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’’Yeah. That\s true. He probably looks better than anyone I could hire anyway.’’

’’Did Flame call you?’’

’’Yes.’’ Some of Amanda\s happiness faded. ’’They had an issue up north at Reservation and he was called up there for a few weeks but he promised to call me when he gets back. I mean, he called so that\s got to mean something, right?’’

’’Yes. He\ll call you.’’

’’I\m hoping so because I\m kind of obsessing over him but we\ll talk about that later. When is the happy day? I\m totally going to hit up a se* shop and buy you guys a ton of shit you\ll have to show him how to use. Well, maybe not. I mean, do they have a se* shop at NSO?’’

’’I don\ know but that\s going to have to wait.’’


’’Today is the day. Grab the dress, put something on that you want to wear to my wedding and jump in your car. I\m at Homeland.’’

’’No shit!’’ Amanda shouted.

’’Really. Also, can you keep Tiger for me for a few months?’’

’’You know it. Where are you going to be?’’

’’You can\ tell anyone about any of this. I\ll handle my family later. I\m going to be living with Wrath but we can\ keep Tiger there. We\ll be getting a bigger place though and then I\ll get him back from you as soon as possible.’’

’’Wow. This is so cool. I\ll be there. I was your getaway driver so what\s having a wedding sprung on me at short notice?’’

’’You\ e the best.’’

’’Tell that to Flame when he gets back. You\ve got pull now with the New Species.’’

Lauren laughed. ’’You got it. Bring your camera too. I want wedding pictures.’’

’’Hell, I\ll grab that and the video camera. You\ll want to tape your honeymoon. That man of yours is scorching hot.’’

’’Leave the video camera at home.’’ Lauren chuckled. ’’I\m not into se* tapes. That\s more your speed.’’

’’I\d upload that baby on the internet and send it to those skinny girls from high school who used to call us names.’’

’’You would not.’’

’’I wouldn\ but it would be funny if I did, right? They\d totally understand that bigger is better then.’’

Lauren laughed again. ’’Hurry up and get here. Don\ forget the blue dress please. They\ll be expecting you at the gate.’’

’’Don\ start without me.’’

’’I wouldn\ dream of it.’’ Lauren hung up and left the office. Wrath waited outside the door.

’’Are you ready to go to the party?’’

Lauren stared into his eyes. ’’Yes.’’

Chapter Twenty

Lauren blinked back tears as she stared around the room. Her bed from home sat in the corner of Wrath\s room, taking up a good portion of space but she was so touched. Battery-operated candles flickered where they had been randomly placed and a nice meal had been laid out on a table set up by the end of the bed. She turned her head to stare up at Wrath.

’’This is so romantic.’’

He smiled. ’’I wanted you to know this is your home and thought your bed would help you feel comfortable here. Tim and the task force are responsible for the rest. They know we mated and were married. They said it is a honeymoon gift. Your clothes are here too but I don\ have closets. They are assembling something called wardrobes that will be placed against the walls near the bathroom tomorrow, along with a television.’’

’’Wrath, I love you.’’ Tears slid down her face.

He growled, used his foot to kick the door closed behind them and pulled her into his arms. ’’Did I do something wrong?’’

’’These are happy tears. This is so sweet.’’

He lifted her up his body. ’’I am not sweet.’’

’’Yes, you are.’’

’’I am not having sweet thoughts.’’ He walked her to the bed and halted. ’’I want to tear off your pretty dress and mount you from behind.’’

’’Put me down.’’

He eased her to her feet and released her, backing away a few feet. ’’Sorry.’’

She reached back. ’’Don\ be. I want to keep the dress but I\m all for se*.’’ She winked. ’’Strip, baby. The food can wait.’’

A carnal grin curved his lips and he bent, tearing at his boots. Lauren unzipped the dress Amanda had given her, tossed it over the end of the bed, and shimmed out of her underclothes, kicking her shoes away. She beat Wrath getting naked, climbed on the bed and positioned her body on her hands and knees.

Wrath growled at her while he shoved off his pants and joined her in a heartbeat. He rose to stand on his knees behind her and one hand gripped her hip, while his other one cupped her pu**y.

’’Spread your thighs wider apart for me. You\ e already wet.’’ His voice deepened as his fingers stroked her clit. ’’I need you.’’

Lauren could relate. Her body was aching for him. The wedding had been everything she could have hoped for. New Species had packed the bar, Shadow and Amanda had stood at their sides and the minister had kept the ceremony short but sweet. They\d posed for pictures and then she\d learned something new about her husband. The man liked to practically f**k her on a dance floor.

It had been torture having him rub up against her, growling as he kissed her neck. The feel of his rigid c**k against her belly had made her want to find the nearest private room to consummate their marriage. Instead they\d had to take a helicopter back to headquarters to finally be alone. Now she knew why he\d stalled taking her home. He\d been giving the task force time to set up his room for their honeymoon.

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