Withstanding Me Page 56

So no more Travis. Oh! ’’Mason... does that have anything to do with the trash bag day?’’

He chuckles against my ear. ’’It has everything to do with trash bag day.’’


’’Mason?’’ Braxxon asks.

’’Trash bag day?’’ Winter giggles.

’’Yep, don\ ask, Winter, and shut up, Braxxon,’’ I mumble.


Mace and Tatiana come strolling up and flop into the couches in front of us.

’’So Mace, still wanna be a prospect?’’ Braxxon asks him seriously.

’’Am I still here?’’


’’He\s definitely your f**kin son.’’ Braxxon just chuckles and I\m sensing this is what Mason used to act like if it doesn\ faze the Prez.

’’Anyway Mace and I are headed out;just wanted to let the parentals know.’’ Tatiana teases.

’’Where are you goin?’’ Mason questions.

’’Brother, sister bonding shit.’’ Mace answers.

Not gonna fly there, young buck.


Tatiana sighs. ’’Just out.’’

They get up and start to walk away.

’’Stay away from the f**kin club!’’ Mason yells.

’’Like I\d take my brother there. What the hell is wrong with you?’’ Tatiana calls back.

That means shit. That club is huge. They could split up, and I sense that Mason knows that because he nods to a prospect, and the prospect follows after them.

’’You ready for that shit, Prez.’’ Mason growls.

’’I am.’’


But really. ’’What now?’’

’’We rebuild, we start over, and we take care of our Breakneck family.’’

Winter smiles.

The End

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