazed she loved me after all the shit I\d put her through. I promised myself that no matter what happened in the future, no matter the rough patches we might come across, I\d never give up on us.

Fate had known all along we were soulmates. Now, I did, too.

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