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The slow rub of his index finger against her cl*t made her rock her hips, moan, and she shoved her ass up at him while her chest lowered. Wrath\s heavy breathing filled her ears and the bed shifted as he placed his legs on the outside of hers. He stopped playing with her, removed his hand and the thick crown of his c**k slid through the slit of her pu**y. He teased her at first until she made a protest by groaning.

’’Mine,’’ he rasped.

’’I\m all yours.’’ She was never going to get tired of telling him that.

His c**k pressed against her and she clawed the bed as he slowly filled her, stretched her and staked his claim. He bent, curved his body over hers and braced one hand on the bed near her head. He paused when he was seated fully inside her pu**y.

’’I love mounting you. Tell me if I\m too rough.’’

’’I will but I don\ think that\s possible.’’

He growled, nipped her shoulder with his teeth and the slight bite of pain made her vaaa**l muscles clench. His other arm wrapped around her waist, his fingers found her cl*t and he rubbed furiously as he started to f**k her slowly, picked up the pace, until the sounds of their heavy pants and his h*ps slapping against her ass filled the room.

Lauren understood why Wrath loved doggy style. He was in control with her pinned under him. The way he moved totally turned her on. He didn\ just rock his h*ps in the same repetitive motion most men did. He adjusted the angles of his thrusts and used her vocal pleasure to find out what felt the best to her. When he figured out the one that sent her into near orgasm, he pounded her hard and fast, having no mercy.

Her body tensed and she screamed out as ecstasy erupted. His c**k swelled, he threw back his head and howled as he came. His h*ps jerked in tight movements against her ass to draw out their shared pleasure until he finally stilled.

’’Oh yeah,’’ Lauren gasped. ’’Doggy style is my favorite too.’’

Wrath lowered his head, kissed her neck and chuckled. ’’Canines do it best.’’

She laughed as he eased them to lie on their sides, spooned up behind her and she rested her head on his arm. She turned enough to meet his beautiful gaze.

’’Yes, you do.’’

’’We\ e going to do it again, love. Rest up.’’ Desire thickened his voice and his c**k twitched inside her. ’’I\m going to prove I\m the right male for you.’’

’’You already have but I\m all for you convincing me any time you want.’’

He grinned. ’’I can\ get enough of you. I have already scent imprinted you. I\m possessive and dominant. We keep being told that our kind has a deep-seated need to control the people around us but you control me. You look at me and I want to do anything to make you happy.’’

’’Mission accomplished. I am.’’

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